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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 74


Chapter 74: Black-iron title (Settling a debt 1)

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN, XRCO and Elkassar

The other male was alarmed yet furious, bending over to pick up a stool. But how would Sheyan give him this chance? Stomping his leg forward, the male instantly felt an insurmountable force against his waist. Directly flying off as he smashed against two tables and 3 person, before landing on the ground rolling. His waist felt numb from the intense pain. This was already Sheyan showing mercy.

At this moment, the young lady finally became frightened. It was like a wild beast prancing towards her. Blood trickled down his forehead slowly as Sheyan roared loudly.

’’You...what do you want?’’

Sheyan gripped her hand. By now she was screaming loudly and crying hideously, her other hand frantically clawing out. Sheyan mercilessly slapped her. Her struggles became more violent. Another slap! This moment, her voice turned husky her movements sluggish. The bar was in chaos, some called the police some secretly left, some shouted out furiously. But after that fiasco with the two bodyguards, nobody dared to approach Sheyan.

’’Let go of her!’’ Suddenly a strong and pressuring fuming voice penetrated over. Sheyan swung his head slowly, and was greeted by a double-barreled shotgun from the boss, Peter.

Sheyan disdainfully laughed.

’’You won't dare to shoot. If you have the guts, then you wouldn't stay here and build this small bar.’’

Sheyan gripped the young lady's neck, and casually tossed her aside. It was exactly like tossing away a sackcloth. Another crashing sound sounded out as three tables were overturned. Sheyan regretfully shrugged his shoulders.

’’You should really slim down.’’

Then he folded his arms, turning to face the speechless bar owner, Peter.

’’You can tell right? I'm a vicious and merciless scoundrel. If I were you, then I'll definitely consider keeping this 200,000 dollars, and mix another cup of 'Sharke Cognac Brandy'. This is the fastest way to get me to scram.’’

While speaking, Sheyan sat himself directly at the counter. Then he tossed the briefcase over. Peter shook his head.

’’Oh no no. Its hard to believe you're here just for a drink.’’

Sheyan earnestly replied.

’’The truth is indeed mysterious, sir. Why not put down that shotgun, and try serving a 'Sharke Cognac Brandy' to me? What will you lose? Don't tell me you're still insistent on your damned 3 glasses rule. I believe that is just your way of earning more.’’

Boss Peter was rendered speechless, currently he didn't know what to do. 20 seconds later, a glass of 'Sharke Cognac Brandy' was delivered to Sheyan's front. Sheyan suspiciously examined the alcohol he crossed the ocean for, and drank it at one go. In his ear, the heavenly sound of the notifications rang in his ear.

’’You've drank 'Sharke Cognac Brandy'.’’

’’You successfully completed the milestone: 'Alcohol Master'.’’

’’You receive the black-iron grade title: 'Alcohol Master'. Upon drinking any alcoholic drink, your explosive hit rate increase by 6%. Duration: 60 minutes. Additional restoration of 10 HP.’’

Sheyan breathed out in satisfaction after seeing the effects of the 'Alcohol Master', The most pleasing aspect was definitely the additional restoration of 10 HP when drinking. This effect appeared to be chicken ribs, unless a contestant was a drunkard, who would bring alcohol with them during skirmishes? Furthermore, the healing effects wasn't instant.

But because Sheyan possessed the soul equipment 'Endless Spirited Vodka', by drinking it he would be able to restore 25 HP, but now he could restore 35 HP instead!

Of course the next critical news was that titles actually had classifications! Moreover black-iron grade should be the most basic. Sheyan quickly inquired to his nightmare imprint. He received a crucial piece of information - ’’Grades above black-iron can only be obtained through synthesization.’’ After his goal was fulfilled, he didn't stay and prepared to leave.

After exiting the bar, Sheyan discovered that it was drizzling outside and a Maserati was parked outside, probably belonging to that rich missy. The distant roars of a Ferrari could be heard, and arrived at the bar in a flash. Dazzling bright lights blinded Sheyan, as droplets of rain were like densely packed needles weaving through the sky.

’’That's him!’’ A guest pointed towards Sheyan exclaiming.

Before the Ferrari died down, a graceful figure clad in white trainers dove out from the car's window, swinging a horizontal kick at Sheyan!

A perfectly stretched leg produced a kick that was explosive yet precise, piercing through the wind swiftly.

Sheyan couldn't be compared to an average person. Even though he wasn't equipped, based on his strength (12), physique (24) and perceptive sensing (13) alone, he was multiple times an average man. Sheyan raised his hand to block. Instead, the trajectory of the kick abruptly rose, ’’PA!’’ slamming directly onto Sheyan's neck!

If he was an ordinary person, then Sheyan would instantly be thrown off the ground. But to the beastly Sheyan who possessed the 24 points of monstrous physique, this kick could only sway him a little.

The white elegant figure slapped the hand on the ground, borrowing the recoil from the kick to spin a round in midair, before swiftly releasing another kick. Sheyan managed to block once, but the third kick brought along a dancing beautiful onslaught, stomping onto Sheyan's knee. The angle and force was perfect, causing Sheyan to lose his balance and fell to the ground.

Sheyan's heart pounded, suddenly realizing that perhaps this was a legendary martial arts expert, the other possibility was the opponent was a contestant. Yet Sheyan could sense that, although this female's battle technique and experienced seemed abundant, she was lacking the vicious murderous intent of a contestant who has battled between life and death! Hence, it was totally not threatening to him at all.

Although the female distorted his balance, the contestant's formidable might was displayed. While falling, he pressed his right hand on the ground, and easily side flipped to the side without crashing to the ground. While panting, suddenly the female's leg was swinging towards his face again! This dressed in white trainers, the female's kicks were just like a spinning wheel, unceasing and continuous. Every movement complimented each other, as she stormed in like a torrential rain, leaving no room to breathe.

The kick viciously banged against Sheyan's left cheek. A hidden immense force directly threw Sheyan over, his shirt soaked by the muddied ground as he rolled over. Concurrently, a fit of cheers and claps resounded from the side. Those bar guests rushing out were praising little missy Jin. That female humbly smiled, brushing her ponytail looking extremely pleased with herself.

Yet Sheyan didn't feel a tinge of embarrassment, he only felt this missy Jin indeed had rather practical close combat abilities. A sudden flash of inspiration appeared in his eyes, the previously complicated 'Grappling' components were suddenly understood. He didn't feel any special feeling from being kicked down, but instantly got up as he taunted this Jin missy with his middle finger.

Jin Missy felt her heart tense up. Formerly, her kick had already exhibited her complete strength, and it was already enough to 'break 5 boards' during training. A normal person would definitely have fainted after receiving that to his head. She never expected this guy to actually stand up again, and even taunted her obscenely. She fumed in anger, furiously charging towards Sheyan before releasing a backflip kick!

Sheyan's strength vastly outweighed hers, easily blocking as he was only forced half a step back. Again this woman began her relentless tidal onslaught with her daunting kicks. The onlookers gasped in awe, cheering loudly.

Truthfully, Sheyan took delight in this outcome. Anyway his thick physique was impregnable, but more importantly he could learn certain battle insights from this battle. To Sheyan, this sudden comprehension could be the reason for victory in a future life and death battle! Then wouldn't delaying his time here be worth it?

As the battle gradually prolonged, the onlookers started to feel something was wrong with this fight. Even though this Jin missy still dished out tiger like ferocious kicks at Sheyan, her panting completely sounded like a 'princess' who received 3 customers. Apart from the panting, the sweat beads on her forehead were distinct. But this was actually a normal process. In the present world, once a fight broke out it would probably end within 1 or 2 minutes. Anything longer than 5 minutes was already a war of attrition. What's more this was a woman who was born with inferior physique and stamina?


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