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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 72


Chapter 72: Origins of strange objects

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and ELkassar

Looking at these notifications, Sheyan's former confusion was swept clean. He felt that the 500 utility points was not wasted. He then examined his unknown strange object: 'Vampire bat injected with digestive enzymes'. In the end, he was shocked to discover two options:

A) Sell it and earn 5,000 utility points.

B) Offer it to the realm and earn 1 achievement point.

The implied meaning of this was an unknown strange object was a classification that was rarely seen. It was like mutated species after reaction with nuclear radiation, those hybridized species. Hence, the realm didn't contain the relevant data, and was research worthy.

If it was before his promotion, Sheyan would really have chosen that 5000 utility points. But after hesitations, he selected achievement point. Next, he browsed through the related military ranking merchant. But he realized the amount of purchasable merchandize hadn't greatly increase. It was only extra bandages, medicines and several related military medals.

Medals could be bought with achievement points, using it will raise one's reputation/impression level. It ranged from 1000 points to 5000 points, and was extremely useful. Taking Sheyan for an example, if he used it on Hagrid previously, then his impression would have soared to an unattainable value. Thus, he wouldn't have the need to work so hard.

Facing this dazzling array of merchandize, Sheyan was really moved. The most enticing one was undoubtedly that 'Cell restoration dosage' that could instantly restore 100% HP and simultaneously increase all attributes temporary by 3 points (Duration: 1 hour). Next was the medal. Yet the former required a whole 10 achievement points, and the latter required 5000 utility points + 2 achievement points!

To Sheyan, surviving in a crisis was not difficult, he could surely find other alternatives,. Instead that one-time free purchase, was reserved to treat Uncle Dasi's crippled fingers. Hence, after considering deeply, he could only endure the temptation.

After settling all these complicated matters, Sheyan once again descended the ordinary marketplace. The next thing to do was naturally to use that item: 'Troll's Horcrux (Silver storyline grade)'.

Following the nightmare imprint's guide, Sheyan arrived at the west military district of the realm's transaction hall. Here was a layer of inlaid sealed telephone booths along the wall. After a contestant entered, the door will automatically close. He can work privately in that secret confined space, and not be bothered by anyone else.

The prerequisites of upgrading a black grade equipment to a silver storyline class was possessing its own 'soul'. The item: 'Troll's Horcrux' possessed the sealed troll's soul. But whether it succeeds depends on the compatibility of the horcrux and the equipment. If the compatibility was low, then the chances of success would be lower. Even if it succeeds, certain mismatch and laughable attributes would appear like a 'long range weapon possessing close combat abilities'.

Undoubtedly, 'Troll's horcrux' possessed the brutal and crude soul of the troll, the compatibility would certainly be disastrous with any black grade magic type equipments. Besides, the only black grade equipments Sheyan possessed were all pertaining to physical aspects. Therefore, there was no such worries.

After a series of examinations, Sheyan discovered that the 'Troll's horcrux' had the most compatibility of 95% with the black grade weapon: 'Troll's Legbone'. It had a compatibility of 86.7% with the black grade 'Obsidian fossil anchor', but only 65% with 'Ambition'. Naturally, based on this calculation the best option would be to integrate the 'Troll's horcrux' with the 'Obsidian fossil anchor'.

Ultimately, Sheyan still had to spend an additional 1000 utility points and 1 potential point to successfully merge the two. Sadly, he had to wait 32 hours to retrieve the acquired attributes upgrade. Sheyan pondered a moment before renting a personal stall for himself. He then projected the 3D images and information of his selling items, and indicated that he would approximately be back after 15 days in the present world.

Sheyan's actions were like throwing out an advertisement. Afterwards, he planned to return to the present world and return after 15 days. Moreover he had 48 hours before being forced to leave after the next mission arrives when he returned to the realm. The law of time and space in the realm was different than the present world. If contestants sincerely wished to purchase anything, he would naturally wait patiently and prepare adequate utility points.

After making up his mind, Sheyan returned to his personal room. On returning, he directly bumped into Jinkuang. This Jinkuang seemed extremely busy, his head and face covered in dust as though he came out from a fireplace. This nose was greasy. It was unknowned what he was busy with.

Sheyan only wished this wretched goblin wouldn't find him trouble. If he was happy then that was good enough, why would Sheyan bother him? Instead, he heard Jinkuang calling master. Thus, he could only compliantly run over to him. His heart was thumping as though he was afraid. Sheyan bitterly smiled.

’’Jinkuang ah, I really don't have any money now......’’

Jinkuang shook his head and replied with his piercing voice.

’’Master, just now I overheard others talking. They said they found information of a contestant in the present world, and wants to get rid of him. You must be careful.’’

Sheyan's heart shuddered. Truthfully speaking, to acquire that glass of 'Maotai pulp liquor' he had gotten himself involved with that political conflict in Singapore! That consequence left him slightly worried. Presently, after he heard Jinkuang's warning, he replied hesitantly.

’’There's so many people in the present world. Moreover, a contestant cannot wear his equipments and cannot activate abilities. To ambush any contestant should be pretty tough.’’

Jinkuang stealthily slipped away.

’’Time is money, my master! The conversation with you has already caused me to lose at least 30 pennies!’’

Initially, Sheyan didn't place much emphasis on that news, yet the more he thought the more he felt he needed to value this problem. In the present world, his most crucial innate ability: endurance would be dormant. Unable to bring his equipments out, being ambushed and finished off by 5-6 regular gunmen would certainly be normal.

Previously he had slayed Qiao Gun and earned several benefits. If killing contestants in the present world was similar, then he believed those influential and powerful contestants in the present world would be obsessed with that. If that was the case, Sheyan's agreement to be Lee Sian Hai's chauffer/bodyguard was extremely unwise. If there was really a contestant who harbored evil intentions. Then his actions in the auction house previously would have garnered unwanted attention. Although the probability wasn't high, he still couldn't be complacent!

After settling his plans, Sheyan proceeded to return to the present world. Presently, after realizing that the stayover time spent in the realm was accumulative, he didn't want to waste the precious time here sleeping. Very quickly, he traversed through the barrier between the realm and the present world. He was back in the grand mansion of Singapore's rich tycoon, Lee Sian Hai.

The next day, Sheyan put forth his resignation request to Lee Sian Hai. To Lee Sian Hai, the previous auction house incident was just a mishap that could happen the next year. Such an assassination attempt was definitely intolerable for the second time. Following the stability of the government, and uprooting of his enemies, the chances of this happening again was close to zero.

Of course based on his financial powers, he had more than enough to spare to breed another hundred Sheyan. Hence if Sheyan wanted to leave, he wouldn't stop him. Under Sheyan's request, he opened a Swiss bank account, passing him the bank card with 500,000 USD inside. Once the bank card was withdrawn from, it would be untraceable. It was fast yet reliable, and normally drug deals employed such methods

After waiting for another day, one had to admit Lee Sian Hai's network was exceptionally terrifying. In a mere 2 days, he directly sent Sheyan his required Britain's 'Chivas - Royal Salute whisky' , Russia's 'Bereginka Vodka' and France's 'Crystal champange'. Also through that same network, Sheyan managed to find several threads regarding Barcelona's 'Cava Sparkling wine' and France's 'Sharke Cognac Brandy', pertaining to certain purchasing connections for such luxurious goods. After that, Sheyan left Lee Sian Hai a note before disappearing into the public.


As the saying goes, a snake has its own path while a mouse its own route*. Speaking about smuggling, Sheyan was naturally as smooth as the river streams. The only difference was previously he was the one smuggling others, while now he was the smuggled goods. After he hastily disguised himself, he found the most common smuggling ship headed for Hong Kong. For an international port like Singapore, there were at least dozens of smuggling boats daily. At least hundreds would enter and leave illegally. To exactly pinpoint all these illegal activities was something only God was capable of.

(TN: *Chinese idiom - everyone has their own ways of surviving)


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