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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 76


Chapter 76: Monstrous fighting spirit (Settling a debt 3)

Translate dby: Chua

Edited by: TN XRCO and Elkassar

’’’’ for the first time Jessica couldn't find the words to say. She had experienced tremendous fear and shock today, after seeing the steaming food, she couldn't help swallowing her saliva. She sat down opposite Sheyan.

’’What's so nice to eat over here? As long as you agree to something, then this missy here will overlook your barbaric behavior. I'll even bring you to those international shop for Lobsters!’’

Sheyan grimly uttered.

’’I refuse.’’

’’You.....’’ Jessica turned flustered again. This was the first time encountering such an unreasonable person. ’’You haven't even heard me yet but you refuse?’’

Sheyan rebutted.

’’How long have we interacted for? What do you see in me? Isn't it just to street race for you?’’

’’You.... I'll give you money alright? State your price?’’ Jessica powerlessly bickered.

Sheyan laughed coldly.

’’Do I look like someone who lacks money?’’

Jessica immediately recalled his overbearing attitude when he tossed out 200,000 american dollars just for a glass of 'Sharke Cognac Brandy'. She turned silent. At this moment, the waiter served a dish over. Thinking that Jessica was Sheyan's partner, he served her a bowl of rice. The sweet and sour meat had an alluring appearance. Jessica was so famished she couldn't resist taking one bite, her eyes popped out widely. This damned sweet and sour taste, such crisped texture and the meat is so soft and tender. What an amazing blend of flavours. After that piece, she couldn't help scooping up the rice.

Her actions didn't stop there. After consuming several sweet and sour pork, Jessica starting aiming the surrounding plum cereal prawn. This prawn, so fresh and meaty. The wonderful plum, garlic and scallion fragrance mixing perfectly with the prawn and the plum. This sweet and sour taste, yet the freshness of this prawn is still distinct. Amazing.

At present, Sheyan was only a 20 year old youth. In the nightmare realm, he wrestled with live, pressured daily and didn't have any leisure hobbies back in the present world. He realized this similar aged Jessica didn't really have a bad personality, she was only a little spoilt. Hence, he didn't repel her away, pointing at the veggie pork soup.


Frankly speaking, the soup had a terrible appeal. Normally, Jessica wouldn't even take one glance at it, but after feeling Sheyan's piercing gaze she didn't dare refuse as she embarrassedly it scooped a little and drank. Her eyes popped open. The sweet, crispy yet delicate seaweed. This thick pasty looking soup is actually so smooth. The white peppercorn taste is strong yet doesn't conceal the pork taste. What a refreshing soup.

After finishing the ladle, she couldn't help but reach out for another mouth. But Sheyan obstructed her, turning to the boss.

’’Get her a spinach pork liver soup.’’

Jessica immediately yelled out.

’’No, I only want this. I've never liked pork liver!’’

Sheyan turned a blind eye to her resistance, firmly replying.

’’You just got injured, Spinach pork liver soup can enrich your blood.’’

Jessica was originally very reluctant and trying to steal a mouthful of soup. But after hearing Sheyan's words, it was like she was jolted by lightning. She peacefully sat upright on her stool. Until the steaming spinach pork liver soup was served, she slowly drank. Her tears incessantly flowed out of her reddened eyes, and dripped into the soup.

Often times, a careless word or incident can thoroughly destroy a woman's heart. Although Jessica was a rebellious young woman, deep in her heart she yearned for warmth and love. Yet the people around her constantly neglected that, and their concern was always full of insincerity and motives. To here, Sheyan may seemed like a crude and emotionless passerby, but his random caring action, was filled with sincerity and thoughtfulness. It directly pierced deep into her heart.

At this moment, Sheyan was full. After paying the bill, he stood up and was about to leave. Jessica immediately raised her head and asked.

’’Where are you going?’’

Sheyan laughed.

’’Of course to home for a rest. Oh right, your friend should be here soon. Hurry up and go home, remember to visit a doctor tomorrow for a proper dressing.’’

After speaking, Sheyan walked away leaving this young lady as she stared longingly towards his back.


Next, Sheyan cautiously operated and continued staying in Hong Kong after making sure the uproar at the bar wasn't divulged. Actually it was considered overly cautious, these sort of fights broke out frequently. The Hong Kong police couldn't even solve their murder cases, why would they put this matter to heart?

Hence, Sheyan utilized his former relations to begin his search for Uncle Dasi and the rest. He was constantly concerned, moreover that night was stormy and the sea was churning. There was a great chance of the ship capsizing. This continued for several days, and after dragging for another week, he casually located a building. Hastily dashing down the stairs, he returned to the nightmare realm.

The first crucial matter was naturally the attributes of that new 'Obsidian fossil anchor'! It was like this sprinting behavior through the marketplace to the western military district was common to the to the contestants. Some even wished sinisterly in their hearts for the anxious figure to fail. Sheyan couldn't care less, he straightforwardly entered an empty service space, and requested for his previously fused equipment. In a brief moment, and entirely new ornament surfaced into his view.

Monstrous fighting spirit

Equipment rarity: Silver storyline class

Equipment: (Strength/ Agility/ Physique) +2

Equipment: Charm -5 (Trolls are originally hideous and vicious creatures. Their souls carry a dislikable aura)

Equipment passive ability: 'Pain accumulation', Everytime you receive damage, you physique will temporary increase by 5 points, duration: 300 seconds. Once this effect is stacked by 2 layers (Maximum), the troll's soul will surface bestowing his life to you. Your HP will receive an additional 50 points, and your close combat abilities raised by 15%.

Equipment passive ability: 'Troll's spirit' , Causes your attack interval to increase by 5%, but increases your accuracy by 8%. Can also cause enemies to be repelled.

Equipment requirement: Physique must be at least 25 points.

Equipment position: Accessory.

Material: Obsidian

Weight: 104g.

Description: Although the troll is inclined to offense and not defence, this soul accessory is immensely formidable.

Evaluation: Scarface Harry's print has been completely erased. Your enemies will tremble in fear. Try giving it a nickname, like 'Troll's Testicle'.

Equipment battle score: 28

Comparing to the previous 'Obsidian fossil anchor', this equipment negative aspects were compounded to two. Charm -5 and time interval between each attacks increasing by 5%. But the enhancements were extremely clear, the three close combat attributes of strength/agility/physique +2 was exceedingly worthwhile. Furthermore, there was an additional bonus of 50HP and 15% attack bonus. Calculating this, Sheyan's peak life points was as high as 530 points! He also had a terrifying 19 defense points!

Naturally, Sheyan was relatively pleased with this time's fusion. Hence, he unhesitantly fished out his hidden item: 'i Shape metal dissolution liquid mixture'. He then bluntly used it to improve this silver storyline class equipment: 'Monstrous fighting spirit'. After a continuous unbroken flashes of light, Sheyan received the notification:

’’You can immediately retrieve this equipment, but the effects of the 'I shape metal dissolution liquid mixture' will not be fully extracted. Hence, the item will only receive an ordinary improvement.’’

’’You can choose to store his equipment into a Petri dish, postponing the retrieval of the equipment. But the 'I shape metal dissolution liquid mixture' will be fully extracted, and receive the maximum improvement.’’

’’Warning: Because the 'I shape metal dissolution liquid mixture' is not stable, the time needed to produce the maximum effects has increased.’’

Sheyan wasn't very disturbed by this notification, he wasn't a person that purposely pursues perfection. If he could receive the maximum effects that would be great, but if not then it didn't matter. Ultimately, once he entered any world he needed to collect back the 'Monstrous fighting spirit'. Nevermind it having an ordinary improvement. If for the sake of a bigger bonus effect he subjected his life to tremendous danger, then there would be foolishness beyond hopes!

After settling this matter, Sheyan returned to his personal room. Once inside, he got a huge shock. The goblin Jinkuang was bluntly sleeping on the floor, flowing beneath his yellowish beard was a streak of glistening saliva flowing down. He was having such a sweet rest and even emitted faint snoring sounds. Yet his whole room had transformed into a miserable filthy garbage chute. Dark spots bleached the surrounding walls, and there was even a simple stove made with red bricks by the side. Over it, an old aluminium kettle was steaming and releasing a popping noise. Bottles of beers were pushed to the corners, along with soft drink cans and waste paper thrash. Who knew what other scraps of rubbish was around.

Sheyan felt his vision blurring, he pressed his temple as a headache formed in his head.

’’God how did my place become a scrap house??’’

The goblin Jinkuang opened his eyes, wiping off the saliva as he lazily replied.

’’Master, if you touch these treasures I painstakingly gathered, I will feel very hurt alright.’’

Sheyan felt his brain aching, no, his brain exploding. He directly stomped onto the rotten mess, loudly shouting out.

’’Throw them out immediately! Now!’’


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