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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 70


Chapter 70: I want.....

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN, XRCO and ELkassar

Seeing all his attributes apart from his charm rising, Sheyan felt incredibly refreshed. No wonder he constantly felt an amiable feeling towards this old goblin, actually he was so useful. Furthermore, his abilities were extremely oppressive and cunning. For example, storyline characters who required a certain reputation level before interacting would be harassed by this goblin. Just think of the mental torture when they inevitably cannot ignore a person with only 1 point in charm!

Sheyan couldn't resist recalling the previous storyline characters like Mo.Waller, Old Bill etc, these scum who made his life difficult because of his charm. He wished he could bring Jinkuang along to engage them, to let them know the meaning of reversal of Feng Shui. (Idiom which means reversal of fortune/ every dog has its day)

After settling everything else, Sheyan gloomily discovered there was only 30 seconds left for the deadline! If he delayed any further, he would really get penalized. Therefore, he hastily selected to return to the realm. In a flurry, his figure turned blurry and vanished, finally leaving this world.

When he materialized, he found himself in a mystical place. Beneath his feet was a transparent screen lifting his weight. His surroundings were covered with white puffy clouds and breezy sound of wind. Underneath him was a densely packed green forest, snow white icecap mountains, and buildings as small as matchboxes from this height. It was like overlooking the ground from thousands of metres high. Rays of magical light streaked past him occasionally. This was purely a fantasy, simply breathtaking!

Following that naturally was his battle process overview. The battle with the mountain troll/completing several missions/Finally passing the two challenges in Gringotts secret room/Exploring the ancient goblin empire. Scenes flashed by like stop motion.

Subsequently, the realm's report surfaced:

’’Setting: Magical world of Harry Potter’’

’’Difficulty: Easy (D class)’’

’’Pain limitations: 50%’’

’’Additional enhancement to individual's capabilities: 0%’’

’’Current setting exploration rate: 27.31%’’

’’Completed this world's milestone: 'Doting man', Received the title: 'Bowtruckle feedback (Fast)'’’

’’Milestone completion rate: 'Warmhearted man (2/4)', Remainder: Magic sports shop's final mission/Borgin &Burkes magic shop's final mission.’’

’’Milestone: 'Suspect (1/10), Remainder: Slay 9 more contestants.’’


’’Current world is free setting: You won't be able to obtain combat logs on contestant battles that aren't related to you. During battle with other contestants, if your perceptive sensing exceeds your opponent, you can suppress their perceptive sensing. They will be unable to obtain a detailed combat log.’’

’’Mission content exploration rate: 63%’’

’’Completed mission score: A- , Note: Lowest is E, and highest perfect score is SSS. (Although you only broke through two mechanisms of Gringotts secret room, you successfully explored the 10,000 year old ancient goblin empire)

’’Scenario completion reward: Free attribute points - 4 points + '1 point (on account of +1 legend level)', 500 utility points, 2 potential points.’’

’’Current free attribute points: 5 points.’’

’’You can allocate the free attribute points to your basic attributes (Strength/agility etc) to strengthen your capabilities.’’

5 free attribute points? Sheyan was stunned amazed, he murmured to himself. ’’I wasn't even involved in the main storyline, didn't even touched the philosopher's stone. How does this damned realm calculate?’’

At this moment, a wretched old goblin hopped out abruptly, exclaiming loudly. ’’Wa, this place is really beautiful.’’ Following that, he started caressing around and even a corroded and rusty hammer appeared randomly..... As he decided to pry open any bright and shimmering objects.

A dark line formed on Sheyan's head, grabbing Jinkuang's back collar as he pulled him back. His tone was rather annoyed, but it contained more of concern than anger.

’’Oi oi, old thing. You'll die if you fall from this height!’’

Jinkuang danced and gesticulated for joy as he displayed his angry rebellion. Sheyan ignored him, and once again looked at the notifications from the nightmare imprint:

’’Your achievement points have reached 53 points.’’

’’You have met the nightmare imprint's conditions to up rank. After returning to the realm, please hurry and choose to raise your military rank.’’

After these phrases disappeared, the scenery started to turn fuzzy and once again became dark. After regaining his vision, he was back in his little personal room. The old goblin Jinkuang was exceptionally excited to be here, running around and touching anything he could see. Occasionally he would gasp, and spit saliva on areas with stains before using his own fingers to wipe.... Seeing such a behavior, Sheyan was slightly taken aback.

Before returning, Sheyan didn't engage in any intense battle. He had received adequate rest, and was very refreshed. He didn't have any desires to rest, and simply couldn't be bothered with that wretched Jinkuang. He then retrieved his spoils of war from his nightmare imprint, making a stock check of his leisure objects.

Object: Troll's Horcrux (Silver storyline class)

Weapon: Troll's legbone (Black)

Object: Ghost whetstone

Object: Rotten eyeball

Object: Fanged frisbee

Scroll: Black Venom

Food: Mars bar

I shape metal dissolution liquid mixture

Unappraised object: A roll of thick leather

Unknown strange object: Vampire bat injected with digestive enzymes.

Amongst these objects, the object 'Troll's horcrux (Silver storyline class)' was something that Sheyan planned to keep. He considered on using it on 'Ambition' or 'Obsidian fossil anchor' to raise their class to silver storyline class. From there, it would satisfy the usage requirements for the 'I shape metal dissolution liquid mixture', and have a chance to raise it to lvl 7.

(TN: In case you forgotten the liquid mixture usage effects: Smearing it would strengthen your equipment/weapon, 100% chance of raising to lvl4, 50% chance of raising to lvl 5, 10% chance of raising to lvl 7. Only effective on silver storyline class objects/weapons)

Regarding the other objects, Sheyan planned to sell them. Currently after subtracting the fees used for 'insight' as well as Jinkuang's salary, Sheyan was left with roughly 3,800 utility points and 2 potential points.

Most crucially, during his previous intense battle, Sheyan's 'Butchering bone hatchet' had been destroyed due to excessive resistance! Hence, he was back to square one being empty handed in combat. 'Ambition' was a weapon that could be used once every minute, and definitely couldn't be used as a feasibly weapon of choice. Undoubtedly, Sheyan was in urgent need to find a replacement.

Actually to Sheyan, that 'Butchering bone hatchet' wasn't really handy. But since it carried an additional special ability 'Resist' it was indeed a necessity for Sheyan who engaged in long drawn out battles. Sheyan's ideal tradeoff would be weapons like nunchaku, boxing gloves, daggers who carried additional 'resist' ability.

After his stock take, Sheyan decided to raise his military rank of his nightmare imprint. Then he would figure out a way to appraise his two unappraised objects. As he was about to leave, he saw Jinkuang tugging at his shirt, looking rather pitiful.


Sheyan asked.

’’Yes, Jinkuang? Hungry? I can buy food for you.’’

’’I want....’’


’’I am a guy, you want .....? Be obedient, I'll give you 300 utility points, go and flirt wherever you want.’’


’’I want.’’

’’I am only interested in females!’’

’’I want.’’

Jinkuang then extended his hand out, pointing stubbornly at that scroll: 'Black venom'.

Sheyan wiped his sweat.

’’Alright, take it..... Oi oi, this thing is very valuable, what do you want it for?’’

Jinkuang remained silent, he slanted his head and stared at Sheyan. His grievous expression felt extremely wronged and displeased. Sheyan felt his heart thumping, he suddenly recalled that he managed to trick Jinkuang into being his servant because he was a miserable goblin who lost his memory. He didn't even offer any sweet words, but was awarded with 120 loyalty points, this was extremely generous. And yet he didn't even display any sort of virtue and manners. Bring Jinkuang into the picture, he was the goblin of goblins, an overlord amongst the goblins!

Reminded of that, Sheyan hurriedly reached out for that black venom scroll, bowing as he offered with both hands. Jinkuang coldly snored as he folded his hands over his chest. Gesturing with his finger.

’’Utility points?’’

Although Sheyan felt very bitter within, he still forced out a smile and transferred 2000 utility points over. Bowing politely as he asked.

’’Is that enough?’’

Jinkuang snorted coldly, and swung away his head. Yet his lips curled into a vulgar and sinister smile.

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders, turmoil in his heart. 'He is my servant, he is my servant I cannot lower myself to his level' But he recalled Phelps telling him once, that when he took care of his summoned wolves, it was just like taking care of babies. Clearing their excrements, blood sweat and tears exhausting. He managed to calm down, secretly rolling his eyes before he left.

Sheyan hesitated a moment after leaving. It was an entire 5 free attribute points! He pondered for a moment, and suddenly remembered about Mogensha. Thus, he immediately invested a point in his perceptive sensing, and the other 4 on his physique. Suddenly the nightmare imprint notified him:

’’Your basic attribute: Physique has purely exceeded 20 points without enhancements from additional equipments.’’

’’You receive an additional basic attribute reward. Please select within 10 seconds.’’

’’A) Basic attribute reward I (Passive): 'Steroids fury', Increase your damage dealt, damage increase is based on 6% of your maximum HP value. Increase of damage will not exceed 20 points. Doesn't count as a second attack and lowered by defences.’’

’’B) Basic attribute reward I (Passive): 'Healthy mister', +100 points to your maximum HP.’’


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