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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 60


Chapter 60: I bet daddy here can last longer than you!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Sheyan swung his hand and brushed off an incoming winged key. At present, it was close to the climax already, Sheyan wasn't planning to hide anymore. With a stern face he replied.

’’I saw your hands letting go, so I let go. Oi, this is like the chinese saying 'subordinates follow the examples of their superiors' that's all.’’

The Metals professor deeply inhaled.

’’Based on our conjunction, the key requires a certain time to open the door. That is why we let go. We wanted to cover you and shield off the assaults from the winged keys. To prevent you from getting too hurt, and fail at the final effort.’’

Sheyan laughed.

’’I am more suitable as a meat shield to protect you, how about you do it boss.’’

Currently, the winged keys had started to merge into the form of that terrifying metal hurricane. Several winged keys had already carved out sparks against the walls. The Metals professor hurriedly offered.

’’If you are willing to open the door, all my 10,000 utility points on me will be given to you.’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders and directly refuted.

’’If I can open the door, all your 10,000 utility points will be give to me. Metals professor, a dead man has no use for any amounts of utility points. You don't seem young, yet you don't even understand this logic? This door writes courage, speed and sacrifice. Look at the keys behind, one requires courage to seize the head of the keys. After capturing it, he needs to swift speed to bring it back and open the door. Lastly, it signifies that opening it requires a person's life in exchange! Very sorry, even up till now, I do not have the passion for sacrificing myself for your noble dreams.’’

The Metals professor started trembling, raging but smiling instead.

’’Very good, you are the first who dares to speak like that to me! Let me tell you frankly. If you don't open it, I'll kill you when we get out. If you open it, there's still a slight gambling chance that the mechanism may fail! Choose!’’

Sheyan lowered his head and pondered a moment. He then raised his head sincerely saying.

’’ I'll gamble!’’

The Metals professor snorted. But in that instance, Sheyan suddenly dived and rolled to the corner. The frequency of winged keys at that area was significantly lower. Concurrently, Sheyan laughed out loudly.

’’I bet daddy here can last longer than you!!’’

(ED: This whole chapter sounds so dirty)

The Metals professor's pupils turned blood red! At this moment, if he could use magic he would've killed Sheyan a thousand times over! Instead, Fanu still holding onto the key stood out. He firmly looked at the Metals professor. The winged keys started dicing at his body, leaving sorrowful cuts around. Yet he did not wavered, firmly and resolutely speaking to the metals professor.

’’Looks like I'll gamble. I love you, Fu Lyana! If I die, remember to bury that guy with me!’’

Following that, Sheyan heard his nightmare imprint transmitting: ’’Your vice party head, Fanu has initiated a trial against you. All of Fanu's attributes have been temporarily dropped by 5%. You've been expelled from the party.’’

The reason why Fanu did this was because if he died, only Sheyan and Metals professor Lyana would be left in the Symbiosis sect. If at that time Lyana initiated a trial on Sheyan, then her attributes would be permanently decreased by 5% forever! Such love and considerations for the woman he loved, it could really be deemed as the most noble kind of live.

After speaking, Fanu grabbed tightly onto the massive winged key and charged towards the ancient and mysterious stone door! In the instance the key slotted perfectly into the hole, it emitted a glaring light. The hebrew characters on the stone door radiated out blood red, as though about to pop out of the door. The left and right ancient dwarf statue bathed in the bloody brilliance, activating a certain mechanism as the heavy weapon in their hands shuddered! Using force to behead down, Fanu was directly within the range of the two mercilessly fatal weapons!

’’No!!!’’ Metals professor Lyanna cried out sorrowfully. She no longer bothered to mask her voice, as that piercing scream of a woman caused even Sheyan go cover his ears!

In a flash, under the might of the two formidable weapons, his body was reduced to a distorted mutilated wreck. The vibrant crimson blood fluids and flesh sprayed onto the ancient stone door! After that massive winged key absorbed the blood, it started to rotate! Concurrently, amidst the raging whirling whistling of the hurricane winged keys, a deep mechanical clicking boomed out from beneath the abyss of the stone door! Such a feeling was as though there was an ancient declining beastly creature violently coughing underneath.

Next, that stone door slowly opened.

The Metals professor Lyanna venomously glared at Sheyan, gritting her teeth she cursed.

’’You, you will definitely die terribly!’’

Theoretically, her battle capabilities were at least a few folds higher than Sheyan's. Furthermore, the magic damages were the kind that Sheyan's innate ability was completely unable to resist. Furthermore, she was closer to the stone door. Once she exits this powerful arcane ability interference hall, killing off Sheyan was like nailing a needle onto a board. Therefore by saying that, it was completely logical and simple for her, it was obviously not just a threat.

After she spoke and about to raise her feet, she could see Sheyan's bent knee pushing off with force, leaping high into the sky as he pounced towards here!

Actually even though Sheyan was a contestant, it was impossible to cover an entire 7-8 metres gap under this immense hurricane, in order to battle her. He could at most shorten the gap between them. Furthermore by directly pouncing like that, he was bound to knock against the dwarf statue by the side. Preventing the Metals professor Lyanna from going through the ancient door was completely impossible.

But when Sheyan pounced forward with great strength, Metals professor Lyanna realized he was holding onto a 16th century european style flintlock musket!

The black callous barrel shockingly pointed over!

The distance between them was merely 7 metres, this was completely within Sheyan's shooting range!!!

’’Crrssk’’ A coarse wound appeared on Sheyan's cheek.

Fresh blood spurted out,

But before it landed, it was licked away by the hurricane.

Murderous intent frenziedly sweeped over,

It was as vast and churning as a sea vortex.

In this moment, she could hear the tidal waves of the vast sea crashing against her ears! And even smell the unique piercing fragrance of rum!

Rum and Songs activated!

This hall only disrupted arcane abilities! It only suppressed abilities requiring mental powers (MP). Regarding an equipment ability like the Rum and Songs, it was completely irrelevant!

The metals professor's HP had not dropped beneath 30%, thus the bonus 200% explosive strike was not activated. But apart from the gun's normal damage, it carries a further debuff of at least 2 seconds stunning!

Ambition's immense crackling explosion resonated into the hall. Lyanna simultaneously reacted swiftly. Upon seeing Sheyan's movement, her metallic gown shimmered brightly, followed by a vapour fumes being released from her necklace. The fumes covered her body hazily. Undoubtedly, she had utilized the defensive abilities of her two equipments.

Even if that was so, she felt a numbing in her chest followed by a pressurizing force. Initially, she was about to step sideways through the stone door, thus her body involuntarily stumbled across by 5-6 steps. The nightmare imprint's notification rung in her ears:

’’You've been hit by the enemy's lead bullet.’’

’’Your metal armour absorbed 15% of damage.’’

’’Your passive ability metal physique suppresses the enemy explosive strike rate.’’

’’You receive the protection of the contestant's 40% damage limitation.’’

’’Your equipment ability: Refraction effect, enemy's long range attack will be refracted, you will receive 73% of the damage.’’

’’Your equipment ability: Spirit haze activated. Enemy's long range attack will be forcibly reduced by 15 points.’’

’’Your total actual damage is 24 points!’’

’’Effect: You will suffer the following abnormality debuff: stunned effect. Duration: 3 seconds.’’

’’Subtracting your defense factor, your stunned duration reduced to 2.76 seconds.’’

’’Your passive ability: Anti-corrosion activated. Lowering debuff duration by 70%.’’

’’Calculating evaluation......’’

’’Sorry, opponent's stunned effect takes precedence, your stunned duration is 2 seconds.’’

Sheyan knew his gunfire would not be lethal against the metals professor. But he had never expected the terrifying level of this woman's defence, 140 long range damage was actually reduced to only 24 points! But what Sheyan needed was that precious 2 seconds!!

Before the smoke had dissipated from Ambition's barrel, Sheyan had knocked against the dwarf statue so it fell backwards. He sucked in his chest, bent his legs and rolled to the side before pushing forward, extending his hands as he rushed forward to the semi-opened mysterious but delicate stone door. He smiled, exposing a set of reddened white teeth, releasing a brutal and sinister appearance.

’’Let's see who is the first to collapse under the fury of this damned steel whirlwind. Metals professor Fu Lyanna! Or you can try pushing me away right inside the core of this metal hurricane? My strength is only 13 points!’’


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