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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 53


Chapter 175: The Professor's return

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

At present, the Ministry of Magic had disappeared, and the sealing barrier vanished. However the surroundings should have been cordoned off by their transport supervisor. Probably this kind of occurrence happened frequently in Harry Potter's magic world especially regarding Voldemort, who wouldn't be any inferior in his evil practices. Thus the government also tactfully minded their own business. They could only prepare themselves to clear up the terrible mess.

Sheyan feigned limping as he staggered out of the building, but instead got a shock. The Metals professor was hovering 3 metres above the ground, a dignified mask covered his face, wearing a magical gown laced with chains. Although he appeared tattered, it still had a metallic toughness and firm quality. The metallic shimmering carried an awe-inspiring dignity of a general who killed a hundred soldiers.

His left hand was clutching onto someone's neck.

His eyes were tightly closed, entire body covered in wounds, incomparably in shambles. Blood dyed his entire clothes and pants. Being strangled by the Metals professor, it was really like an eagle clawing onto a chick!

Looking at his features, it was shockingly the fleeing Diaz! Obviously he had already sunk into a critically wounded state.

The Metals professor tossed Diaz down, commanding with an overbearing tone.

’’Deke you'll handle this guy. After killing him, the key is your battle loot!’’

At this moment, Felix suddenly stood up. Coldly declaring.

’’Fanu, I want to duel you.’’

Fanu's rigid voice sounded just like a robot.


He directly used trial to kick Felix out of the party, and the members around instantly approved. Once Fanu's voice drifted into the wind, a 3 level building suddenly shook and collapsed. Amidst the smoke of dust, a gigantic dinosaur stomped out! That sturdy looking building in front of the dinosaur, couldn't even last one attack!

That dinosaur traversed with 4 legs, bone plates erupted from its neck like a lion's mane, even its body surface was covered with bone plates. A pair of sharp horns grew from its head, and the tip even flickered with a metallic brilliance! Incomparably incisive bone spikes pierced out of its spine. Looking sturdier than a tank, it was shockingly a Stegosaurus!

Closely examining it, scars covered the stegosaurus' body densely showing it just experienced a gruelling battle. Its claws were penetratingly sharp, as its thick legs was extremely stable on the surface with clear profound injury marks. Its pair of triangular eyes shone with ruthlessness and brutality. Its muscles were all swelling up, binding its bone plates tightly. Following that, it released a deafening roar. The horrifying jagged fangs appeared as sharp as a sawtooth blade.

Looking at this stegosaurus, Sheyan couldn't help feeling an intense threatening pressure as he took a step back.

Felix was trembling, his face turning ghastly pale as he vomited several mouths of blood. He then summoned several ravens forward. But against the hideously terrifying might of the stegosaurus, the ravens attacks were wildly ineffective. That stegosaurus charged towards Felix and directly impaled his chest, tossing Felix into the air. Felix crashed down heavily as blood fanatically soaked the entire floor, it looked like he was finished.

But at this moment, Felix actually managed to released a lunatic laughter.

’’Good good good. It actually is that powerful. Metals professor, the only thing i don't understand is such a person like you, how can you not understand the.....irresistible laws of strength! Why are you bent on pulling everyone's interest with you onto this crooked road.’’

’’What do you know!? The Metals professor robotic crow voice lashed back loudly. ’’Once I install the philosopher's stone into the stegosaurus, then it would possess unlimited regeneration abilities. I want to prove, no I will prove to those fools! In this world, even without those damned defence type contestants, we can still function! There are other methods!’’

Felix laughed crazily and shook his head. His golden spectacles had shattered, and his dried cracked lips smeared with blood. He had a hysterically sorrowful appearance.

’’You're wrong, Metals professor. Even if you managed to achieve your goals after obtaining the philosopher's stone, even if you rely on this beast for success, so what? Haven't you heard of the terror of growth maturity? This dinosaur's growth maturity is limited, it definitely can't be compared to the boundless potential of a contestant! Even if you managed to force out one victory after another, you'll never be able to pass through future insurmountable hurdles.....I, I will be waiting for hell!’’

Although he couldn't see the Metals professor's expression, Sheyan could sense his anger. The Metals professor remained still, but suddenly a flame trail ignited and circled around Felix. After 3 seconds later, as astounding pillar of scorching flames soared into the sky from the fiery circle! If only stopped after reaching a height of 8 metres.

This fire pillar vanished as quickly as it came, after a few seconds it extinguished. A black greyish smog slowly drifted away in the air. Only after the fiery pillar vanished for a few seconds did Sheyan felt a surge of heatwave blasting over him! His brows and hair dried up from the inferno. One could tell how disgustingly powerful this ability was.

After a short pause, the Metals professor finally managed to calm his frustrations. He threw down several rolls of bandages for everyone to slowly heal up, and then ordered the rescue of the buried people underneath the ruins. Concurrently, Fanu controlled his dinosaur to force the remaining Banks Syndicate members into a corner and allowed several senior members to slay them. Unfortunately, none of them produced any blood red key.

After everyone roughly healed up, the Metals professor then coldly voiced out.

’’It must have been hard on everyone. Those scums from the Banks Syndicate really had huge appetite. They actually dispatched 3 batches through the wormhole. The first batch was against me and Fanu. The second batch was against you guys. The third batch, although its strength was weaker, was to seize this time when everyone was distracted, to steal the philosopher's stone.’’

After Sheyan heard this, his heart managed to form a direct evaluation on the Banks Syndicate strength! The Symbiosis sect was really not on the same level as that party. No wonder Venter was able to be so arrogant towards Qiao Gun.

Then the Metals professor continued.

’’In the original storyline, Hagrid managed to fetch the philosopher's stone that was placed in Gringotts. Therefore, the plan for Voldemort's underlings to steal the stone was completely ruined. But this signified that reputable Gringotts is actually not as secure as it appears to be. Therefore one can infer that it is possible to find a safe method of entering Gringotts through Voldemort's slave!’’

’’And this clue, I already have it in my hands.’’ Speaking till here, the Metals professor fished out a golden, bright and dazzling key in his hand.

’’Let us hurry over. Those fools from the Banks Syndicate do not possess the crucial key to unlock the mechanism, and they probably sustained a huge setback. Instead, they have paved a way for us. Let's endure this and hurry over, once we succeed, everyone will be declared a core member!’’

After the Metals professor's uproar, the remaining members surged with delight. Only Sheyan cunningly laughed in his heart. Because he himself understood through Gringott's Infinit manager, that this so called 'Gringotts important mechanism' didn't require any such keys! But instead it required a Gringotts goblin finger to personally unlock it. And the goblins couldn't have any exceptions, it had to be the later generations of the goblins who constructed Gringotts! The mechanism was just like a fingerprint lock, the only way of opening was with the relevant goblin finger! How would it be that golden key on the metals professor's hand?

Based on Sheyan's conclusion, that batch of Banks Syndicate members could very possibly have grasped the mechanism unlocking method. Therefore they didn't require a powerful team. This was the only way of explaining the Metals professor's current exasperation and ordered everyone to urgently act. At this moment, time was extremely tight. The Metals professor didn't waste time inquiring into details about the previous battle. But after the earlier wipe out, naturally there shouldn't be any Banks Syndicate spies left. Therefore, the Metals professor could comfortably lead the rest forward.

This group wasn't headed to Gringotts, but instead arrived at Knockturn alley. The place was just like before, a remote and utterly desolated appearance. The metals professor pinned on an emblem. After arriving outside an abandoned house, he bluntly kicked open the door.

A black aboriginal old man raised his head. He was actually very tall, but looked short due to his hunchback. A skull necklace strapped across his neck, and a mysterious tattoo across his face. He was wearing a spiky bone ring, and was wearing a headband made with bones and thorny vegetation. As the door was kicked open, he was already holding onto an evil staff

’’What do you want?’’

The Metals professor arrogantly pointed towards the emblem on his chest.

’’Kabadaba, your little house is temporarily seized by the Ministry of Magic.’’

Sheyan noticed that this little house was stored with bizarre bottles. The bottles were as revolting a dissecting room. Inside contained brains, organs and several odd herbs.


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