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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 59


Chapter 59: Deadly trap! Formidable endurance!!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Sheyan gazed up, instantly sensing that these keys lazily floating in the sky had turned a little hazy. The metals professor pondered before crying out.

’’Not good! Probably ten thousand years of time has done much harm to the mechanism. Do you still remember the glow emitted from the warhammer previously? Based on modern day perspective, that glow should be an unknown energy source. This source can activate the halls surrounding mechanisms, casting such illumination to attract these winged keys out of hiding!’’

’’Which goes to say, once the energy source is exhausted, then naturally the winged keys would be go back into hiding! Which goes to say, to obtain another chance at capturing the key, we have to wait for that dwarf sculpture to once again accumulate enough energy in his warhammer. Who knows maybe that thing requires a thousand years to regenerate its energy, or maybe it will never regenerate even!’’

’’Hurry let's act!’’ The Metals professor released an unrestrained fierceness.

’’Time is precious, everyone together!’’

Upon the Metals professor's command, even Phelps charged forward. The hall was already so broad, and the widely scattering keys could number in the thousands.It seemed like searching would be a completely arduous job. Deke had the most adoration and respect for the metals professor, in addition to his superior agility, he took the lead in sprinting ahead. Everywhere he passed he touched against the dancing keys in mid air. These keys were like seaweed in the sea, lazily drifting about in the sky. Once in a long while, it would flap its wings and continued to enjoy the gliding sensation.

’’Over there!’’ Deke suddenly shouted out, his voice contained a clear delight.

Where Deke was pointing, a key that seemed different from others was peacefully adrift at the nearby distant. It had 6 wings, its composition was massive and the material was looked exactly like the stone door. On it was even engraved several mysterious characters which should be hebrew language. These characters really looked like those temple chanting scriptures. Moreover, this key appeared to be abnormally cosy under the light rays, it even lazily flipped over just like a big belly fatty sun tanning at the beach.

Deke sprinted ahead, leaping up as he grabbed the key. Although it was impossible to use any abilities here, a contestant still vastly exceeds an average person's physical limits. With that leap, it was at least 2 metres high and he straightforwardly pulled the key down. He then directly darted towards the door.

According to Deke's running speed, if he was empty handed, he would only require 3-5 seconds to cover the entire 30 metres leading to the stone door. But when he grabbed onto the key, he realized that the struggling strength of this key was extremely appaling. Don't talk about running with it, even forcefully gripping onto it was a problem. His heart was a sea of excitement and anxiousness, immediately shouting out loudly.

’’I need help!!’’

Presently, Phelps was the nearest to Deke. With their combined strength, they managed to press the massive key to the ground before forcefully dragging it to the stone door. That key fluttered exasperatedly on the ground, but it was as hopeless as a large group of peddlers being swept away by the police. It could only stare in despair as it was dragged further away from its comrades.

But at that instance, Sheyan could hear a queer buzzing in his ears. It was like a thousand bees vibrating their wings.

Looking now, they immediately discovered the initially lethargic winged keys had started to flap their wings at full throttle, angrily and impatiently pushing their way through in this enclosed space. As that stone key was pulled further, hundreds of other keys started to burst shuttle back and forth furiously in mid air! The earliest was a brass key as it slashed across Deke's cheek, carving out a wound. Followed by 2, 3, 10 keys!

What was more frightening is that, countless amounts of winged keys turned berserk and frantically swarmed around them, like they were the core of a tornado. The keys were frightening in numbers, as the circled rapidly and devastatingly. The trajectory and speed of thousands of winged keys coincided together, like a catastrophic hurricane with seawaves and torrents as high as the heavens! Consecutively, even him who had been abandoned and idling by the side was caught up in this shredding fury, his hands and back appeared numerous cut wounds.

In that instance, Sheyan suddenly received a notification from the nightmare imprint:

’’You received the attack of the winged keys. You receive 7 points in damage, this damage ignores any defensive abilities. Its precedence ranking: Territorial precedence.’’

’’You receive the winged key's attack. Your innate ability: Endurance activated.....’’

’’Data conflict arise, determining precedence.....’’

’’Data conflicting, data conflicting.’’

’’Continue determining....’’

’’Determined complete. Your innate ability: Endurance takes precedence, reducing any damage by 25 points.’’

’’You only receive 1 point of damage.’’

Sheyan scrolled through the notifications, he couldn't help but sigh in relief. Previously during his battle with Qiao Gun, his innate ability had already garnered his attention. But now, he deeply acknowledged the formidable strength of this 'endurance'! It was even exempted from the damage of the ancient dwarf and goblin must understand, this 'metal digestive system' mechanism is something that even the grand boss Dumbledore learns from! His eyes exposed a thoughtful expression, nevertheless it combusted with heavier passion as he once again resumed his unconscious act.

At the same time, he noticed that Phelps had already let go and was frantically crying out. His body flesh had already been ripped hideously, and dripping with blood.

’’Deke! Let go if not we will all die here!’’

The Metals professor raged out from a distance.

’’You cannot let go, have you forgotten the words inscribed on the door? Courage!!!’’

Deke gritted his teeth, he always had an exceptional respect and trust in the metals professor. Biting firmly, he dragged that key onwards for 2-3 metres before finally discovering his HP had wildly plunged. He could not resist anymore as he finally let go. That massive key immediately fled towards its original position. Its 6 wings flapped particularly slow, it looked like flying consumed immense energy.

Even after realizing something was wrong and they finally gave up capturing that winged keys. Deke and Phelps still died! Even their corpses weren't spared!

Because after releasing that massive winged key, that didn't signify that the other berserked winged keys would halt their frenzy! That semi-formed hurricane winged key form continued its whirling frenzy. The halls ceiling and group repeatedly released friction sparks, as the entire hall was dominated by this terrifying steel whirlwind. Even the desperate screams and mournful wails of Deke and Phelps was drowned out. Fortunately, the frequency of damage the metals professor and Fanu suffer could not be compared to Deke and Phelps who were at the centre of it. Thus they sustained light injuries.

When that massive winged keys returned, that hurricane gradually turned gentle. Very swiftly, everything resumed its initial peacefulness. Only now, the floor was soaked with blood and mutilations. Flesh hung from some of the winged keys. Fragments of deathly white bones, and hair added grotesque and horror to the image!

At this moment, the illumination had turned darker again. Obviously the energy was becoming insufficient. Even these winged keys seemed to turned faintly discernable. The vicious nature of the Metals professor flickered, he headed straight to Sheyan, grabbing him by the neck and pulled him up.

’’Get up, I know you just woke up.’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

’’Boss, even Deke and Phelps has died here. Do you think I can make it? Don't overestimate me!’’

The Metals professor's voice turned gloomy.

’’This time, we 3 will go together!’’

Sheyan's heart stirred, his eyes flashed with strictness.


Presently, time was tight. The three joined forces and charged, seizing that massive winged keys and immediately retreated backwards. This massive winged key was extremely discontented at the treatment it was receiving, it furiously flapped its wings, trying to struggle and wriggled out. But under the combined force of the three, it was quickly dragged to the stone door. Instantly forced into to the keyhole by 6 hands. At the same time, the other gently floating winged keys started to twitch.

’’1, 2 ,3.....we'll push!’’ The metals professor's voice was nervous and contained an impatient expectation as he exclaimed loudly. Instead! When they counted to 3, everyone simultaneously loosened their hands! That massive winged key regained its freedom, and flapped its wings as it staggered out. If Fanu didn't reacted quickly and caught it, it would have flown away.

’’Clank!’’ A bronze winged keys rubbed across the metals professor's mask. Sparks burst out, casting a sinister glow on his his gloomy and cold expression. That glow radiated against Sheyan's face as it it would ignite his face any second. He glared at Sheyan and spoke fiercely.

’’Why did you let go?’’


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