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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 62


Chapter 62: Philosopher's stone!!!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

It was either the mechanisms were faulty or there wasn't even one, but Sheyan walked peacefully for roughly a few hundred metres. Ahead of him was another large stone door, with a grand and vast ancient epic war picture engraving. It clearly displayed the glory of the country, and its downfall. Once again, ancient archaic hebrew was carved mysteriously in the middle. If Phelps was still alive, he would've understood the meaning:

Door of wisdom.

Sheyan was about to approach the door to examine it, but was suddenly alerted when he slipped as though stepping on something. Instantly, the stone floor beneath him lifted up and rippled towards the stone door! This sensation was like something transporting him, and he completely had not anticipated it. Even his perceptive sensing didn't transmit any warning. Sheyan could only stare blankly as he charged head on towards the door. Just when he was about to collide, the door abruptly croaked and rolled up as the fragments of rocks thumped onto the ground. Sheyan directly got sent in.

The next moment, Sheyan felt like he was falling in midair, and he reflexly guarded his head. But this wasn't any test as he landed on the ground safely the next moment. Sheyan stood up and surveyed his surroundings. He sighed.

A deep profound sigh.

Beneath his feet was a white tile, 3×3 metres in radius. Around the white tile were black tiles, this irregular color pattern had a charming effect. In front of him was astonishingly a rather familiar massive white statue. Indeed, it was the previously encountered stone warrior. Moreover, there was a king, queen, bishop and knight! All these were arranged neatly and orderly in front of him!

Where Sheyan was at currently, was shockingly an enormous chessboard!

This was the final test of the 'metals digestive system'.

- A bloody.... magic chess game!

Sheyan discovered that this area was similarly under an intense arcane disruption pressure, hence magic abilities were negated here. He attempted to advance, but was instead obstructed by a formless barrier. The weapons of the chess piece were enchanted, chilling rays streamed out illuminating up the blackened blood stains on it. Sheyan glanced to the extreme left and right borders of the chessboard, it was filled with heaps of white bones.

Undoubtedly, one could only acquire the qualifications to proceed after defeating the opposing opponent. More frightening was the fact, there were completely no chess pieces on Sheyan's side. That indicated that living creatures had to act as chess pieces, using their life and blood for his chess game. Those who could even reach this stage, were ambitious people who painstakingly fought their way here. But to win this game, some had to die. Some had to be used as pawns!

Therefore, in this game of chess one not only had battle against the opposing statues. It was also a battle of wits, and a test of teamwork between comrades who risked through fire and water with you!

When thinking of the difficulty of this, Sheyan's heart felt like a bottomless pit. He could only laugh bitterly. However, it wasn't completely right to describe his situation as hopeless. The designers of this test could never have anticipated such a freak who was able to withstand the horrific metal whirlwind in the previous test. The arcane ramparts here had been operating for over 5000 years. If Sheyan was able to lure those frenzied winged keys here, then based on their terrifying might and ability to bypass defence, there was a chance of destroying that wall.

Thinking of that, Sheyan became excited as he turned to climb out from the back of the chessboard. There was an obvious 'exit' pathway, probably the designers were not sadistic enough to remove even hopes of escaping. His heart shuddered when he climbed up and look to the other side. Because 3 metres behind the group of protective enchanted chess pieces, there was a tiny room. There was nothing in the room except an ordinarily looking stone platform. On that platform was a cluster with a messy thick canvas pouch. Behind the pouch, was probably the main door that the goblins used. Atop the pouch, flashes of mystical brilliance sparkled out.

No doubt! Similar to the movie itself, that thing was identical to the philosopher's stone Hagrid retrieved. That must be the philosopher's stone the crew suffered trials and tribulations for. Sheyan was considered far from the chessboard, the arcane disruption effects had faded. To verify the philosopher's stone, Sheyan simply activated his 'insight' ability.

Because of the far distance, Sheyan's 'insight' ability failed consecutively and only succeeded on the eighth try! When the nightmare imprint related the report, Sheyan almost vomited blood.

Philosopher's stone

Other identity: Nicholas Flamel's philosopher's stone.

Object rarity: Mid class legend grade, main storyline object

Object usage effects: ? ? ? ? ? (Your intelligence is not adequate, unable to understand the mysteries of the philosopher's stone)

Object usage requirement: Intelligence above 40 points.

Object nature: Unable to trade after acquiring. This object is a main storyline object of the Harry Potter magic world. If unable to acquire the appropriate approval, unable to bring out of this world.

’’Description: I swore not to tell you, Harry Potter was able to resist its enticement merely because he was young.....

’’What.....what the ****!’’ Sheyan's vision turned fuzzy, as though about to faint as he cursed out loud.

’’40 points of intelligence requirement, and only able to bring out of the world after earning approval! Whose approval, most likely Dumbledore! Why did I risk my life for this unusable object? I can't even use this to win favours from storyline characters! The Metals professor roughly could meet its usage requirements, but what can I do with it!?’’

Sheyan sighed dejectedly as he advanced. But he still planned to lure those winged keys first. Even though he couldn't use it now, he could hide it and think of other plans the next time he entered this world. But at this moment, a wave of immense warning surged from the front! Sheyan wasn't in the right frame of mind but he hastily rolled backwards. The sound of wind was strong and swift, blowing ferociously towards him. ’’Boom!’’ From the corner of his eyes, right wall suddenly exploded out, rock fragments spraying everywhere. Amidst the settling dust, a 3 metre tall spotlessly white horse rider with a gun charged forward with indescribable speed. Astoundingly, it was a knight from the magic chessboard!

Fortunately his perceptive sensing warned him, thus Sheyan was able to dodge the knight's frightening thrust! But his calf was trampled by the horse's hoof, followed by a piercing pain at his heart and lungs! Sheyan's vision blurred. To think he was still praising the designer for his magnanimosity and kindness, he hadn't expected such an ambush right now!

Sheyan seized the chance when the knight needed to rotate around, frantically hobbling forward with all his might. Instead, that grim galloping sound resonated over quickly. The channel was narrow and straight, there was completely no hopes of finding cover! The freakish might of the knight was terrifying, even Sheyan with his 31 points of physique didn't dare to be complacent. In this emergency, Sheyan caught a glimpse of the gigantic crack that the knight made in the wall previously. He had no time to hesitate as he crashed into the crevice.

A whistling gale swept past his back, as the knight once again thrust past him. He could feel the ground beneath him vibrating. Sheyan didn't dare to lower his guard, as his skin erupted with clusters of goosebumps. There was still space ahead of him in this hole, immediately pounding forward with fists and kicks as he drilled another crack and forced himself through. In his hurry, he suddenly felt his extended out leg suspended in midair. Panicking, he glanced down and suddenly took in in a deep chilling breath!

Beneath him, was actually a bottomless abyss! Through the drizzles of bright rays emitting from the lateral rocks, he could see that the pathway he broke out from appeared like a slender sealed arch bridge from the exterior. It was like the longest rainbow spanning over uncountable length, joining up both ends of the precipice.

Sheyan was about to turn back to find another way, but the ground started shuddering violent! Swinging back, he discovered that spotlessly white enchanted knight statue mercilessly dashing forward insanely!

’’You.....’’ Sheyan pupils contracted. In this critical moment, he could only cover his chest as the knight collided against him head on. The tip of the lance directly pierced towards Sheyan's chest followed by a searing pain as Sheyan's vision turned fuzzy and blacked out. How was the wall behind him going to withstand such immense pressure? It instantly split into a thousand cracks, and shattered!

It was like time froze at this very scene. The shattering wall behind him. Sheyan's cringed up face and the blood spurted out his mouth. The emotionless unchanging glare of the knight sculpture, the pitch-black bottomless abyss in the backdrop and that stony arch bridge stretch across endlessly. Afterwards, time unfroze and returned back to normal.

Amidst the chaotic uproar of clashes, that grim callous killer knight, disintegrated wall fragments and the unconscious Sheyan dropped towards the endless, bottomless abyss!


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