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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 69


Chapter 69: Heavenly servant

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN, XRCO and ELkassar

Sheyan once again sunk into deep thoughts. At this time, the two of them had walked to the exit of Diagon alley - backyard of London's 'Leaky Cauldron'. Sheyan suddenly recalled something.

’’Hey friend, looks like you have to wait over here for me. Outside is the so called Muggles world. Goblin's appearance would definitely scare them, but that isn't the main problem. More importantly, the Ministry of Magic may be involved. I'll be back after 5 minutes.’’

The old goblin snorted disdainfully.

’’Don't belittle me, I know magic too.’’

He then waved out a black splintered wand. ’’Puff!’’ His appearance metamorphosed into a wretched old man, but he was still wearing his dirty clothes. His skin was still as green as a goblin's. Glancing at himself, this old man lazily issued.

’’Ha! I failed again. But don't you think this appearance is rather cool?’’

After attempting a few more times, the old goblin finally succeeded in transforming into a shifty-eyed, pointy chin and sunken chin wretched old man. Coughing violently he was quite pleased with himself.

’’Let us go.’’

Sheyan sighed and replied.

’’Although saying this is a little overboard, but your actions have really wasted too much time. I have to leave already.’’

Sheyan wasn't lying, he really received the warning from his nightmare imprint:

’’You are left with 30 minutes before your deadline for this world.’’

’’Please use your remaining time to return to the nightmare realm. If not you will be forcefully extracted. Forceful extraction will have one of your equipments confiscated.’’

Obviously Sheyan wasn't willing to give away his equipment for free. Therefore, he became anxiously urgent to hurry back to London's train station, platform 9 ¾! Even if this old goblin gave him an amiable feeling, he couldn't be bothered. Immediately flagging a cab, instead as the cab started moving, the goblin suddenly hopped on. He curiously asked.

’’Where are you going?’’

Sheyan was surprised at this old thing's agility. Yet he was rushing for time. Shrugging his shoulders, he apologised.

’’Back to my hometown. A mysterious spell is oppressing it, I cannot bring anyone else. Looks like I can only treat you to your steak in the future. Please go home, Mr David.’’

The old goblin lowered his head, miserably uttering.

’’Actually, I have no home.’’

’’Ah!’’ Sheyan was shocked. ’’No way, aren't you Infinite's neighbor?’’

Two beads of tears rolled down the old goblin's face, he sullenly replied.

’’When i woke up today, I realized I had lost my memory. The only thing I remember is my name and nickname, and that my house seemed to be around Infinite's area.’’

Sheyan was amazed.

’’ have a nickname?’’

’’Yeah.’’ The old goblin's eyes sparkled. ’’Its David Beckham!’’

Sheyan was petrified.....

’’Alright, what is your real name.’’

’’Ah? Let me think.’’ The goblin bit his thumb and pondered deeply. ’’I've seem to have forgotten, Frank? Franklin? Felin? No wrong, Foo??? Maybe, maybe not. Forget it, just call me Jinkuang.’’

’’Jinkuang?’’ Sheyan recited it a few times. It seemed to sound strange, but after practicing it got better. Sheyan cunningly tried his luck. ’’Since you have nowhere to go, how about follow me? Be my butler! A butler even has a salary every month you know.’’

The goblin named Jinkuang tensed up. That serious expression coupled with his pointy chins and stubby cheeks caused one to be speechless. He suspiciously stammered.

’’Why do I feel like I'm being deceived?’’

Sheyal felt a sense of helplessness in his heart, blaming his naivety for this futile attempt on a goblin without sacrificing anything. He replied.

’’Then there's nothing I can do, I need to leave now.’’

He hopped off the cab, and waved his hands to Jinkuang. ’’Goodbye.’’ He then hastily sprinted towards the train station. Finally when he was left with 5 minutes, he successfully boarded the Hogwarts express no.5972. Instantly triggering the nightmare imprint to return to the realm.

As his body gradually faded, Sheyan felt several reluctance in his heart. Suddenly, a milk carton smashed through from the outside. Although it was harmless and deducted his HP by 1 point, it initiated Sheyan's combat mode. Immediately, Sheyans body turned solid. Sheyan was about to leap up and scold aloud, yet he saw the old goblin Jinkuang miserably limping over. The goblin felt aggrieved.

’’Alright, If not because I have nowhere else to go... For the love of money! I would never have become someone else's butler.’’

Sheyan burned with anxiety as he hurriedly exclaimed.

’’Then hurry over here. My charm is low.... accepting a servant may require a long time. Time is tight!’’

Jinkuang's lips curled into a sinister mysterious smile. Yet he replied blankly.


Consecutively, Sheyan received the notification:

’’Storyline character: Amnesiac Goblin Jinkuang is willing to be your servant.’’

’’During the time paused in the nightmare realm and world, your servant will continue to leech your utility points as it's salary. Inclusive of the time in the present world. The higher ranked the servant, the more utility points it requires.’’

’’Your servant is an assistant type, it will not participate in battles. It possess 10 'absolute' HP points, but any form of attacks will only deduct 1 HP at a time. Upon death, 50 loyalty points will be deducted, previous ranking may drop by 1 - 2 ranks. Utility points needed for revival depends on the ranking of the servant and its equipments.’’

’’Once the servant's loyalty level has dropped beneath defection state, the servant cannot be revived after death.’’

’’Your current charm is a low 5 points. Once your servant loyalty level has dropped beneath 90 points, he will start to become passive and slackened off. Once beneath 90 points, there is a chance for defection.’’

’’Note: The chances of acquiring a servant is relatively rare, please cherish your opportunity.’’

’’Do you wish to accept this servant? Yes/No?’’

Sheyan naturally selected 'yes'. He normally prepared his mentality of failures, as such surprises were often sudden. Sheyan hadn't even selected 'yes', Jinkuang had already naturally stood beside him, straightening his wrinkled chest and protruding belly. Yet to Sheyan's amazement, its loyalty level was actually a grand slam of 120 points!

Because Sheyan had previously accepted another servant, that damned unlucky Charlie. Moreover, he hit it off pretty well with the summoner Phelps, thus he had certain understanding of loyalty level. Under normal circumstances, as long as the servant wasn't very terrible, 80 loyalty points was the average. If one wanted 90 loyalty points, then he had to spend extra meticulous care.

100 loyalty points indicated a high rank character that had experienced several worlds and was invester over 5000 utility points. 100 - 110 loyalty points was extremely challenging, it could mean that one had gifted at least 10 uncommon items or even black grade equipments/items to the servant.

Of course, such an expensive investment wasn't futile. Once the loyalty level reached 110 points, the servant will receive a passive ability called: 'Loyal &Devoted'. Its effect was to feedback 1/10 of its personal attributes to its master.

But 120 loyalty level was completely unheard of so far.

Until here, Sheyan felt a little concerned. Hence, he continued to examine the information of this servant.

Jinkuang ? ? ? (Assistant type servant): This is an ordinary old goblin, because his memory ###### (Unknown error), hence he lost a huge portion of his memory.

Current ranking 0, experience 1/1,500,000. After ranking up, every attribute will be upgraded. Certain potential points will be rewarded to raise its personal abilities.

Current loyalty level: 120 points.

Basic attributes:

Strength: 10 points

Agility: 12 points

Physique: 19 points

Perceptive sensing: 11 points

Charm: 1 point

Intelligence: 12 points

Spirit: 11 points

'Absolute' HP: 25 points.

Servant special ability: 'Loyal &Devoted' (basic 110 loyalty points), feedback 1/10 of its personal attributes to its master.

Assistant type servant special ability: 'Spirit link' (Basic 120 loyalty points), Servant can inherit matters except basic attributes, concerning its master. Inclusive of reputation, legend level, basic abilities, basic passive abilities etc.

Assistant type servant special ability: 'Absolute life', Any form of damages dealt to characters with Absolute life will only deduct 1 HP. Furthermore, there is a 3 seconds buffer period after the deduction of HP where no damage can be dealt. Characters who possess absolute life will be unable to deal damage to other creatures.

Goblin race special nature: This creature will forever be unaffected by the basic attribute charm.

Goblin race special ability: 'Haggling lvl15' During transactions/trades with any characters, taxes type fees will be exempted. Extremely huge chance of receiving preferential treatment similar to having maximum charm.

Individual special ability: 'Evil tyrant' (Ability class is unable to evaluated by the realm) (Passive), Characters possessing this ability can forcefully interact with any intellectual storyline character, unavoidable by any means. This ability is uneffective of contestants/ controlled units.

(TN: Intellectual characters should be characters who can think for themselves)

Individual special ability: 'Swindler' (Ability class is unable to be evaluated by the realm) (passive), Characters possessing this ability can fish up certain benefits from any intellectual storyline character.

Special ability: ? ? ? ? ? ?

Special ability: ? ? ? ? ? ?

Special ability: ? ? ? ? ? ?

Special ability: ? ? ? ? ? ?


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