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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 68


Chapter 68: It is him

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN, XRCO and ELkassar

But unfortunately, don't mention magic pounds, even ordinary pounds were inexistent in Sheyan's pockets. He was as poor as a dog. Don't even mention the money needed to receive the mission, he did not even possess adequate fees to pay the security guards!

As he was touring about in Diagon alley, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a goblin. Likewise the goblin caught sight of Sheyan, their eyes locked. The goblin widened his round eyes, exposing an incomparably overjoyed expression. Pointing his finger he yelled out.

’’He is here!’’

That expression was similar to a husband who had not seen his wife for a long time, full of delight and zeal. After yelling out, he pounced forward and grabbed onto Sheyan's thigh. Dragging him towards Gringotts bank. Sheyan suddenly recovered from the shock, a layer of goosebumps covered his back, he violently struggled to swipe off this goblin.

’’Oi oi oi! I do have great relationships with every races, but not to such an intimate extent. Sir...please respect...oi. m**f****, get lost!’’

As Sheyan tried his best to struggle and shake off this goblin, this goblin was really a stubborn piece of glue. Amidst the tussling, another few goblins ran over from afar. Similarly, those goblins were delighted as they simultaneously launch forward. Sheyan desperately shut his eyes, cursing in his heart that he had incurred the wrath of a certain goblin association.

After a moment, another goblin came huffing and puffing down the street. He was wearing a green coat with a red tie, and even had two cute sticking out beards. He looked rather noble, and delightedly walked up when he saw Sheyan.

’’Hey my old friend, are you doing well?’’

Sheyan bitterly smile and shook his head.

’’Not well at all, sir Infinite. Truthfully, I'm having a headache because of your friends.’’

Infinite laughed out loudly.

’’Ho! It's because I have something urgent to find you. Therefore, I offered a huge sum of money for them to locate you. These little bastards didn't disappoint me. Of course, I'm extremely sorry for disturbing you. And of course, my apology won't be barely verbal.’’

After speaking, Infinite hooked out a shriveled pouch. The surrounding goblins reacted instantaneously, surrounding him and arguing intensely about the money, its thickness and purity. Finally, the last one received his copper coin and satisfiedly left. Sheyan silently observed this commotion, then he leaned back slightly.

’’Mr Infinite, what are you finding me for?’’

Infinite smiled widely.

’’Recently, you must have made a trip home right?’’

Sheyan was slightly taken aback.


Infinite comfortably sighed.

’’I can feel that the nagging curse on my body disappearing, it must be related to you! Well done my friend. Therefore, I want to invite you for a meal, really, a bowl of rice. Please don't decline, let's go.’’

Sheyan originally wanted to discount the idea of this meal. Yet after considering how tough it was for a goblin to spend his money on others, it was like directly robbing Gringotts. Thus, he sensibly discarded that thought.

As he followed Infinite into his small house, Sheyan immediately discovered it was literally just a bowl of rice. After everyone had sat down comfortably, Infinite walked into the kitchen and carried a thick black bread, as huge as himself. This black bread looked just like a stone. The Gringotts manager then fetched a kitchen knife, and started slicing off huge loaves and distributed to everyone. He then pleasantly declared.

’’Let's tuck in.’’

Sheyan didn't have great hopes for this 'meal', still couldn't help releasing a deep sigh. But at this moment, someone knocked on the door. Infinite frustratedly ran to open the door. A frail and old goblin stood at the entrance, the goblin's slightly blackened skin and profound wrinkles. He looked rather crafty, his eyes constantly probed into the house. Then this goblin seized Infinite's hand and craftily smiled.

’’Hey, my friend. I am your neighbor, David.’’

Infinite's expression was slightly dull.

’’Oh, David. You...what do you need? We are currently eating.’’

David ecstatically replied.

’’That's great, yes, is the food ready. After eating last night, my house was left with a little salt. So I wish to borrow some roast meat today.’’

Sheyan was speechless upon hearing this.....there's actually such an outrageous person? Dared to request to freeload of this Gringotts manager, who is the last descendant of the goblin royal family? Instead, Infinite swallowed his saliva, struggling to churn out his voice out his throat.

’’I really don't have any meat, but I have a little bread. Dammit, really only a little!’’

David had already brushed away Infinite's hand and entered.

’’Although black bread isn't my favourite, but since the esteemed Mr Infinite has warmly invited, I definitely dare not refuse.’’

Hearing this old cunning David's sentence, Infinite's expression was like someone who wanted to give himself two tight slaps. David automatically sat at the dining table, and bluntly starting tapping on an empty plate. Helplessly, Infinite once again carried that huge black bread over - this was his family's livelihood for the week - reluctantly carving out half a slice for David. David very naturally pushed his plate with the semi-loaf of bread towards Infinite, then he casually snatched the entire bread chunk that David was holding.

’’Thank you for your generosity my friend. Although this black bread cannot be considered tasty, it is enough to fill the belly.’’

Infinite was trembling violently from head to toe, a phlegm was lodged within his throat as he croaked out, but not a single word was audible. Previously, Infinite had fainted abruptly before, therefore Sheyan kindly supported him to prevent him from suddenly fainting and injuring himself. That goblin David had started to wolf down his food, just like a hungry ghost. He actually consumed the entire thing, not sparing the crumbs after a short 10 minutes. Rubbing his belly and his skinny ribs, he scoffed in satisfaction.

’’Woah, I haven't tasted the fragrant taste of food for a long time. The flavour of wheat is truly delightful.’’

Although his old goblin portrayed such a vulgar behavior, Sheyan didn't know why when he looked at him, there was a amiable and kindred feeling towards him. He couldn't help but sat beside him, craftily asking.

’’What's so good about bread, how about I bring you for some steak?’’

Instead this goblin withdrew his body, folding his arms before his chest and prudently exclaimed.

’’What are you trying to do?’’

Sheyan's expression darkened, he was really speechless.

’’Alright, I just want to treat you to a meal, that's all.’’

’’Meal?’’ His suspicions heightened. ’’You don't even know me, why would you treat me to a meal?’’

Sheyan smacked his forehead.

’’Alright alright, treat it as I said nothing.’’

The old goblin flew into a raging fit, raging along with his uncontrolled saliva.

’’Since you said it already, how can I take it as you didn't! You're not thinking of anything, why would you treat me to a meal? Since you wanted to treat me to a meal, why did you let me eat this black bread?’’

Sheyan was stunned, slightly blank at this sudden raging interrogation. He raised his hands hopelessly and said.

’’So do you want me to treat you to a meal?’’

David opened up his mouth, as though he just heard a rhetorical question.

’’As a goblin, how can I pass on someone's invitation for a meal?? Let's go, immediately!’’

Sheyan had completely no rebuttal, he could only comply.

’’Let's go.’’

Not long after the two left, Infinite suddenly blankly shook his head.

’’Shit, Lisa. Didn't a neighbour came to visit just now? But the question is, do we even have a neighbour???’’

His wife was slightly shocked.

’’Haven't you already bought over the entire land surrounding here? Our last neighbour, old Aires, had been chased away by you for close to 17 years already. I can definitely say that nobody visited. Was is a hallucination?’’

’’Alright alright. Recently the bank is pretty busy. Even my poor little finger was severed after an accident with shifting the safe. Luckily I didn't lose much blood, but worst still, I didn't receive any compensation for this accident. Based on this fact, I should raise my salary by 4 shillings. Heavens, someone must have been sneaking around here. The black bread roasted yesterday is only left with crumbs........’’


Sheyan led this old goblin out to Diagon alley. The greedy old goblin breathed in the fresh air deeply, and comfortably extending his arms to the sun while stretching his neck and butt. He really was like an old rat, with golden hair and beard, who just ventured out of his rat hole. Sheyan suddenly thought of something ridiculous as he couldn't help asking.

’’This.....David sir, you couldn't possibly have 4 syllables behind your name right?’’

The old goblin immediately split open his mouth in surprised and smiled.

’’How did you know that?’’

Sheyan silently observed his yellowish teeth and pointy beard. A voice sounded loftily in his ears, causing him to be immensely pleased with himself.

’’Yes my friend, please address me as Mr David. Beckham!’’

(TN: In the chinese language, beckham has 4 syllables: 贝克汉姆)


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