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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 61


hapter 61 Beautiful bones

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

’’You fool!’’ Metals professor Lyanna released a frenzied laugh and said. ’’Do you think you have won?’’

Currently, the winged keys had already metamorphosed fully into a raging steel whirlwind, even an immense and terrifying suction could be felt. Under such pressure, a contestant could forcibly stand still or move, but to battle it was simply inconceivable. Within the brutal whirling rampage of the winged keys, she extended out both hands and tilted her head. Then she plucked out a potion that was emitted a faint dark gold brilliance.

’’This is an extremely powerful potion exchanged with 10 potential points and 10,000 utility points! And can only be purchased after reaching officer status of the nightmare imprint's military ranking! After drinking, it will instantly restore my HP to the maximum, and create a temporary screen guard around me! The screen guard's HP is 3 times my maximum HP. That means my HP is now as high as 600 points! You can compete with me? You dare to compete? Now you only have to hopeless choice. One is to be obliterated into a thousand pieces by this raging incisive whirlwind. Or two is after going out, allowing me to slowly carve out your flesh one by one!’’

Instead, Sheyan ripped of his shirt, exposing his sturdy and muscular body. His bulging muscles seemed to be concealing explosive might within it. Although his body was covered in scars and cuts, obstructing the door entrance, Sheyan was just like a wounded ferocious beast! Savage, fanatical, blood lusted! He licked at the blood stains around his lips, as the taste of blood further ignited his fiery gaze, filled with eagerness, insanity and unyielding arrogance!

’’I'll choose the third option, Metals professor! I choose to stay here and watch you be shredded underneath this piercing whirlwind! I'll live on and you'll die!!!!’’

Lyanna erupted into a hysterical laughter, her laughter carried a certain taunting. Even tears formed from the laughter. She removed the potion cap and poured it down her throat, consecutively a faint dark golden glow could be seen travelling down. Even her abdomen was illuminated up, like she had just swallowed down the sun. Then the golden glow radiated throughout her body, forming into a layer of golden screen. It had the appearance of clear and crystallized water.

At present, every winged key had utterly turned berserk, as the humongous whirlwind darkened as sparks sprayed out constantly against the stone surface. That piercing scraping sound could rip open a person's eardrum, the place had turned into a deadly blender!

Sheyan remained silent, his lips slightly arching as he raised his left hand.

Spreading out to the heavens,

He then pointed his middle finger at the Metals professor,

A wicked taunt,

Just like how he toyed with the female staff in in the bar during his voyages in the present world previously.

In this moment...was the line between life and death!

The Metals professor clenched her fist, she didn't bother thinking further as she directed her venomous gaze solely towards Sheyan. She had to see this bastard torn to million pieces, mutilated and dying by a thousand cuts, only then would her hatred be appeased!

At this moment, anyone in the hall would similarly receive incessant frequencies of damage. Every second, they would equally suffer two lethal cuts from the winged keys!

Because the winged keys had the territorial ability that could ignore whatever defences, its special 'precedence' ability was extremely terrorizing. Furthermore, its damaging frequency was rapid. This according to this world's difficulty, its damage wouldn't be exceptionally high, and few would exceed 10 points. Based on Sheyan's calculation, an average winged key's damage would be roughly 6 points.

After getting implicated into the steel whirlwind triggered by Deke and Phelps previously, his HP was still lingering at around 280 points. But, he had an outstanding heavenly aid with endurance, therefore every second only claimed two HP. On the contrary, even though the metals professor's HP soared to 600 points, she had no means of negating the damage of the winged keys. Every second, she received at least 12 points!

This undoubtedly meant that even if they didn't count their regenerative rates, the metals professor could only persist for 50 seconds inside this raging whirlwind, while Sheyan could hang on for 2 and a half minutes! This time disparity had been calculated by Sheyan long ago, which explained his unperturbed composure.

After persisting for roughly 30 seconds within the raging whirlwind, the Metals professor started feeling something was wrong. Because her 600 HP had already been drained by half, she only had 240 points. Under normal circumstances, even if Sheyan had carried medicines which could restore his HP by 100%, he should have inevitably met with a crisis. He shouldn't be wearing that same indifferent and taunting appearance he had, and be steadily obstructing this ancient stone door.

Her survival instincts welled up as she pressed her way forward within the raging whirlwind, spreading out her arms to push Sheyan away. Sheyan likewise wasn't able to deliver any attacks under the overbearing pressure of the raging whirlwind, but he folded his arms over his chest and coldly stared at the metals professor. This woman was a support class contestant, if her strength was mightier than his, then Sheyan would be speechless.

The murderous piercing gale raged on, death threatened to viciously steal their breaths. Sheyan calmly gazed at the metals professor. Her dark golden screen guard had shattered, and blood dripping gashes and lacerations formed. She completely disregarded it, her resenting green pupils steadily stared into Sheyan, and she suddenly roared fiercely.

’’I know, you must be those natural MT (Main-tank, core battle tanker) with innate defence ability! You must..... Be!’’

While speaking, the Metals professor reached out her hand to Sheyan's face, as though about to probe out his deepest secrets from his soul. Yet the ruthless and merciless whirlwind, started to be drenched with faint crimson. Sheyan could clearly see her hand disintegrating bit by bit. First the armour crumbling and peeling off, then her skin, then her eerie white bones, finally her scrawny bone finger was shredded and disintegrated into dust before drifting into the raging gale!

Witnessing this tragic scene, Sheyan sighed. His heart surged with an unfathomable dim melancholy. Hanging down his eyes, he prayed.



Forcefully closing that mysterious heavy ancient stone door, Sheyan finally abandoned that raging steel whirlwind behind the thick stone door. His ears finally experienced peaceful silence. Leaning against the stone door, he sat down. Retrieving a bottle of water from his nightmare imprint he prepared beforehand, he gulped down as he shut his eyes and rested.

While resting, he never once stopped reflecting.

Even though the Metals professor had indirectly died in his hands. Sheyan could firmly confirm that until now, she was the strongest contestant he had met. Even that mysterious woman 'Zi' that he encountered in the caribbean sea world was definitely weaker.

Furthermore, Fanu's strength was similarly terrifying. Singlehandedly summoning out that humongous stegosaurus, even challenging a legendary mountain troll alone, there was a chance at victory!

If the two of them weren't bent on renouncing close combat defence contestants, and completely used them as cannon fodder, Sheyan wouldn't have minded cooperating with them.

It was a pity between Fanu and the Metals professor, they couldn't trust anyone else. They were like moths flying into fire, diligently pursuing their own thoughts and dreams, yet neglecting and using everyone else as tools.

Of course a person like Sheyan wasn't content with being a mere tool,

And a tool that could be sacrificed anytime.

Therefore their internal contradictions were indeed conflicting, it belonged to the kind where either you die or I die. Just like an incomparable profound bitterness between a proletariat and a capitalist. Hence, its was determined that only one party would walk out of that immensely heavy stone door alive.

’’Natural MT (Main tank, core battle tanker) possessing innate defensive skills eh? Sounds pretty cool, I like that name.’’

Sheyan splashed his face with cold water, shaking his head as he stood up. He was back to being alone. Against this 'metal digestive system' defence mechanism, he had to be cautious. Actually strictly speaking, this should be built during the remodeling of Gringotts by those goblins, it should only have a 5,000 year history. Alright, using 'only' to describe that was indeed a little unsuitable.

A long pathway emerged ahead, it was at least 6 metres tall and 7-8 metres wide. The ground and ceiling was joined by pillars that occupied at least 5 square metres. Although this place was a victim of time, it still preserved its solemn, respectful dignity. Delicate relief sculptures and decorative designs filled the walls. And on both sides of the pathway, 3 metre tall stone sculptures that were imitated to perfection were erected 6 metres apart from each other. The statues were either goblins or dwarves. Lifting their torches majestically with different poses. As Sheyan cautiously made his way through, their torches would automatically ignite and extinguish after he walked through for a distance.


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