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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 73


Chapter 73: Try touching me

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN , XRCO and Elkassar

After several days of billowing stormy seas, Sheyan discretely arrived at Hong Kong. Others may have become seasick during the voyage, yet Sheyan's spirits remained flourishing. Sheyan firstly cashed out some HongKong dollars from the black market before making his way to the first-rate luxury goods assembling plaza. In there, he arrived at Brillar shopping street where he managed to successfully acquire the Barcelona 'Cava sparkling wine'.

Regarding the final France 'Sharke Cognac Brandy' it was indeed quite unique. Such a brandy was relatively special and could not be purchased with money. This was because such an alcohol was created by mixing Sharke brandy and Donetsk mead together. Its validity only lasted 2 hours, anything after its taste will degenerate, and couldn't be hailed as a 'Sharke Cognac Brandy'.

Therefore to sample that alcohol, Sheyan needed to patronize distillery of that alcohol. Actually to mix the two ingredients wasn't easy, but it also couldn't be described as difficult. The only problem was demand for such alcohol wasn't high. Hence, the bartender had to possess the specific knowledge and experience to be able to mix out a glass of finest rate 'Sharke Cognac Brandy'.

But which bar could provide this final glass of brandy, Sheyan had no clue. But Hong Kong was a long-established place, no matter if it was the hippie-filled Lan Kwai Fong or the pleasure-seeking Wan Chai - Lockhart Road, or the Kowloon district - Tsim Sha Tsui, they all contained uncountable amounts of bars. Sheyan wasn't in a hurry, neither was he lacking in finances nor time. Hence, he slowly gathered information from the various bars and bartender.

As the saying goes, hard work pays off. After searching for an entire day, he ultimately managed to squeeze out news from a veteran bartender for a hundred USD. Who was able to personally mix the 'Sharke Cognac Brandy' he had no clue, but nearby there was a bar named 'Scotland Bagpipes'. The boss, Peter, was personally demonstrating mixing, and his mixing skills were unequalled. He was also known to be amazing at mixing weird and rare alcohols. But the boss had a peculiar personality only showcasing his abilities once a month, and at most three cups per time before auctioning them. It was definitely not negotiable, but more importantly he doesn't care if others belonged to the black society or not. As long as he decides not to, nobody can force him to it.

After hearing this, Sheyan only laughed and replied.

’’My only worry now is that he doesn't mix.’’


Nightfall, 10 pm. Sheyan arrived at the 'Scotland Bagpipes'. It was situated in a small alley, dense vines tangled the walls, zero neon lamps and no ear-splitting rock music. The outside of the bar was designed like the bow of a ship. Pushing the door to enter, the melodious music of a saxophone drifted into the ears.

Sheyan scanned his environment, the walls were built with rough logs with photos nailed into the logs. Most of the photos exhibited a lone person against the scenery, which probably detailed the owner of the bar and his travelling endeavors. A bear pelt was hung on the right wall - real, authentic bear pelt. It was probably a hunting prize of the owner.

Sheyan casually sat on a stool, gesturing for a glass of beer, the bill was rather costly, actually thrice of a usual bar. Using the same price, he could frequent the opposite stripclub for the same glass of beer while enjoying a heated up and se*y striptease. Sheyan silently sat, appreciating the peaceful and graceful atmosphere. His heart gradually quietened down.

The other patrons were the same, hence Sheyan didn't attract any attention from others. At roughly 11, welcome cheers and claps resounded from the bar counter area. Sheyan raised his heads, as he saw a middle aged european male behind the counter. The man had long golden curls, his expression deep and once could see an old scar extending from the neck downwards to the chest. Perhaps due to excessive drinking, the scar had turned red and swollen, exactly like a furtive centipede.

The man smoothly handled his mixing tools. His movements were graceful like moving clouds and flowing water. With casual tosses and passess, the shimmering shaker spun in mid air spraying out a glistening, dreamy like sparkle. He raised 3 fingers up high, signalling 3 cups of shots. With a flurry of flowery moves, the 3 uniquely shaped cups were placed onto the counter. Brilliant colored liquid rippled within the cup, like an abundant fantasy.

The bartender smiled and walked out, humbly bowing.

’’The old rules, state your bids. First round: Scorching lips, lowest 500 HKD.’’

The guests started bidding feverishly, finally the cup was stolen for a thousand dollars.

When the name for the glass boomed out, Sheyan's heart faintly stirred. Because the words 'Sharke Cognac Brandy' which he had been bugging him for the past few days were spilled out from the bartender's mouth.

’’Second glass, Sharke Cognac Brandy, lowest price 1,500 HDK.’’

When the name resounded out, it was welcomed instantly.

’’2000 dollars!.’’

Another person raised the price, swiftly inflating it to 3000 dollars.

The price for that cocktail was basically through the roof. Initially another person reluctantly bid 3500 dollars, which caused the majority to give up. But at this moment, screeching breaking sound pierced into the bar. Following that, the doors were swung open, as a se*y leather dressed young lady charged in. Her chest valley was deep, yet she appeared pretty and charming. She looked like a mix-blood from a wealthy family. After barging in, she roared out.

’’Woah ah. I've finally reached. 5000 dollars!’’

This valuation could silenced the entire audience. The young lady was about to snatch the cup. But from the corner of a bar, a lofty and gentle sound floated over.

’’10,000 American dollars.’’

Undoubtedly, the person who spoke immediately became the focus of attention. Yet Sheyan had already felt detached from this society long ago. Slamming his hands on the table, he drank a mouthful of beer and shouted out.

’’If nobody else wishes to raise, then please deliver the shot here, waiter.’’

Although the young lady was astonished that someone wanted to snatch what was hers, she smiled coldly after regaining her composure.

’’10,000 american dollars and you want to snatch my thing? 50,000!’’

’’100,000 american dollars.’’ Sheyan dimly replied.

The young lady became hesitant. Although she was from a prosperous family, her upbringing was refined. If she reacted impulsively and wasted over 100,000 american dollars on a cup of alcohol, then she would certainly be rebuked heavily by her dad! Unknown if she was nervous or furious, the swollen chest was bobbing gently. This underripe fruit that was already matured was illusionarily alluring. Her pitch-black eyes rolled, craftily yelling out.

’’Who knows if you really have 100,000 american dollars? The Scotland bagpipes doesn't accept cards.’’

Sheyan bent forward and picked up a silver pin-locked briefcase. Treating it as though nothing, he flung it on the table and bluntly opened it. Green greasy notes were wrapped in bundles.

’’I invite you to check have 10 seconds to produce 100,001 dollar notes. If not, please hand the mixer to me, thanks.’’

This young lady had spun a cocoon around herself. Although she could definitely afford it, who would even bring a briefcase of dollar bills around! Hence her expression turned rigid and green. The nearby bartender was confused, but after peeping at the boss's emotionless face, he gritted his teeth and retrieved the mixer. Then he headed towards Sheyan.

But at this moment, the young lady sneered and waved her hand! ’’Bam!’’ That cup of 'Sharke Cognac Brandy' was struck out by her! Sheyan's pupils contracted, he never anticipated such unruly behavior from her. In his rage, he slapped the table and stood up. The glass in his hands was shattered by his sheer force, as vicious glass shards mixed with beer sprayed out in all directions! In this instance, all eyes were glued onto him!

Sheyan's face was covered by the shadows and slowly strode towards the sneering young lady who had her arms folded on here chest. He grimly issued.

’’Well done.’’

The young lady replied contemptuously.

’’Moron, what do you want? What do you want to do? Try and touch me?’’

Suddenly, two guests arose from the side. There were both huge and sturdy brutes. Obviously they were her envoys or bodyguard, as they walked up fiercely.

’’If I were you, I would obediently scram.’’

Sheyan spreaded out his hand and grabbed onto the nearest male's hair, raising his knee as he smashed his face down onto it! Simultaneously, the other male roared out and lifted a beer bottle before crashing it down onto Sheyan's head! The bottle shattered instantly, shards flying about. A stream of blood slithered down from his head. As though nothing happened, Sheyan loosened his hand letting the clump of hair and scalp float down. That heavily injured male bluntly crashed to the floor, had had already lost his consciousness.


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