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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 75


Chapter 75: Street racing (Settling a debt 2)

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN, XRCO and ELkassar

Actually Missy Jin had reached her limits 2 minutes ago, and was only enduring based on her willpower. The strength from her leg was declining rapidly, which Sheyan naturally could feel. After completely analyzing her battle techniques, he felt rather dry. Blocking the last time, he turned and walked away. This was his way of letting this Missy Jin save her face, he believed this woman would not pester him.

Seeing Sheyan leaving, Missy Jin felt her vision blurring. Finally relaxing her close to exhaustion feeling. According to logic, this matter should have been put to rest. Yet in this moment, someone sprinted out of the bar, frantically crying out.

’’Don't release that murderer! Jessica was beaten dead!!’’

That sentence was like a stone causing a thousand rippling waves. After Missy Jin heard that, her eyes turned bloodshot as she glared at Sheyan's leaving back. Dashing forward, leaping, spinning 360 degrees in the air, she aimed her right leg and viciously chopped down towards her opponent's head! This Taekwondo move could actually only be executed by a seventh grade black belt, and wasn't something Missy Jin was capable of. But after hearing the grave news, she exceeded her limits and released this deadly strike.

Yet in this instance, Sheyan suddenly turned around as though his back grew eyes!

The glaring headlights shone in, yet Sheyan's eyes seemed to be combusting with flames. His pupils dilated, as though he was not affected at all. At this instance, Missy Jin felt an insanely chilling murderous aura, sinisterly pressing against her! She screamed wildly, her muscles tensing and even her bowels seemed to loosen up.

Concurrently, Sheyan released a punch colliding against her incoming leg!

Fist and leg collided. Based on logic, the fist should be disadvantaged.

Instead, Sheyan remained unmoving while Missy Jin's face turned ghastly pale as she groaned sorrowfully before crashing to the ground. She clutched onto the collided leg, her body convulsing excessively and her lips trembling on her pale face.

Suddenly, a miserable looking young lady rushed out of the bar, holding her left arm as she snarled.

’’Jin, get away from that man. He's a devil, a scoundrel! The one that spilt your drink is me, leave Jin alone!’’

Her body drenched in blood, she pressed on forward and obstructed Sheyan in vain. Sheyan sneered and casually scoffed.

’’If I intended to kill, then you guys would've died a thousand times already.’’

After speaking, he lackadaisically strolled away. The police sirens abruptly halted his movements, as he arched his brows. Police could only meant trouble. His shot his gaze towards that Maserati sports car, and asked Jessica.

’’That's yours?’’

With her pale face exhibiting her agony, she still maintained that haughty character.

’’Why? This bumpkin has never seen one before?’’

Sheyan impatiently shackled her neck, dragging out towards the Maserati.

’’Cut the crap. You'll be my guide, do a good job and I'll let you leave!’’

The surrounding onlookers gasped in astonishment.

’’I don't lack money, and I have no grievances with her. I'm just using her to shake off the police. If there are no accidents, she will be back in half an hour. But if you guys dare to utter rubbish to the cops, then I believe you know what will happen.’’

Finished speaking, he immediately entered the car and sparked the engine to life. Two puffs of fumes exited the exhaust, as the powerful Maserati left stupefied onlookers far behind. The car was extremely powerful yet stable, Sheyan couldn't help whistling in delight. Finally, he turned to address the bloodied Jessica.

’’Oi, which way to Yau Me Tei?’’

(TN: Also called Waterloo in Kowloon, Hong Kong)

She remained silent, her face terribly pale and she continued to grip her left hand tightly. It seemed like the she suffered a heavy knock after being thrown away by Sheyan, shivering and curling up in the front passenger seat. Droplets of tears rolled and splashed onto the seat, fearful and in pain. Sheyan couldn't bear watching this miserable scene, scooping out his 'Endless spirited vodka' he tossed it over and impatiently demanded.


Jessica glared at him with rage, and she was about to fling the alcohol cup out of the window. Sheyan instantly jammed on the brakes, snatching it back as he forced the drink into her mouth. This young lady started coughing violent, her pale face regaining color. Sheyan ignored her, leisurely scrolling through the car audio system for a nice song. Jessica's face became terribly red from the coughing, and finally managed to squeeze out an angry hiss.

’’Idiot, are you trying to kill me?’’

Sheyan ignored her, swiftly stripping off his outer coat, very quickly and simply he ripped off several strips of cloth. Then he chopped of a thick chunk out of the nearby tree bark, and cruelly forced Jessica to the side. Pressing onto her left arm, she probably fractured her arm. Cleanly and smoothly, he wrapped up her injured arm.

Jessica was just an ordinary girl, her life was probably at most 50 HP. Moreover, the 'Endless spirited Vodka' could heal 35 HP, and she was rejuvenated back to her optimum condition. Of course, the fractured arm was impossible to be mended in such a short time. But to Jessica after drinking the vodka, her injuries had closed up and wouldn't feel any pain if she didn't touch it. She was back to usual.

Sheyan selected a 'Home' saxophone music and started the engine again. He impatiently snarled.

’’No more pain right! Hurry up and lead the way, Yau Ma Tei 18th street! Once we reach I'll immediately let you go.’’

Jessica faced was still filled with shock as she observed her securely bandaged arm. She immediately yelled out furiously again.

’’Why is it not painful suddenly? What the heck? scum, you must have placed a shake head pill inside!’’

(TN: Ecstasy is called Shake head pill in China)

Sheyan was extremely speechless, ’’PA!’’ he smacked Jessica's left arm causing her to shriek out in agony. Her face cringed and she cried out.

’’You bastard!’’

Sheyan gently replied.

’’Yau Ma Tei 18th street, lead the way don't make me say it the third time.’’

Jessica angrily replied.

’’Left turn and increase your speed, there'll be a sign ahead.’’

Sheyan nodded his head.

’’Put on your seatbelt and close your eyes.’’

Jessica suspiciously asked.

’’What are you trying to do?’’

Sheyan's tone turned cold.

’’I've never lied before. Just now I told them I'll release you after half an hour, then I will definitely do so. Because you dragged and delayed for so long just now, this wasted time has to be compensated.’’

’’You're~~~~ Craazyyy ~~~! ’’

Jessica's first word was clear, but onwards it turned into a soft squeak from the fear, and the roaring engine drowned her out.

10 minutes later, the maserati executed an extremely beautiful drift before directly stopping at Yau Ma Tei street 17. Faint white fumes were emitted from the wheels and the exhaust. After that street racing, Sheyan felt extremely refreshed as he hopped off the car, closing the door behind him. Next, an ashen face Jessica struggled out of the car and seemed like she was about to vomit.

’’You're free. Also, remember to give your friend a call. If not.....If I hear the news tomorrow that a certain someone was kidnapped, then I'll surely expose that false news!’’

An old restaurant was situated here, its sign read 'Gel tasting residence'. Because their signature dish was fish maw and flower gel. Because the signboard was worn out, the 'tasting' word was covered in dust. If one was careless in read it, he would read the shop name as 'Gel Oral residence'. It was a wonder why the boss hadn't repair it.

(TN: 味 is the chinese word for tasting, but the 未 was covered in dust, and only the 口 is left which means mouth or oral)

Sheyan frequently heard of this place as a seaman previously. His comrades praised the dishes here, but Sheyan always never had the chance to sample. Thus, he specially travelled here to satisfy one of his life's regret.

Sheyan ordered a plate of finest flower gel (Fish maw), Wan Chai wing, a vegetable dish, pig organ soup and plum cereal prawns. The dishes were served quickly, and indeed its reputation didn't disappoint. Sheyan rummaged through the dishes, joyfully enjoying his meal.

While Sheyan was wolfing down his meal, a young lady tiptoed in. She glanced at Sheyan and exclaimed in astonishment.

’’ You still dare to have a meal here?’’

Sheyan was currently drinking his soup, and instantly sprayed it out in shock from her voice.

’’Oi oi oi, can't you ask a smarter question? If not at a restaurant to eat then what? Why haven't you left?’’

Jessica became frantic.

’’But...but you should have clearly fled, and run off quickly!’’

’’That's a criminal, thanks. Sheyan gently replied. ’’I'm just a person who wants a drink, why should I run? Furthermore, I don't want any trouble, this doesn't mean I'm scared of trouble. Even if I sat here, would the Hong Kong police come and catch me?’’


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