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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 57


Chapter 57: Ice rock bar

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Fortunately, the two warriors didn't pursue Sheyan, if not he would've met with a calamity. Resting for a moment, his dazed debuff slowly dissipated. Instead, he could see that the two statues were ignoring the assaults around them, only charging ferociously at Fanu. Sheyan was suddenly enlightened. Could it be that two statues could sensed a related object on Fanu? Most likely it was that parchment, that is the only reason to explain their stubborn offensive.

But the others were equipped with more abundance of battle experience than Sheyan. He could see the Metals professor twin fireballs smouldering the stone warrior's faces, but it still couldn't attract their attention. Their keen senses detected a problem. Deke, with the highest agility, immediately dragged Fanu along and fled swiftly. At the same time, Sheyan charged forward to cover them and won them adequate time.

The Metals professor didn't have time to cast any more spells. He suddenly stood still and started chanting before his body rotated violently. At this moment, Sheyan finally understood why he was hailed as the metals professor. The metallic gown he was wearing suddenly metamorphosed into a butterfly like wings, the air flickered with a metallic brilliance, whistling and slicing. It was like a berserk steel whirlpool engulfing the area!

More strangely, that chaotic steel whirlpool started to drill upwards. Rocks fragments sprayed out, and after a drilling noise, several chunk of rocks embedded with enkianthus* fell to the ground. No one knew how long the enkianthus had been suspended over there, but it smashed down with the rocks.

(TN: *is a kind of suspending flower)

Looking at the chunks of rocks falling, it shouldn't be able to even touch the stone warriors. As long as the two stone warriors immediately stopped advancing, then this attack would be rendered utterly futile. But the two stone warriors completely disregarded the impending threat as they surged forward, allowing the rocks to pound against their heads.

’’Bam boom!’’ The two statues were smashed by the massive rock boulders, as they rolled to the ground. A distinct crack could be seen on their body, but they crawled back up and advanced with a staggering state. Naturally, this pounding had impacted the two statues greatly, but they very quickly used their shields to block the crumbling rocks as they continued striding forward.

Fanu forced himself to sit up as he glanced at the Metals professor before nodding his head. At the same time, a deafening roar reverberated throughout the cave! That humongous stegosaurus appeared once again, but its wounds were not yet healed. But they had to admit, this gigantic savage beast originating from Jurassic Park was undoubtedly their best hope against the two hateful statues!

Under the insane fury of Iron Horn, in a mere 30 seconds, the two massive stone warriors transformed into weird white stone fragments, as it dispersed over the ground. Their weapons gradually darkened, brittle, ultimately turned into dust and drifted away! More tragedious was the fact they didn't even drop anything, not a single item! That meant that all their efforts were in vain, and further signified that the metre long wound would which even showcased Iron Horn's organ was suffered in vain. Moreover, one of its eye could be described as blind.

Fanu violently coughed, one could even see the cracks within his fingers were bleeding. He slowly raised his head and weakly spoke.

’’Sorry, Iron Horn may not be able to help us anymore for a long period of time.’’

Metals professor nodded. His pair of callous and icy eyes glared at Sheyan. Sheyan took a deep breath and nodded his head.

’’Alright, I'll scout the front. But I don't know where to go.’’

Currently, Sheyan had no choice because Phelps grey wolf had already died previously. If he refused, then he would be going against the party. But he had confidence in his 31 points high physique, even if there were any snares he would definitely survive. If his hidden capabilities were exposed, he could simply flee within this enormous maze and no one in the party could catch up to him. Even if they could, based on the Metals professor exhausted state, how would he withstand Ambition's direct confrontation?

Hence the party's allocation were as such: Sheyan leading, Deke supporting Fanu behind, Phelps took the third, and the Metals professor as the rear guard. As they journeyed, they encountered those stone warriors on several occasions, but only single appearances this time which lowered the difficulty level greatly. The Metals professor and Deke could concentrate their firepower while retreating, and slowly torture one to death.

After travelling around the maze for close to 3 hours, they were face to face with an extremely wide precipice. This precipice was majestically steep and vastly broad, even if one looked up they wouldn't be able to see the tip. The precipice was covered with greenish and grey rocks, exuberating a deadly yet solid emotion. Bizarre vague protrusions intercrossing shadows could be seen along it, they were like stiffened protruding arteries already rigid for a thousand years long.

Upon witnessing this magnificent precipice, both the Metals professor and Fanu leaked out an unexplainable delight on their faces. They instantly commanded.

’’Everyone split up to search, one team on the left and one on the right. Once you locate anything suspicious immediately notify me.’’

During allocation, the Metals professor and Fanu split into two teams. Probably to supervise and prevent anyone from betraying them once they discovered something. During the process of searching around the precipice, Sheyan constantly felt that peculiar sensation pricking him, becoming more intense each time. He also noticed there were thousands of bones, and according to the expert Fanu, the bones were mixed with goblins, humans, dwarfs and other races. It was obvious a huge scale tragedy happened here.

After half an hour, the Metals professor side transmitted news. They hurried over to the assembling spot. There was actually a door carved out from a boulder against the cliff. What was more surprising was that the surroundings were carved with various bar decorations. Even that detachable stone door had exquisitely delicate ingrains and its doorknob. It was a replicate of the backdoor of an ordinary bar. Looking at this scene, a strong feeling emerged that any second now a beautiful maiden staff would appear and invite them in.

Several unidentifiable characters were drawn on the door. Phelps sneakily whispered to Sheyan that it should be similar to the hebrew language. It is a blend of the dwarves and reptilians. Its meaning was:

Icy rock bar - Entrance to the land of miracles and death.

’’We...... we've reached it, we've reached it!!!!’’ The Metals professor exclaimed with zeal.

He turned around and waved his hands, shouting out with a hysterical roar.

’’Just another hundred metres. We only need to open this damned door, before advancing for another hundred metres! My dreams can finally be fulfilled, I will prove to those fools, those arrogant and egoistic fools. In this damned realm, everything is possible. I believe, really, I have confidence we will succeed!!!!’’

The Metals professor's excited roar echoed throughout the plains. Sheyan even noticed his eyeballs had distinctly reddened from the excitement! After a while, only did it vanished as it resumed to that cool, penetrative personality.

Then, the Metals professor turned around and ordered Sheyan.

’’Go and open the door, now!’’

At this time, his voice already contained a grim and chilling aura! Completely not allowing anyone to question. After Sheyan heard him, he deeply inhaled as he lowered and pretended to tie his shoelace before slapping against his shoe. Thus, he raised his physique to 31 points. He then looked back one last time, as he saw the excited, feverish, expectant look in the metals professor's eyes. It also contained a complicated precaution. He then extended his hand out and forcefully grab onto the door handle.

The stone crafted bar door was considerable elaborate, 3 lifelike lizard stripes were even engraved onto the door. In that era, every guest had the superstition that mixing lizard extract juice with hard liquor would create a miraculous viagra like enhancing drug. After Sheyan contacted it, he could feel the icy chill of the stone, the smoothness indicated the supreme craftsmanship as the dense engravings perfectly complemented the human hand texture. It also released a wooden textural comfort.

The stone door was heavy, but Sheyan exerted force and pulled it open. But to his pleasant surprise, his perceptive sense remained docile. This meant that there was no dangers in pulling open this door.

In this flashing instance,

Sheyan's head was unprecedentedly clear as he instantly deduced several inference.

Primarily: This place should be very dangerous, even the Metals professor instructed others on such a small matter like pulling open a door.

Secondly: The metals professor seemed to be very well versed in this situation. Even facts like walking 100 metres more before his dream is achieved could be mentioned. But yet he had no clue this door wasn't dangerous. This meant one thing, which is that the Metals professor only had an extremely simple understanding about the affairs of this place. This logic was like everyone knew of a treasury in the bank, but from the entrance to the treasury, how many protective mechanisms were there, most people would not be clear of.

Lastly: Looking at his current situation, if there were were dangers inside. Most likely it was him having to scout, he had to change this situation!


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