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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 79


Chapter 79: A different scroll, a different ability

Translated by: CHua

Edited by: TN, XRCO and Elkassar

Looking at the rank 6 scroll, Sheyan examined it carefully first before expending 5 potential points to learn it. During the process of learning, Sheyan instantly understood why the requirements on physique was so high!

As the scroll vanished, an unbearable fiery sensation engulfed his body! His HP was clearly plunging desperately, the agony tore through his mind ferociously! This was probably the prerequisite struggle against the evil spirit for learning the skill. If one didn't possess adequate HP, then learning this would have been fatal!

After the learning process ended, Sheyan finally understood the difference between a ranked scroll as compared to a color categorized scroll! Because after grasping the 'Uruk-hai research notes', Sheyan firstly received: 'Rank 6: Black Artmix technique (Damaged)'. Suddenly, a loud announcement from the nightmare realm disclosed an entire skill tree! The branches of the skills were as follows:

Tier 1: Integrating knowledge lvl1.

(The next branch is segregated into 3 branches, all connected to the second tier branch)

Tier 2: Uruk-hai gene fluid: 'Strength of the bear's flesh mix lvl1'

Tier 2: Uruk-hai gene fluid: 'Speed of an eagle's corpse (unlearned, unactivated)'

Tier 2: Uruk-hai gene fluid: 'Intellect of a fox's tail (unlearned, unactivated)'

The remaining skill tree was left with 4 tiers, and a long list of '? ? ?';Perhaps unlearned or yet to be activated.

Integrating knowledge: A passive ability to enhance other tiers, enhance the effects duration of all medicines.

Uruk-hai gene fluid: 'Strength of the bear's flesh mix', A powerful medicine extracted with a giant bear's soul essence;grants users temporary +2 strength. Medicine will expire in 120 seconds, buff duration after consumption is 15 minutes. Consuming the medicine can be done from the nightmare imprint, instantly gaining the buff effects.

Pointer: Mixing the medicine requires the essential materials and medium. Essentials: Giant bear flesh powder, water, test tube.

Sheyan was surprised. He instantly checked with his nightmare imprint;discovering that water and test tubes could be easily purchased cheaply in the realm. On the contrary, that giant bear flesh powder required a special method to create using bear's flesh. It wasn't very unaffordable, but required 1 achievement points for 5 batches. After the warning previously, Sheyan didn't dare to spent his achievement points carelessly.

Fortunately, the method to create the giant bear flesh powder wasn't difficult. Moreover it could be attempted personally in any world. Hence, Sheyan shelved the idea for when he returned to the present world. +2 strength was relatively beneficial. To Sheyan who commanded the frontlines, strength not only aided him with extra combat abilities;more importantly it prevented that terrifying crushing damages!

Sheyan then decided to tour the realm, but sadly couldn't find any suitable weapon for himself. After considering a little, Sheyan expended another 3000 utility points and 4 potential points to activate the other second tiered mix abilities: 'Speed of an eagle's corpse' and 'Intellect of a fox's tail'. The former added a temporary +2 in agility, while the latter a +2 in intelligence. The required materials were a raptor's flesh powder and a fox's flesh powder.

Next, Sheyan began training in the realm. After using up an entire 30 plus hours, his perceptive sensing +1, basic close combat and basic endurance raised to lvl3. He also consumed nearly 2000 utility points for the training. Naturally towards the end, pure training would become more difficult and will cease to improve upon arriving at a bottleneck.

Sheyan also constantly checked the marketplace, but came back empty handed. Finally when his stopover duration was exhausted, he returned back to Hong Kong. While searching for the whereabouts of Uncle Dasi, he also hunted for raptors, bears and foxes. But to purchase these illegal uncommon goods required special delivery from other parts of the country. Although Sheyan was quite loaded, he couldn't find any sellers. It was really the case of 'not everything could be bought with money'.

Of course, the thought of visiting Hong Kong's zoo had crossed his mind. But such an action would result in capturing the attention of the entire world, with the modern day news coverage on the internet and the newspapers. Moreover, animals mysteriously dying or went missing would also create massive unrest. Furthermore Sheyan recently found out the dangers of other contestants in the present world. If not necessary, he would never lay hands on the zoo.

’’Then........’’ Sheyan's mind formulated two choices. These two individuals should possess the capabilities to assist him in acquiring the needed items. Number one was obviously that tycoon Lee Sian Hai from Singapore, but it wasn't confirm that he would cooperate. More crucially, if other contestants were to suspect the terror attack on Singapore, then he could easily trace it back to Lee Sian Hai.

Hence Sheyan best hope was to look for that rich mixed blood, Jessica. Didn't she want him to help her street race? Coincidentally that paved the way for him to request for her help. As for the earlier uproar, if she really wanted revenge she would've already alerted the cops;and not the current tranquil environment. More critically, Sheyan wasn't even scared of her 'vengeance'. He could simply walk out of any problems anyway.

After a day of rest, Sheyan stealthily hid himself peacefully in the corner of the 'Scotland Bagpipes'. The boss, Peter, wasn't around. Perhaps hiding and slacking off somewhere else. Instead the bartender was extremely fearful of Sheyan, not even daring to meet his gaze.

After a brief half hour, that trademark drifting pierced the air before the familiar Jessica strode in arrogantly along with that Jin missy. Jessica's right arm was still wrapped in bandages while Jin missy was limping. Following closely behind them were 4 man in suits and shades, probably the extra protection due to the aftermath.

Jin Missy immediately snapped at Sheyan.

’’You still dare to appear in front of me?’’

Sheya sighed.

’’Please tell that to me after your recover alright?’’

Shockingly, Jessica was the first to laugh out, exposing her glorious white teeth as she sat in front of Sheyan.

’’Hey, your medicine is very useful, even my private doctors were surprised.’’

Her appearance today wasn't very barbaric and actually had a 'pretty daughter from a humble family' feel. Sheyan glimpsed at her swelling chest, his heart heated up a little;tempted to reach his hand out to rub it. Instead, his voice was gentle.

’’Didn't you need my help for some street racing?’’

Jessica gleefully replied.

’’Yes! You're willing to agree?’’

Sheyan tapped the table with his fingers.

’’If you help me find some things, I'll help you this once.’’

Jessica immediately offered her finger, her brows raising joyfully.

’’Deal, then that's that! Speak! What thing?’’

Sheyan pondered a little, before hooking her finger.

’’You cannot tell anyone else about what I want. If not, our deal is off.’’

’’Ok.’’ Jessica directly replied. Sheyan then proceeded to divulge everything he required to her. The more she listened, the more her eyes grew wider, as she asked in surprise.

’’What do you need these for?’’

Sheyan already anticipated this, fishing up that unique wine cup in his chest;the 'Endless spirited vodka'.

’’This is a secret.’’

Jessica glanced at his hand, and understood.

’’Wa. So it's.....actually your drink.....’’

Sheyan smiled.

’’Making this is rather troublesome. Because you've already drank some, I need some materials to replenish it.’’

Jessica nodded her head heartily.


She immediately hooked out her handphone, tilting her head as she spoke. The receiving end of the line was probably her butler, directly acceding to her request. Then Jessica sealed the matter with a short text message.

’’You'll get it the next afternoon.’’ She was resolute.

Sheyan unfolded his hands, speaking out with charisma.

’’Then, you have my services anytime.’’

Jessica's brows were bending with immeasurable joy. Complementing it was her high nose bridge and dark blue eyes. She carried an unripe grace in her voice.

’’Tonight at 9, Eddie and the rest have organized a street race. I've never won once.’’

Sheyan slowly sipped on his brandy, gently issuing.

’’Everything has its exceptions.’’


Roaring engines, fanatical cheers, street lights, cars, pedestrians, signboards - a world where high speeds assaults your vision. This was the genuine sensation Jessica was feeling in her Maserati. She frenziedly yelled and shrieked;not solely because Sheyan was in a huge lead riding this Maserati, but because this high velocity and thrill was an unprecedented feeling for her. Also, a passionate fervor derived from victory!



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