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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 63


Chapter 63: Death Breath!

Translated by: CHua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Dim fuzzy light,

Faint dripping sounds of the water.

Sheyan's eyes burst open. He immediately tried to sit up, but an agonizing pain jolted from his chest causing him to groan loudly and lie back down as he panted heavily!

This feeling,

This bone shattering painful sensation, was enough to cause Sheyan to break out in cold sweat. His breathing slowly regulated back to normal after trying his best to stabilize it. Beneath his body, it felt like an elastic rope was supporting him from a peculiar swinging emptiness. He couldn't help but sweep his gaze through before shutting his eyes to adapt to that slight dizziness of his.

Beneath Sheyan, was still a bottomless pit! Roughly 50 metres beneath, a dense layer of fog concealed anything beneath it. Similarly, a layer covered above Sheyan. Currently, Sheyan was nestling on an enormous web, the threads were as thick as his fingers. The threads appeared to be formed by a deep black colloid condensations, extremely firm with a slight viscosity.

Approximately 3 metres away from him, there was a gigantic tear on the enormous webbing probably created by that enchanted knight sculpture. Its terrifying weight had exceeded the threshold of the cobweb, thus wasn't able to enjoy the same fate as Sheyan.

A strange odour lingered in the air. Sheyan bit his lips, as he tried his best to free his left hand from the cobweb's tangle. Ultimately, he wasn't able to. Helplessly, he could only rip off his sleeves that were glued to the web. Fortunately to Sheyan's relief, the viscosity of the web only had a special interaction to objects like fur and pelt. He only felt a slight stickiness against his human skin. Therefore after stripping, he was left with pants. Clutching his chest and enduring the pain, he gradually limped towards the precipice.

In his lifetime, Sheyan had seen numerous lonely insect shells suspending on the cobwebs. They were the results of violent absorbing after the spider's anesthesia and digestive fluids. It was like an emptied water bottle. Sheyan didn't wish to suffer that same tragic fate, he seized the opportunity when the weaver of this gigantic web hadn't inspected its territory, to swifty escape.

Just a mere 20 metres, Sheyan used close to 10 minutes to climb. His forehead was filled with sweat, and his expression arduous. The main reason was because of that ridiculously savage thrust dealt by that enchanted knight sculpture. Just based on pure collision strength, it definitely wasn't inferior to the mountain troll's 'original homerun' strike!

Under normal circumstances, a contestant would normally have the heavy protection of the blood chest regulations when facing that enchanted knight. They would never have to face the full force of impact from that thrust previously. To be able to encounter it under such a situation, Sheyan's luck was considered pretty bad.

Sheyan finally escaped this gigantic viscous spiderweb, as he stood steadily on a protrusion sticking out from the erected wall of the cliff. Breathing calmly, he suddenly felt an acute headache. Such a feeling was so abrupt, engulfing him without any prior warning. In an instance, it was like a thousand blades were poking against his brain. His vision appeared spots of black, as a violent nausea feeling welled up. Soon after, a huge flock of shadow darted towards him from the distant fog below. Extremely nimble like a black storm, screeching noisily as it surged towards here!

But at this time, that enormous cobweb displayed its immense usefulness. The clusters of black shadows collided straight into the web at exceedingly high speeds, causing groups of 'basketball hoops' to appear on the cobweb, fluttering constantly while screeching in vicious despair. These clusters gradually became sparse and fallen, as Sheyan's acute headache was gradually relieved.

Sheyan looked closely, these black shadows were shockingly those vampire bats they encountered previously! But no matter its size or aggressiveness, it vastly exceeded their initial slayin counterparts. The fangs were more than 20 cm long, which dark yellowish strips of dripping mucus layering it. They were outrightly intimidating at first glance. Sadly, no matter how violently they struggled, their fur was tightly glued onto the viscous and elastic spider threads. Sheyan was able to strip off his clothes and escape with his slippery human skin, yet these bats couldn't possibly rip of their body fur to escape!

Sheyan suddenly understood where his earlier headache came from. Naturally it should be the powerful ultrasound waves they vampire bats released to probe their direction. Adding hundreds of vampire bats together, that combined invisible ultrasound wave was enough to cause an impressive assault on Sheyan. Fortunately, his high physique provided him formidable resistive defence. If Phelps was in his place, he would have instantly passed out due to his weak physique.

Suddenly, a fit of turbulence appeared in the fog beneath. A gigantic shadow shot out with incomparable nimbleness. Although it couldn't fly, its sheer leaping force was shockingly frightening, scaling up the cliff rapidly as though flying! Every jump was silent and could cover 20-30 metres, just like a ghastly spectre in the night.

Within a short 10 seconds, this table sized black figure arrived at this boundless spider web. It started to target those clusters of vampire bats orderly. Sheyan could clearly view from his angle, it was an enormous spider. It had 8 freakishly long legs, 4 pitch-black compound eyes surfaced over its head, giving off a burning shine like a black gem. Its body fur appeared like steel spikes, mixing together to form stripes of black and yellow like that of a fierce tiger. Its venomous fangs were sharp and curved, its tip glowly filthily in the darkness. Occasionally, beads of transparent liquid would roll down its venomous fangs, corroding deeply the rocks it dripped on.

What was peculiar was that Sheyan couldn't sense any threat coming from this beastly spider!

He could even feel a certain security and peacefulness. Sheyan desperately gasped. This was the first time he encountered this. But under such circumstances, even using his feet to think would expose this. Because, this hideously powerful spider had a perceptive sensing that vastly exceeded Sheyan's. It could even mislead his senses, and prevent him from wanting to flee!

Subconsciously, Sheyan immediately activated 'insight', finally obtaining some basic information:

’’Death Breath’’ (Peak condition)

Species: 8 eyes giant spider (mutated), rank 3 legendary creature.

Lifespan: ? ? ? Years

Strength: ? ? ? points

Agility: ? ? ? points

Physique: ? ? ? points

Perceptive sensing: ? ? ? points

Charm: ? ? ? points

Intelligence: ? ? ? points

Spirit: ? ? ? points

Basic abilities: ? ? ? points

Creature characteristics: ? ? ? ?

Description: This is a perfectly mutated terrifying creature, from an eight eye giant spider and a jumping spider. It is known to have appeared during the flourishing era of the goblins and dwarves.

While going through the list of information, Sheyan suddenly felt that key - Infinite's severed thumb - heating up. Concurrently, that horrifying spider 'Death breath' wasn't idle. It easily sunk its incisive, cruel and venomous fangs repeatedly into the vampire bats, terminating their incessant fluttering. Its digestive fluids were exceptionally concentrated, as its results were instant upon pouring into its prey. Then it swiftly sucked dry the abundantly nutritious mix of semi-liquefied flesh and digestive fluid.

Sheyan was always a crude and fearless person. But upon see this incredibly savage beast casually snacking with such brutality, he could feel his scalp turning numb. He would rather jump down into the abyss then become a meal!

Analyzing his current state, he felt he hadn't reach a dead end. He could still slant himself and slowly climb downwards. Amongst ordinary people, perhaps only an expert mountain climber could execute this. But to a contestant, this wasn't difficult. A flicker of hope ascended into his heart.

Instead, when Sheyan twitched his body slightly, 'Death breath' suddenly halted eating and raised its head. In a flurry, it nimbly shifted its inclination towards the cliff near Sheyan. Within the tranquil darkness, not even a ripple of movement was visible on the web! Those 8 viciously blazing compound eyes locked onto Sheyan. No a single action could be caught with Sheyan's naked eyes. It was hard to think that such a gigantic creature was able to execute such deft movements along this incomparably steep cliff!

In this moment when a thousand pounds hanged by a thread, Sheyan suddenly recalled information on the 'Death breath'. Being alone was indeed a blessing. He immediately retrieved that severed finger from the interspatial room of his nightmare imprint, into his palm! Simultaneously, that gigantic and savage legendary creature suddenly exhibited a lazy and gentle attitude. Turning and pouting its fat butt, it once again unhurriedly return to deal with the remaining vampire bats. Completely treating Sheyan as thin air.


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