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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 78


Chapter 78: Rank 6 scroll!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN, XRCO and Elkassar

Sheyan felt his heart constricting because of this good deal, if he really had 3000 utility points, he would unhesitantly produce it for appraisal. The realm customs was to swiftly change an unusable resource into a battle capability. A exceedingly rare item if unusable, was still considered as trash. The problem was, Sheyan really couldn't produce 3,000 utility points!

’’You should go.’’ Sheyan tried his best to maintain composure. His heart was berating himself. I must never let others know I lack money, I can never let others know. If not those treacherous cheap sluts will flock up here and pressure me to death!

That contestant was at a lost. He could only grit his teeth and attempt.

’’Don't you know that such a black grade material can be used to craft out black grade accessories/equipments? The faster you appraise it and get someone to craft an equipment, the more secured you will be in your next world!’’

Sheyan maintained his resolution.

’’You should go, I have no interest today.’’

That contestant turned dull and blank. Murmuring a little before sighing.

’’Alright, I really couldn't tell that you're actually an expert! Bring it here!’’

This time, Sheyan was the stupefied one.

’’Bring what?’’

That contestant flared up.

’’Of course it's to help you appraise. If not for my appraising training lacking a little, I'll definitely not do this for free! Are you Leeteuk or Matic's friend? Only they know I'm stuck at this bottleneck.’’

Sheyan surged with delight, he never expected such fortune. As he was about to produce the 'roll of thick leather', a sharp treacherous voice pierced his ear from the side.

’’Wait! I'll give you 1000 utility points to appraise it.’’

This voice was rather familiar. Looking closely, why is this old man with a western dome hat along with such a despicable tone so familiar? Isn't this my own servant, goblin Jinkuang? The goblin probably used magic to change his appearance again. Holding a huge cigar, he urged.

’’Hurry up, I'm in a rush.’’

The other contestant laughed out coldly.

’’Alright, I'll leave it to you. Give him 1000 utility points, I'll see if your black grade leather can really be appraised!’’

Naturally, he started suspecting Sheyan and Jinkuang were collaborating to swindle. He never expected Jinkuang to walk up disdainfully, as he caressed his shrivelled wrist. Then a faint white glow formed in both hands, slowly pressing down onto the leather.

That contestant's eyes popped out widely. He recognized the distinct glow of an appraisal skill, instantly rushing up to interrupt.

’’Wait wait! 5000 utility points! I'll give 5000 utility points! If you still refuse then nevermind.’’

Such an unexpected twist of fortunes. Sheyan's dried wallet had received a plentiful donation. This astute Jinkuang laughed evilly as he reaped a small fortune as well. Sheyan asked him if he really knew appraisal techniques. Very pleased with himself, Jinuang bluntly replied yes. But his next words caused Sheyan to break out in cold sweat.

’’But I cannot guarantee the results of the appraisal.....’’

For some unknown reasons, after Jinkuang released that statement Sheyan suddenly recalled that huge mess of rubbish in his room....he couldn't help pinching himself. With a grateful attitude he started examining the attributes of that appraised material.

Troll's back leather

Origin: Harry Potter magical world

Class: Living material

Material rarity: Black

Material: Protein/ tannin

Weight: 7.14 kg.

Usage: Can be used to manufacture boots, clothings, defense tools etc.

Description: Looks like the rumours of the troll not bathing is real. God what is with this awful stench!

Evaluation: Contestants/ storyline characters with the relevant skills possess capabilities to process leather. Of course when your military rank reaches a high level, then you can directly process this in the realm. More critically, directly manufactured equipment in the realm will only produce basic attributes for the equipment. There will not be additional bonuses.

At this moment, those sincere procurers of that black grade weapon 'Troll's legbone' gradually approached. Even Sheyan knew that before entering another world, one should definitely exchange any possession for items that could enhance their battle capabilities;likewise those contestants were no fools. After affirming that Sheyan was a damned brat who was like an unmoving boulder, these desperate contestants finally yielded. They displayed many different items, and was one even a silver storyline equipment!

Regrettably, the most notable aspects of that silver storyline equipment was MP + 25% and intelligence +7. Sheyan looked on with tears streaming down his cheeks;wouldn't HP +25%, physique +7 be better? He immediately declined, but still felt a throbbing heartache.

The most shaking object was a scroll.

An outstanding rank 6 scroll!

This was the first time Sheyan witnessed a scroll with ranking!

The previous scrolls Sheyan acquired were all determined by their color coding. Apart from that, was that one time he activated 'insight' on Jack Sparrow back into the pirate of the caribbean world;personally witnessing that rank 7 special passive ability: 'Authentic luck'! Yet this scroll has only one rank lower than that main lead, its rarity was unfathomable. Sheyan requested to examine it, the buyer straightforwardly delivered its information.

Uruk-hai research notes (Badly damaged) (Chapter 3 page 6 and Chapter 5 page 4)

(TN: Uruk-hai is a lord of the rings orc creature)

Author: John? Ronald? Riel? Saruman

Ranking: rank 6

Usage effects: Allows you to learn the active ability 'Uruk-hai gene mix'

Usage requirements: Strength 15 points, perceptive sensing 10 points, physique 20 points

Additional Explanation: 'Uruk-hai gene mix'. Employing various sorcery materials to create different Uruk-hai genetic fluids. Drinking it will result in a temporary bonus for the targeted basic attribute. Different mix of materials will result in different bonuses. Because the Uruk-hai genetic fluid can be oxidized extremely easily in the realm, its expiry date is only 120 seconds. One has to use to upon creating.

Pointer: One strengthening effect of the Uruk-hai genetic fluid can only exist in the user at one time.

Additional pointer: Learning this scroll requires 5 potential points.

Realm evaluation: D class

Notification: To use it, a genetic examination is required. (Like dripping blood to recognize the master)

Description: This is the torn pages from the research notes of the Lord of the Rings character, Saruman the White. After Saruman realized the orcs in the dense fog mountain rage was declining, he started cultivating them in Isengard. Ultimately, he created a hybrid between orcs and human (Most probably Dunland people) - Blood linked Uruk-Hais. These are the notes left behind from researching on these Uruk-hais, although tattered there are still benefits to be gained.

But the most suspicious point to Sheyan was that rank 6 scroll actually only earned a D class evaluation from the realm! The seller had an unyielding attitude, only exchanging 1 for 1, the scroll for the weapon. Sheyan was slightly confused, and couldn't help thinking of his own servant Jinkuang. That wretched swindler was actually a shamelessly useful slut. Especially those few individual ability of his, although a little dubious yet was incredibly useful.

’’Jinkuang? Jinkuang? Sheyan called out but nobody answered. He instantly sacrificed his killer move. ’’Jinkuang, someone dropped their wallet!’’

5 seconds later, a wretched old man sprinted over;he was huffing and puffing, and his eyes shone with greed.

’’I love that phrase. Whose wallet, where did it drop at?’’

Sheyan changed the subject.

’’Help me see if this scroll can be exchanged for my weapon?’’

Jinkuang scanned the scroll for a moment, instantly snarling out along severely violent head shaking.

’’Time is money my friend. This sort of deceptive crime will land you in Azkaban!’’

That contestant raged out.


Jinkuang snorted and replied.

’’Do you dare to let others touch your scroll?’’

That contestant's expression changed;sighing as he loosened up. Jinkuang directly snatched it over, whiffing it and throwing towards Sheyan. That arrogant spitting of saliva and rampantly excessive hand gestures caused that contestant to yield. Sighing deeply, he used this rank 6 scroll along with 5000 utility points and 13 potential points to trade for Sheyan's black grade weapon +2 black venom poison bags. Of course, this unlucky bastard was tricked by the vicious 5% scam of the black venom poison.

The overjoyed Sheyan realized why that contestant was willing to suffer losses after the deal was done. As his hands interacted with the rank 6 scroll, a notification travelled to his ears:

’’An unexplainably wicked energy binds itself onto you.’’

’’You interacted with the 'Uruk-Hai research notes (Chapter 3 page 6, chapter 5 page 4)' , determining...... your physique is 28 points, your innate ability is 'Endurance'. The compatibility rate is 87.33%, probability of perfect learning is 83%.’’

Sheyan instantly understood after the notification why a rank 6 scroll was only given a D class evaluation. He reckoned it was because of the compatibility!

From his own perspective, the nature of this notes seemed to be suggesting a support class ability, useful for intelligence and spirit based contestants. Instead, the hidden requirements was towards a high physique and defensive nature innate ability!

This narrow target audience caused a large number of contestants to be incompatible, naturally it was given a D rating. This is just like a Mercedes Benz who possesses excellent top-notch functionalities, but compared to a CheryQQ;the latter was more popular. To most people this was just a pleasant image that was simply unattainable.


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