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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 52


Chapter 52: Mogensha's pain

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Sheyan observed Mogensha, obviously he wouldn't just believe anyone even if that person seemed earnest. In the realm, self interests were top priority. If there weren't alluring benefits, how would it stir someone? Hence after pondering for a while, Sheyan smiled as he took out Venter's dropped key. He then initiated a contract through the nightmare imprint.

This contract was a reward agreement contract.

If Mongensha returned to the nightmare realm within 1 minute, then he would receive Venter's key as reward.

If Mongesha didn't leave within 1 minute, then his highest basic attribute would be penalized by 10 points.

Presently, Sheyan couldn't trust Mogensha, hence he tossed out this bait to probe him out. Instead Mogensha beamed with joy - Venter killed at least 5 people, his slayer value was high and the items on him pretty valuable, thus his dropped blood key would be exceedingly worthwhile. He immediately acceded to Sheyan's contract, and vanished in a flash. Only 45 seconds later, Sheyan received the information of his contract fulfilled. He then looked at Venter's blood key but it was already long gone.

Finally Sheyan was able to relax. Although Mogensha was powerful, he definitely wouldn't be able to trick the contract system. However he was still suspicious. Why would Mogensha decide to be friendly with him?


3 days later in the present world, Mogensha stumbled across a bar in Mogadishu.

TN: Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia

This black man's thick lips were trembling, his eyes were reddened from the alcohol.

He was wearing a tattered army uniform, holding a glass of whisky in his hand.

Strolling to a remote shore, he puffed deeply on his cigarette and sat down on the reef. Gazing at the tide crashing beneath his feet, he then poured the whisky into the ocean.

’’Old friend, forgive me.’’

’’It's not that I don't want to avenge you, it is that this vengence cannot be done.’’

’’As high as 30 points of physique, exceptional strength and perceptive sensing.’’

’’Meticulous thinking, immaculate situation awareness, thriving with ambitions!’’

’’More importantly, he actually possesses a defence type innate ability. Such a person, such a terrifying person! You should have heard of what we will face in the future! Tell me! How can we offend such an enemy? How would we make such an enemy?’’


Mogensha's absence caused Sheyan to sigh deeply. That person's situation awareness was absolute top-notch. Even after being chased and the path exhausted, he could still sense a deadlock conflict between a friend and a foe, and managed to deliver timely assistance. According to Sheyan's inference, this should be related to Mogensha's innate ability. Without such a character in the Symbiosis sect, Sheyan felt a huge burden unloading off his implementing plans.

In actual fact, Sheyan guessed correctly. Mogensha's innate ability was called: 'Beastly instincts'.

Being an orphan since young, he grew up in a chaotic and violent society. If he couldn't develop a vigilant awareness to others, then he wouldn't have lived till now. Hence, his ability had long ago awakened in the present world. It could be referred to as the sixth sense.

Of course, the sixth sense wasn't as mystical and powerful like the bronze saints*. It was more of being randomly pricked by a needle, the hand would produce a reflex action without thinking. Beastly instincts was able to produce reflex actions towards an impending danger. When he opened fire, there was a possibility of releasing towards the most optimal target in the surrounding battlefield.

(TN:Bronze saints are a group of fighters in a japanese manga:Saint Seya)

Moreover over the course of his deprived lifetime, his perceptive sensing had been trained to a frightening degree.

Sheyan stretched his neck, placing matters regarding Mogensha to one side. This moment within the Banks syndicate, Diaz had fled, golden spectacled Felix had been heavily wounded by a scroll, another agility-close combat contestant had fought Deke (Bow user) to a draw with both suffering disastrous injuries, hence they temporarily separated and assembled with their party members.

The Symbiosis sect was no better. The only one still capable of fighting was Sheyan. The summoner Phelps and Deke were heavily injured. Another two intelligence based contestants were still buried underneath the ruins. They had probably invested all their free attribute points on intelligence and spirit, and thus their physique was close to an average person.

Sheyan first went up to scout the room where Venter was trying to flee towards. He discovered a tiny transportation portal, but it had already been deactivated. After deliberating for a moment, he smeared blood on himself as he forcefully and torturously inclined against the wall and staggered back to Phelps and the rest. Currently, both their mental state had reached its limits, they hid inside a building and the only noise came from their fearful trembling. After seeing Sheyan, they sighed with relief. Phelps urgently asked.

’’How are you?’’

Sheyan bit his tongue, enduring the pain as he coughed out blood.

’’Diaz has fled, Venter is dead. Mogensha has suffered critical injuries. His legs have been severed off, after snatching Venter's keys he forcefully returned to the realm.’’

’’That's good.’’ Deke finally loosened up as he clutched his broken arm and cursed out. ’’Diaz that scumbag uses a karabiner rifle. He wouldn't dare to return to such a complex and unfavourable terrain like this. Once Venter is dead, we are all safe.’’

Phelps interrupted with a pale face.

’’The Metals professor just transmitted news. The Banks syndicate utilized a silver storyline object from the Matrix world named: 'Micro data matrix wormhole'. Hence they were able to dispatch reinforcements into this world. But these reinforcements can only stay for a an hour. The two of them had been ambushed by the Banks syndicate, but they'll return soon enough.’’

Sheyan's heart stirred.

’’Then why didn't you guys use the party communication to inform the Metals professor on our current situation?’’

’’It has been suppressed.’’ Deke murmured. ’’The Banks syndicate's party ranking is higher than ours. Even the Metals professor can only engage in single line magic transmission to us. Unless we grasp a relatively profound magical ability, we would definitely be unable to communicate back.’’

At this moment, Sheyan could finally relax totally. If Mogensha really grasped a 'relatively profound magical ability' and reported this news to them, Sheyan could only resign. Thus Sheyan say down and close his eyes to meditate. Because previously his duty was clearly to attract the enemy's firepower, but he suddenly deviated resulting in huge casualties. Such a wretched behavior caused others to despise him. Therefore, Deke and Phelps didn't like him, the atmosphere between them was pretty awkward.

Suddenly Deke's expression turned ashen as he stood up. Standing at the cover beside the window he raged out.

’’Felix! Why did you betray the group, why did you betray us? When did the Symbiosis sect did you wrong?’’

After a brief pause, Felix's voice transmitted over. It was extremely dull.

’’Symbiosis sect didn't do me wrong, but when have I let Symbiosis sect down? The previous world I obviously contributed greatly, I killed three pets, a total of 3! Do you know how much effort I wasted? Why were the benefits occupied by Fanu instead? From that time onwards I finally realized, as long as i stayed in this party for one day, I will always remain as Fanu's reserve, I'll always be his dog! Unable to rise!’’

Deke widened his mouth as though wanting to say something, but nothing came out. Instead, the more Felix spoke, the more agitated he became. It was hard to imagine a person of his style raging and snarling.

’’Forget about my personal benefits, let's talk about the party! In the Symbiosis sect, I cannot see any future! This is a F***king abnormal development, look at what the Metals professor is doing? A defence +3 clothing was sold to enhance a F***king pet. A physique +4 bracelet was exchanged for two intelligence enhancing equipment! Totally treating close combat contestants as cannon fodder to use!’’

’’Such shortsighted fools like you all, don't tell me you are that naive. Thinking that just based on Fanu's acquired dinosaur from the Jurassic Park world, you can conquer the world? Foolish! I tell you a summoner's strength is on his attack and support. Once a party is unable to cultivate a real defence type contestant, then outcome would be a total calamity. There is definitely no future, you guys don't understand how frightening our future is!!!!!!’’

Deke slumped his head down, but suddenly raised it again along with his voice.

’’Felix, come back to us. We can negotiate with the Metals professor. Any deficiencies in the party, we can work on it together right.’’

Felix released a bitter and wild laughter.

’’Just based on you, you want to convince me? If not for that brat Seaman having some luck and disrupting things, we would have won long ago. Even so, let me tell you, it was the Banks leader that personally intercepted the Metals professor and Fanu. They are finished!’’

After Felix finished speaking, a static metal tone resounded from afar.

’’Very sorry to disappoint you Felix. Although Banks is formidable, in the end he was still forced back and dejectedly fled to his wormhole.’’

After hearing this phrase, every Symbiosis sect member was overjoyed and rushed out. The Banks Syndicate members were crestfallen, the hearts in turmoil. Everyone who survived were marginal members, only Venter a vital elite of theirs should have known about that teleportation portal. Thus the rest could only wait for the eventual conclusion.


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