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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 77


Chapter 77: Untitled

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN XRCO and Elkassar

The goblin shot Sheyan a heartbroken and grievous look, after his loud rambling. A surge of terrible premonition welled up in Sheyan's heart, he was stunned as the nightmare imprint transmitted the notification:

’’Warning: Your servant 'Old goblin who has lost his memory' loyalty level is plunging devastatingly!!’’

’’Warning: Because your charm is only 2 points, your servant's loyalty level is now a dangerous 80 points.’’

’’Warning: Because your charm is only 2 points, your servant's loyalty level is now a dangerous 75 points.’’

’’Please raise back the loyalty level to 100 points within the 24 hours buffer time, if not your servant may defect.’’

’’AHHHHHH!’’ Sheyan howled in horror as though stab by dozens of daggers. He urgently rush to pick up and organize the rubbish on the floor, restoring them to their original state. After the kettle finished boiling, he hastily poured a bowl of water for the goblin. Yet the damned loyalty level didn't change one bit, and he could only endure as he gritted his teeth and handed a thousand utility points to tap on the goblin's biggest weakness. The loyalty level between them finally rebounded back, and Jinkuang happily laid back down hugging his tattered sackcloth bag to sleep.

Sheyan sighed deeply and wiped off his cold sweat. He only dared to lament to himself secretly in the corner.

’’What kind of servant is this! I'm the F***king servant, while he's the grand dad!’’

Sheyan sat down with an ugly expression as he gazed upon Jinkuang. This filthy and wretched goblin had a face full of smiles, who knows what kind of dreamy fantasy he was in. He even smiled until his crooked yellowish teeth were showing. Sheyan sighed again, as he began skimming through the messages left for him.

Previously before leaving the realm, Sheyan had established a merchant stall and probably attracted several onlookers. It was impossible for contestants to directly contact another in the present world, thus they could only leave messages. Currently, Sheyan was browsing through these messages.

’’Hey friend, your stuffs are dope. 1,500 utility points is a legit pricing.’’

’’I'll exchange my light blue accessory with you, of course you need to add on some cash.’’

’’Bro, my wallet is a little tight recently, some discounts please?’’

’’Kiddo, I'm the boss of the Mocha gang. If you're smart you'll tactfully hand over these things.’’


After reading all these fraudulent messages, regrettably there was nothing of use to him. It seems like trading himself is the more suitable trend. Moreover, he already stated when he would be coming back, thus there should be people waiting. As Sheyan was about to leave in a hurry to set up store again, he accidentally chance upon a torn paper bag. It was the kind of scrap wrinkled paper bags used to wrap exercise books. Sheyan dismantled it and consecutively received a notification:

’’You discovered a poison: 'Black venom powder'. This is a new venom created from the simple witchcraft of Hertz.Ruhr, blended with several vegetation herbs. He will smear the black venom powder over the weapon, and every successful attack will poison the opponent. Poison damage every 3 seconds for a duration of 15 seconds, every poison damage is 9 - 18 points (depends on the opponent's resistance).’’

’’Usage: This powder can be applied on your weapon for the black venom effects. Every successful attacks will result in 50% chance of the opponent inflicted with the black venom poison. This bag of poison can be used 3 times, each time lasting 30 minutes.’’

’’Warning: Every pulse of poison damage may result in an explosive strike!’’

’’Warning: Ultimately, David.Beckham is the one writing the final description!’’

’’Warning: This poison belongs to the goblin Jinkuang. Any attempts to expropriate it will be determined as stealing.’’

Sheyan looked at this list of information, his eyes flickering.

’’Eh? This thing appears to be very useful eh?’’

He surveyed in surroundings, quite-wittedly but sinisterly stashing this bag of poison into his clothes. Nervously waiting for the nightmare imprint's notification but nothing came in the end. Sheyan instantly laughed out hysterically.

’’So it is indeed like that, I am his master! His things are mine! Therefore taking my own thing doesn't count as stealing.’’

After obtaining some cheap thrills, Sheyan sneakily slipped out as he finally relaxed. It didn't matter if Jinkuang discovered his item went missing. Sheyan finally understood this servant was immeasurably crafty, using loyalty points to weigh is totally unreliable. Thus, he needed to deal with the goblin using seemingly unreliable tactics. As long as he shamelessly blame Jinkuang on having bad luck at being robbed, as long as he wasn't caught in the act;then this bag of poison is his.

When Sheyan returned to the marketplace, he discovered a disheveled mess. Many contestants were cursing phrases like 'Bastard green dwarf' 'Despicable profiteer' 'red handkerchief thrash'. In his amazement, Sheyan inquired around, and all these victims produced an object that was actually totally similar to what he stole from his table! Sheyan's heart was thumping wildly, looking closely indeed that 'black venom power'!

But their powder had an additional descriptive line beneath: ’’This poison has a 5% chance of success when smearing onto the weapon.’’ Because the writer shamelessly added several ink dots, it really looked like it wrote '50%'. Furthermore, the last description was done in such a careless and lewd manner, it wasn't very visible at wonder so many people got cheated.

Sheyan appeared very composed, but his heart was beating excessively. 'What kind of ancestor have I brought back from the realm.......’’ He immediately made a resolution;unless he had no choice, he would never divulge his relationship with the goblin Jinkuang. Even with a myriad of thoughts passing through his mind, he wasted no time as he hurriedly displayed all his merchandise.

Naturally, several individuals were camping here. Upon seeing Sheyan setting up, they directly circled around. Previously, Sheyan only displayed the 3D images, but now they could examine the real goods.

The most striking sellable was obviously that black grade weapon: 'Troll's legbone'. This didn't mean that other contestant haven't gotten any black grade loots, but because of the dynamics of parties in the realm;most of the time such weapons were hot property and digested internally, definitely not for selling externally. Some contestant caught sight of that unappraised black item: 'A roll of thick leather', and roughly guessed Sheyan managed to have the good fortune of reaping a certain party's loots. Thus, they fought to negotiate, trying to get several bargains.

Instead, Sheyan wasn't a simple person, he also harbored hopes that these items would thoroughly replenish his dried up wallet. How would he easily submit, thus his answer was short and stern.

Those that wanted to stand on his liberties, Sheyan's reply was one word - ’’Scram’’.

Those valuations that were slightly reasonable but still cheap, Sheyan still replied with one world - ’’Bye’’.

Under the incessant haggling with a bunch of flies, Sheyan felt himself getting bolder. He figured a method to get it done once and for all, directly marking up the black grade weapon. 'Troll's Legbone' now had a 50,000 utility points high valuation;using this figure to send a message to these profiteers: He wasn't someone foolish with finances. After a bunch of scoldings and cursings;in a mere 10 seconds, this vendor transformed from a bustling chaos to a deserted remoteness.

But Sheyan didn't mind. He knew that this 'Troll's legbone' possessed a terrifying strength, and even contained a controlling ability to deal with long range aggressors! It could be said this object was a rare commodity worth hoarding, as it made up for a deficiency in the users;he wasn't afraid of not selling it off. Once those unscrupulous fools left, it created a peaceful environment for the sincere buyers.

Not long later, a person dressed in a cloak approached. He had a rough voice and icy-cold piercing vision, with a black mask on. Earnestly conversing with Sheyan.

’’Let me see that leather, it's a practical object.’’

Sheyan could sense an eerie chilliness near this person. He very refreshingly tossed out the unappraised object 'A roll of thick leather' out for him. That person remained indifferent, but humbly replied.

’’I can appraise this object, but my pricing isn't low.’’

Upon hearing this, Sheyan felt a headache. His financials were already in jeopardy, how would be find money to appraise this? He shook his head directly.

That contestant stared blankly.

’’You actually don't want to appraise it?’’

Sheyan couldn't be bothered to engage him, he obviously couldn't leak out that his pockets were in a crisis. He bluntly waved his hands away firmly, using his body language to speak up for him.

That contestant was stunned, distracted for a moment he replied.

’’Alright, I'll lower the price alright? 3,000 utility points, only 3,000 utility points.’’


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