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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 66


Chapter 66 That demon......

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN, XRCO and Elkassar

’’Forever cannot be attacked....but cannot attack others.’’ Sheyan pondered on this aspect of the vengeful spirit, a 'rat pulling the turtle nowhere' feeling welled up in his heart. He began scurrying his body for items, suddenly his attention caught a hidden item stored away in his nightmare imprint for a long time. Sheyan's heart stirred. The goblin's departed spirit...... this item may actually be useful.

The item that caught his attention, was astonishingly that ancient gold pound he acquired back in the caribbean pirate world! That gold pound was opportunely seized from Chris, marked out as a precious object. Its worth was high, and could be used to curry the favour of certain storyline characters. Sheyan's weakness was his pathetic few points of charm, but never forget his experiences with the respected Gringotts manager, Infinite. Goblins were the number 1 creatures that were not influenced by the attribute of charm.......

’’A goblin apparition, should still be a goblin right?’’ Sheyan neutrally pondered. He retrieved that gold pound, locking it between the cracks of his fingers. ’’Ding!’’ the coin spun out, rotating as it fell back into his palm.

After that goblin apparition heard the distinct sound of coin, he swiftly turned his head over. Its original resentful expression had transformed totally into a passionate one.

Sheyan speaded out his arms.

’’I believe we have something to discuss, respected goblin sir.’’

Instantaneously, that goblin ragingly fumed out.

’’Sir? You called me a sir! Unmannered brat! I am Duke Panke.Jinding, personally conferred my title was the imperial emperor himself! Let me tell you, I'll definitely not change my mind. I'll always intercept anyone who attempts to approach this demon! Forever!’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders, earnestly replying.

’’But I have no intentions to approach that demon. From the Tang Dynasty of the East, I've endured untold hardships to arrive here. Actually this is all to catch a glimpse at your greatness oh duke!’’

The pointy ears of the goblin apparition jolted up. He stroked his beard gently, coughing and rebutting Sheyan.

’’Stop trying to deceive me, you're obviously here for that demon.’’

’’Of course not.’’ Sheyan resolutely and decisively replied. ’’Ever since I chanced upon this immeasurably valuable ancient gold coin, I was unable to find any information regarding its history. More importantly, I am completely unable to appraise its authenticity. Hence I even travelled through the earth, but only met with disappointments. But at that crucial moment, Gringotts manager mister Infinite suggested a terribly important news after receiving 30 pounds from me. Till date, the last remnant learned scholar of the goblin race should be located here, therefore I made my way here.’’

To validate his statement, Sheyan once again fished out that exceptionally useful severed finger, attempting once again to exploit its potential. After Panke.Jinding received and felt that severed finger, he nodded and placed it aside. Simultaneously, unable to conceal his excitement, as he started to wave his hands in excitement.

’’Infinite? Woah! I know, he should be blood heir of the royal family. Although i don't have any good impressions of you, I have to admit your foresight and luck is relatively good. That's right! Current standing in front of you, is Duke Panke.Jinding of the goblin empire. He also holds many other titles like 'Heraldry grandmaster', 'Emblem scholar', the 'Prestigious gold purity appraiser'...... Let's say, how about you bring that gold coin nearer a little. I can't see properly from here.’’

Sheyan humbly smiled as he handed that archaic gold coin into the semi-transparent palm of Panke.Jinding. The goblin's eye was ablaze with greed, brimming with focus. He immediately released a shocking gasp.

’’Heavens! This purity is stronger than every coin I've seen before. Looking at this beautiful shade of gold can bewitch anyone. It can possess the naked body of any goblin ah...... such a odd but exquisite carving. Such ingenious contours! Damned, why can't I find any memory that is relevant to such perfection? Dammit, I need to check the heraldry compilation......’’

Sheyan emitted a timely gasped.

’’I didn't hear wrongly? I really didn't hear wrongly? Pardon my boldness. Duke you mentioned that the purity of this coin is stronger than any other gold coins you've seen before?’’

Panke.Jinding angrily exclaimed out.

’’That is without a doubt! I am convinced of this, really. I dare to swear upon the name of my 3,731 year old Jinding clan on this, for the love of gold! Anyone who dishonors or questions gold should be hanged or burned at the stake!’’

Relieved, Sheyan immediately relaxed his breathing and replied.

’’Since its like that, I have no worries.’’

This goblin started to try biting the gold coin - although this was a completely futile action to an apparition - he impatiently asked.

’’What are you worried about?’’

’’I placed a bet with someone. That idiot thinks that this golden coin is just a piece of copper. Hence we got into an intense argument and even wagered our family property.’’ Sheyan earnestly continued. ’’I've finally met an authoritative person who can confirm and loudly proclaim that it is a golden coin. Therefore, can I raise an insignificant suggestion to the respected Duke Panke.Jinding?’’

’’Insignificant.....suggestion?’’ The old goblin suspiciously asked. ’’Sure but that suggestion cannot involve my wealth!’’

’’If....if I use this insignificant piece of ancient gold coin as a gift, do I have the honor of earning a personally documented appraisal certificate from the great duke Panke.Jinding?’’ Sheyan cautiously probed.

’’Gift? I haven't heard such a sweet-sounding phrase in 10,000 years!’’ Duke Panke raised his brows delightfully. ’’Although your request is a little overboard, but luckily I have a kind heart and will agree to your request.’’

After speaking, this goblin apparition decided to construct a certificate draft, but he couldn't find any paper or writing brush. He started to become jittery.

Sheyan arched his brows up.

’’Respected Panke.Jinding sir, you should know time is money. Since you've agreed to my request, then don't waste my time. I can only give you another 5 minutes, if not I'll have to demand my cute little gold coin back.’’

’’Return? Gold coin? No!!’’ Panke.Jinding instantly shriek in agitation. ’’Nobody can snatch away the gold coin from my hand! Especially this mystical, unknown and precious baby! It is even more important than my life!’’

’’Then you have to hand over my certificate!’’ Sheyan similarly raged out. ’’If not you're a swindler!’’

’’Swindle?’’ Panke.Jinding's eyes suddenly brightened up. ’’Perhaps that isn't a bad choice? Thanks for reminding me young man! HA HA HA HA!’’

His hysterical laughter echoed as he fled to towards the side of the platform. After leaping out of the platform, his figure blurred and vanished into thin air. Following that, a resentful face floated up from where he vanished, soaring towards the sky.

To Panke.Jinding, his sole existence as an apparition was due to his resentment against the evil deeds done by the demon king. But to date, his thoughts were all transferred to that archaic gold coin that he hadn't seen before. His bitterness had successfully dissipated, and naturally regained freedom. This is the most concrete proof of the goblin's existence - that gold was placed above all else!

At this moment, there was no more hindrances between Sheyan and the mysterious demon king on the throne! Sheyan couldn't control his curiosity any longer as he stomped up to look at the golden throne. To his amazement, an undersized freak was wrapped in its black cloak. Roughly at 1.5 metres, even its head and face couldn't be seen. On his left shoulder blade, an old and filthy sackcloth bag was strapped across. Mixing the pair together, they released a crafty-looking wretched taste.

’’ the goblin's feared demon king? This guy is just another ordinary goblin! And they said even god could do nothing against it?’’ Sheyan couldn't believe his eyes. He couldn't help but recall the previous image of that tall and suave person, simply waving his heads to exterminate his enemies. Moreover that guy also carried a sackcloth bag..... Sheyan really wanted to vomit blood. He anticipated that would be certain differences between the engravings, but his difference was as great as the heavens and the earth!

Probably because of Sheyan's shocking reaction, his gasp minor movements caused that little freak wrapped in his black cloak to slant downwards! A cracking sound followed above that golden throne, before several broken dried bones crashed out. They dispersed into fine dust before they landed onto the ground. In a flash, even his black cloaked dissipated into fine powder, only that golden throne remained.

Witnessing the dried bones falling out, Sheyan instantly discovered the bones were frail and minute, obviously the bones of a tiny goblin. In his heart, he slowly pieced the unique characteristics and personality of the goblins, together with the information he had. Suddenly everything became as clear as water to him, he had found the truth to this story.

10,000 years ago, the last emperor of the goblin empire was an extremely narcissistic, licentious and tyrannical man, who brazenly extorted taxes from his people. He also possessed several supernatural powers. Hence, after rumours of his vicious nature and abilities spreaded through the land, everyone feared and revered him. That madman even forcefully constructed an extravagant and out of this world imperial tomb, like Qin Shihuang building the great wall of China. Ultimately, triggering the furious anger of the nobles before the empire crumbled apart...... Because the demon king was originally a goblin, the latter generations goblins spared no efforts to boast and wildly brag of him. After countless of alterations and dilutions, along with repeated craftsmanship and storytelling, it transformed into that story that Infinite spoke of.

Regarding the monument erected at the entrance of the tomb, Sheyan scoffed disdainfully. Even such a tiny and wretched fellow was described as a merciless wicked tyrant by the picture carvings, then the exaggerated writings were only to be expected.

After clarifying everything, Sheyan felt a rather dry and unsatisfied feeling. Brushing off the dust in his hands, he prepared to leave. The nightmare imprint suddenly transmitted a series of notifications, which instantly left Sheyan dumbstruck!


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