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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 54


Chapter 54: Blood sucking bat

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Faced with the Metals professor's statement, Kabadaba replied impatiently.

’’If I managed to enlist into the ministry of magic successfully, the first thing I'll do is fire you guys! I tell you, I'm not part of any underground factions nor am I a Death Eater*, there's nothing in the basement except rats and cobwebs! Previously another batch appeared and fouled the atmosphere, now you guys want to continue disturbing my research!’’

(TN:*Death Eaters are the followers of Voldemort)

’’Shut up, I believe you're stalling for time.’’ The Metals professor gnashed out. ’’We've discovered the smell of a death eater from your basement's fireplace. The Ministry of Magic has reasonable grounds to suspect your involvement in illegal activities. We will use floo powder to test our your fireplace definite orientation, if we find anything wrong then prepare for Azkaban.’’

’’F****! You F****!’’ That old man started cursing out. ’’Don't use Azkaban to threaten me. Alright fine, take as long as you like in my basement, but don't accuse me wrongly.’’

The Metals professor led them in a single file down to the basement. The core object here was a pot. There weren't burnt marks underneath the pot, but within it was black liquid giving off an odd scent. It was still slowly boiling, and around it in a disorganized mess were items like toads etc. It was probably related to witchcraft. The Metals professor ignored that pot and marched straight for the fireplace. A support class contestant hurriedly drew out some floo powder and offered him. Instead, the Metals professor waved him away and instead observed the top of the fireplace. There was a painting hung on top, a layer of dust had formed over it but it left several clear fingerprint marks.

Naturally, as the painting was shifted, the fireplace creaked and slid to the side exposing a deep pathway down. Because the Banks Syndicate members had probably passed through already, they didn't have to worry much about booby traps. The Metals professor strided forward, his face filled with anxiety. Until everyone entered, the fireplace returned to its original place.

This pathway looked narrow and dark, but walking further it became broader. Furthermore, the surrounding wall lines would offer a faint glow, although it created an eerie atmosphere, it illuminated the place effectively. The floor was pretty moist as luscious green algae thrived. Unexpectedly, the air wasn't foul smelling but instead had a fresh scent. If one carefully noticed, they could feel a gentle breeze caressing their face. If one was knowledgeable about caves, he would understand the path led to a immense space.

Suddenly, still grabbing onto his long bow, Deke issued a warning.

’’Careful, I can smell blood!’’

Everyone simultaneously halted, especially the two support contestants who were previously buried, they instantly darted to the back. Naturally the Metals professor and Fanu knew that the words spoken by Felix before his death had affected morale greatly, thus they both stood in front. That terrifying stegosaurus was already stored back, and the one leading the extreme front was a grey wolf that Phelps summoned.

Sheyan had just chatted with Phelps and discovered that a summoner contestant wasn't all that glamourous. The most typical was that one had to first tame a creature in order to obtain the rights to summon it. However once that creature dies in battle, then regrettably it will be lost forever. Previously Phelps had summoned 3 grey wolves to assault Diaz, but Diaz managed to kill two of them. His last wolf was Phelps's last summoned creature, and its loyalty had already dropped to 60 points. If it continued declining, then it would most likely abandon him.

In addition, if one wanted to tame a formidable creature like the stegosaurus, they probably had to sign a life contract. Once that creature dies, the summoner would mostly meet the same fate. Furthermore, that life contract was like a wedding agreement, after signing it, it was impossible to tame other creatures! Of course every benefits has it flaws. After a life contract has been formed, the closer the relationship between master and creature, the more the attributes bonus both parties will receive.

The blood stench ahead grew denser, and the narrow path had transformed into a spacious hall. The hall was already in complete shambles with mutilations in every corner. The surrounding luxurious and exquisite curtains turned to ash with a touch. Only on a nearby stone carving displayed a vestige from King Arthur's time. Several overturned cabinets had decomposed into rotten brown dregs.

The most distinct thing was a profound crevice in the middle of the hall. It was so long, the head and tail of the crevice could not be seen. It was at least 10 over metres wide, and its abyss unfathomable. This hall had been segregated into two, if one wanted to cross over, then he had to think of a way to leap over the crevice.

The side nearer to Sheyan and the rest had an empty space, and a dead man sprawled on the ground. It should be a storyline character. The corpse was bound from head to toe, the artery on the neck severed as a pool of black blood formed from it. Around the periphery of the corpse were huge amounts of palm sized black objects. Going closer, they were actually hairy bats. These bats were already dead stiff, but their sharp fangs could still be seen along with their sharp talons at the tip of their wings.

’’Its vampire bats.’’ Phelps immediately mumbled. Being a aspiration summoner, he was certainly knowledgeable about various lifeforms and their characteristics. He glanced at Fanu, but Fanu maintained his emotionless face and nodded.

The Metals professor released a chilling laugh.

This is the vampire bat's habitat. To cross over this crevice, one has to first get rid of these pesky bats in their home territory. Those morons from the Banks Syndicate has really rid us of certain problems.’’

Although the crevice was vastly broad, Sheyan and the rest effortlessly located a makeshift rope bridge used by the Banks Syndicate to cross. They crossed courageously without fear. After passing through this ancient hall from King Arthur's era, another cave greeted them. The stones on the ground were fragmented and messy, it looked like a wall of that hall was forcefully breached.

As they travelled deeper, the human marks on the walls gradually lessened. At the end, Sheyan and the rest found themselves in a natural karst cave with a low ceiling. The ivory stalactite intertwined with each other, and some even joint with the ground forming a stela. A faint sulfur odour floated within the cave. After walking for roughly 3 km, the sounds of gurgling water sounded from ahead, and a glow could be seen from the top. Two streams of cave brook converged together while releasing misty white fog. The river surged rapidly but remained crystal clear.

Deke countryside experienced seemed rather plentiful as he took the lead. He then approached the river and took in a whiff.

’’The water isn't poisonous, it should be an underground stream from a hot spring.

At this time, the Metals professor's face turned serious. He immediately looked ahead and declared.

’’There's something fishy up ahead.’’

A shallow and rocky area, roughly a thousand square metres in size, appeared at the area the two streams converged. The originally rapid current slowed down at this convergence, and at the centre of the shoal laid a flat boulder. The movement the Metals professor discovered was a black figure that was apparently crouching on the roof of the boulder. Although this black figure wasn't massive, it reckoned to be as long as 2-3 people. From one look, it gave off a dangerous aura.

After everyone crept closer, they realized this black figure was a crocodile! The skin of the alligator was rough and grainy like a rock, more importantly, it was pitch-black as though it absorbed the surrounding light. If they wanted to proceed, they would have to go past an area at least 30 metres away from the crocodile.

Scrutinizing this several black figures, the Metals professor's face changed and shot Fanu a look. Fanu then stood out with a resolute tone.

’’I've seen this crocodile before, it's called a Shinisaurus Crocodilurus (Chinese crocodile) and its personality can be considered gentle. But definitely don't make any noise to startle them, just quickly crossover.’’

Following that, they distributed themselves accordingly. Fanu took front guard followed by the Metals professor, then the two physically weaker supporters rapidly passed through the middle. The group hurriedly wadded through the stream. They clearly already reached the other shore but suddenly, a black chinese crocodile cautiously raised its head. Its tail rhythmically waved in the air and suddenly released a sound similar to a rattlesnake. Then it suddenly nudged and dashed towards them! Following its movement, the other black figures swiftly reacted and climbed down the boulder. They wriggled through the water like a snake, not even causing a slight splash!

’’Go!’’ The Metals professor exclaimed. ’’They won't leave their nest for very long. If we don't delay anymore, we'll definitely shake them off.’’

After speaking he immediately sprinted forward. With him leading the way, the others similarly followed as they frantically advanced. At this point, undoubtedly Sheyan and Deke were superior in movement speed while the other two support contestants and Phelps fell to the back. A single file of humans wildly fleeing, running close to a kilometre. Still those black crocodiles crunched their mouths as they tightly pursued these uninvited guest, slowly catching up to the 3 contestants at the back!


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