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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 56


Chapter 56: White stone warriors!

Translated by: CHua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

The blood caused these scarabs to go into a feeding frenzy as they excitedly charged from all sides towards their meal - This was the main reason for what Fanu suggested earlier. Advancing in the darkness would not agitate the devil's snare, thus its vine would released people relatively quickly. But once someone was unluckily bitten by a scarab, then undoubtedly he would become a magnet and attract every single scarab. Then the rest could swiftly make their way through.

After rushing out of the devil's snare range, everyone felt a new lease of life. Ahead of them, the walls of the cave once again glowed. Everyone discovered the pathway ahead led to many different sides, it was so huge like an artificial maze! Strips of metallic padded, wooden railway tracks seemed to be ignoring gravity as it floated, twisting and intertwining at random. It was like the entire earth or the world had been cut apart into the form of a rubix cube.

Just ahead of them, a metallic track existing for millenias spread across them peacefully. Its corrosive and rusty metallic surface clearly indicated: Nobody has been here for god knows how long. Gigantic protruding fossils pierced out of the cavern walls like a human rib, orderly and symmetrically extending to a distant location. A drip of water traversed through their ears and faded away. An unfathomable reverence was bred in the hearts of everyone present.

’’Let's take a rest.’’ The Metals professor took the lead in sitting down. ’’I've already checked, this place doesn't seem like anyone had passed through.’’

He heaved a sigh of relief.

’’Looks like we've managed to overtake the Banks Syndicate.’’

Sheyan was still measuring the railways shuttling throughout the cave, he couldn't help but extend his hand to feel it. The track was extremely solid, and one could clearly sense the concept the ancient architects were designing: Rough, direct, durable, even after rusting the crisp snapping sound it gave off indicated no dampness within. At this moment, his nightmare imprint transmitted a trade offer, the initiating party was actually the Metals professor. Sheyan looked through, he was actually gifting 5000 utility points! Without hesitation, Sheyan accepted it, who wouldn't accept a free gift.

’’This is for everyone's bravery.’’ Naturally after receiving this welfare, the tense and awkward atmosphere became lighter. Such generous upholding of promises were commonly seen, the effects it resulted were pretty good as well. The Metals professor satisfiedly nodded his head and spoke.

’’Our current location is the abyss storage warehouse of Gringotts bank. But it has already been abandoned for a long time. Reaching here, we are halfway done!’’

Fanu then rolled open a tattered parchment, using an emotionless tone to speak.

’’The goblins stored the philosopher's stone in one of the 3 major secret warehouses in Gringotts bank. During construction in order to guard against robbery, they utilized an extremely mystical intricate enchantment superior to that of a modern day fingerprint or pupil tracing lock.’’

’’The only key to unlock the secret warehouse, is the gene of the constructor. Of course this includes his future generations. Hence the unlocking personnel of this Gringotts secret warehouse has been passed down through generations, nobody can ever replace them. Therefore robbing through ordinary means to plunder the philosopher's stone is virtually impossible - even Voldemort acknowledges this fact.’’

’’However, the designer at that time also considered a practical question. The future can never be anticipated, if one day the contractor's bloodline is terminated (No more heirs), then wouldn't the secret warehouse be forever locked? Therefore, they installed two doors to this secret warehouse. The front door is a magic gene lock, while the back door installed a complicated and dangerous mechanism. Once a scenario whereby the bloodline is terminated, there's still an assurance of the objects placed in this secret warehouse would be retrievable.’’

’’Because Gringotts had been constructed a long time ago, even those goblin caretakers of Gringotts had forgotten about this matter. But Voldemort managed to understand this through several fragments of ancient documents. The Metals professor managed to acquire a firsthand document after a painstakingly long search. Therefore, being able to arrive here is considered as half the battle won!’’

Naturally, these items that the Metals professor exhibited were legitimate and the probability of overstatement was little. Sheyan linked this to the piece of information he obtained from goblin Infinite, he could definitely verify many things. As Sheyan thought about it, his heart suddenly gushed with that mysterious sensation when he first approached Gringotts, and it was even stronger than before!

He could feel a peculiar feeling in his nightmare imprint. After inspecting, he discovered that severed finger - or known as the key - was actually burning hot and vibrating intensely. If not from the interspatial area being stable, others would have discovered his abnormality. Luckily, this strange state lasting only 10 seconds before fading away.

By first offering several benefits before absolutely confiding in his methods, it undoubtedly enhanced the cohesiveness of the party. They started to head into a nearby archaic cave, the one leading this time was Fanu who was holding onto a map. After circling around for 10 minutes, everyone felt a confused and disorientated feeling.

At a fork ahead, Fanu suddenly paused, raising his brows as he carefully examined the parchment. It was at this instance, Sheyan felt a wave of powerful threat incoming! He obviously wasn't foolish to release any warning sounds, but quietly prepared in his heart. After half a second, Deke shouted out in panic.

’’Careful, danger!’’

As Deke's voice faded, the cave walls suddenly cracked opened, spitting out rocks into the atmosphere. Following that, two at least 3 metre tall white humans dashed out, heavily knocking against Fanu's sturdy body. Without releasing a sound, he was instantly thrown far away, landing and rolling a few rounds on the ground. Blood gushed out of his mouth, gorgeously forming a crimson arc across the air.

The ambushers were two statue like stone warriors. From top to bottom, they were made with white stone material. Their movements although mechanical, weren't rigid. Holding a shield with their left arm, their right hand held onto a long sword. They quickly darted forward. Simultaneously, the Metals professor's gown shook as his metallic glove hands waved swiftly in mid-air, drawing out several profound lines before two medium sized fireballs appeared and whizzed towards the statues.

As the two fireballs exploded upon impact, the two statue warriors stumbled back from the explosive force, as they lost balance and fell to the ground. But they rapidly got back up, and continued their mechanical movements as they approached. The front of their shields were burnt black, but there wasn't a single crack.

Sheyan's eyes flickered as he pounced forward, chopping down on a stone warrior with his hatchet. Sparks sprayed put on impact, but he was merely about to peel off several small stone fragments of the statue. That stone warrior retaliated with a swing of its sword, Sheyan could only use his hatchet to block. ’’Crrraack!’’ a gloomy sound resounded, as that 'butchering bone hatchet' disintegrated, shattering into dozens of fragments. It was utterly destroyed.

Simultaneously, Sheyan received notification from his nightmare imprint:

’’Warning: Your weapon's 'Butchering bone hatchet' durability is exhausted, it is destroyed. Please replace your weapon immediately!!’’

’’Warning: Your weapon's 'Butchering bone hatchet' durability is exhausted, it is destroyed. Please replace your weapon immediately!!’’

’’Warning: Your weapon's 'Butchering bone hatchet' durability is exhausted, it is destroyed. Please replace your weapon immediately!!’’


This emergency was something Sheyan had never expected.

To him, he had done his utmost in reacting in this battle of wits and brawns after infiltrating Symbiosis sect. He was indeed too occupied to notice such minor details, who knew that such a problem would arise at this time! Several sharp fragments from his hatchet rubbed against his cheek, releasing a burning and sharp sensation. The other stone warrior raised its shield, and horizontally thrusted ruthlessly! Caught off guard, Sheyan was unable to dodge. It was like a gale engulfing his front, even his eyeballs were aching. He heard a buzzing sound in his head before losing consciousness.

When Sheyan recovered his consciousness, an incomparably searing pain jolted through his body. His entire body had crashed against the cave wall 5-6 metres away before recoiling from the impact. His left cheek was totally numbed! Staggering as he struggled to get up, he limped several steps before vomiting a mouthful of blood. There were even a few teeth mixed in the blood. He then felt his legs turning flabby, completely unable to exert strength, The nightmare imprint transmitted a message, informing him of his current daze state, and his movement had plunged by 50%.

Sheyan checked his battle log and discovered, this 'shield slap' had actually depleted close to 120 HP! Firstly, it was because this was a surprise attack. He wasn't even able to activate his obsidian fossil anchor to enhance his physique by 10 points, therefore his defence was weakened. Secondly, that stone warrior actually managed to deliver crushing damages! This signified their strength was at least above 27 points! Lastly, that dazed effect was due to the ability of that 'Shield slap'.


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