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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 51


Chapter 51: Venter's death

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Sheyan took in huge breaths as he leaned against the corridor pillar. Wiping away his sweat, mixed with blood.

Sweat trickled down his back leaving a wet trace along his filthy back, causing a burning sensation as it entered an injury.

Astoundingly, Venter's corpse was sprawled across the floor 3 metres from here.

Sheyan had to admit, he had made a huge blunder in this battle.

From his prior calculation, since Venter wasn't able to deliver crushing damages to him, then under a scenario where they mutually took turns at each other;with this drawn out battle of chops and slice, he would definitely be the last one standing. But Sheyan quickly discovered, fighting wasn't a mathematics problem. Currently, Venter had been restored to optimal state, he probably was proficient in the advanced ability: Dual handed weapons. His attack damage vastly exceeded his previous one, and his combinations of attacks were natural and unforced.

After the battle proceeded for 2 minutes, Sheyan immediately felt something was wrong. Although his HP was higher, Venter's damage output and range far exceeded himself. Furthermore, Venter was aiming for his legs which would induce crippling effect once his legs received critical damage! Speed was already one of his shortcomings, if things spiralled to the stage it would only add fuel to the fire.

Of course, Sheyan sunk into this predicament because he hadn't used his trump card 'Ambition'. If not, it would instantly cover his flaw of not dealing adequate explosive damages! And once the opponent was aware of Ambition's existence, it would create certain apprehensions in them. If that dragged on, he would naturally gain superiority.

As Sheyan was hesitating about using 'Ambition', he received unexpected assistance! Venter had raised his broadsword furiously, but, before swinging down , a fiery hot bullet drilled into his wrist! The trajectory of the sword shifted as it grazed past Sheyan's left shoulder and carved a deep crack onto the ground!

It was Mogensha's mysterious battlefield observation technique! Venter's rhythm was interrupted, and Sheyan managed to sneak in a chop in his confusion. Mogensha who was currently battling against Diaz actually could deviate his attention to assist him, this simply indicated that Mogensha had roughly gained the superior advantage!

At this point, Sheyan sincerely issued a sentence.

A sentence that directly related to Venter's heart.

’’Danny's seed should be on you right.’’

This sentence caused Venter's fighting spirit to wane by close to 80%!

From Venter's perspective, he was used to charging upfront against his enemies and overwhelming them with this 28 points of strength! He would be able to finish his opponents in 2 - 3 strikes. But his Berserk ability had already been used previously, based on his strength alone he was unable to result any crushing damages to Sheyan! Hence, this prolonged battle was extremely unfamiliar to him. As time dragged on, his usual swift valor and his madly fierce fighting style started to slacken.

And Sheyan's words undoubtedly caused Venter to think of Danny.......

’’Danny's seed is with me! That is her only chance at revival!’’

Sheyan didn't even mention that, but the words formed in Venter's mind! Hence the idea of retreat started to breed in his heart, even though his dual handed broadsword was great for offence but terrible for defence. Sheyan noticed Venter's subtle retreating, he wasn't too forceful but did not allow him to comfortably escape. Hence, he slowly fought him all the way to a spacious area, completely far from Mogensha's sudden sneak attack.

Naturally while planning for this skirmish, the Banks Syndicate would sure leave themselves an emergency escape route. Venter's aim was towards a small insignificant house at the east of the battlefield. But just as he finally approached this house, Mogensha who was supposed to be dueling with Diaz suddenly appeared within a building window from 20 metres away! The golden AK roared to life as it sprayed out its glaring tongues of flame!

Venter was startled by this sudden ambush, he gritted his teeth and hastened his pace to escape. Yet Sheyan at this time managed to hack down onto his thigh!

Although he was only 10 metres away from the building, the difference was like heaven and earth! His frenziedly waved out his broadsword. Sheyan immediately darted to the back. Yet Mogensha's bullets surged across towards him. As long as Venter tried to advance, Sheyan would charge forward fearlessly to hinder him.

Thus, Venter died. A person who had a fighting style of rushing head on courageously, once the idea of retreat formed in his heart, that would signal a personal calamity beginning. Especially Venter, a character who was meticulously brought up within the party, his strengths were extremely prominent, but his flaws on full display. With this party members, they could cover his flaws. But without his party members, once someone grasps his weakness, they they would definitely be able to force him into dire straits!


Sheyan leaned against the wall and rested. Picking up Venter's dropped blood red key, he deeply inhaled and raised his head towards Mogensha smiling.

’’Beautifully done, you finished off Diaz? Truthfully, this key belongs to you, you deserve it.’’

Although this area was the angle between two buildings, it was hard to predict if other surviving contestants was spying on them. Mogensha was standing 20 metres away, he vigilantly surveyed his surroundings, before replying with a complicated expression.

’’Diaz has fled. That guy's ability is pretty good. Even the Ministry of Magic's barrier couldn't contain know, I'm the head of the Symbiosis long range team.’’

Sheyan couldn't care less as he shrugged his shoulders.

’’72 hours ago, Gale had already told me - God bless his soul - but what about it?’’

’’So, what if i tell you, I've already received news from the Metals professor and Fanu. Do you believe me?’’

Sheyan replied.

’’I do, what did they say?’’

Mogensha continued.

’’They'll be here in 5 minutes.’’

Sheyan's expression changed.

’’What do you want to say?’’

Mogensha pondered a moment as he retreated behind his cover quietly.

’’My perceptive sensing is 18 points, I've even acquired an ability named: True clarity. I'm able to gather other's battle data.’’

Sheyan whispered.

’’So that's the case. That means you've already seen my battle log without me noticing.....hmm, no wonder your initial reaction was so contrasting. Then what are you planning to do?’’

Mogensha's answer was completely out of the blue.

’’I don't know what your goal is and I don't want to know, but what I know is that i don't want you as an enemy. If you swear not to attack me. I previously acquired an item called: Special Floo powder. It can be used in non combat state, it will instantly transfer the user to train no.5972 of Hogwart's platform 9 ¾, and instantly begin the mechanism to return to the nightmare realm. Hence you'll definitely not encounter the Metals professor and have your secrets leaked.’’

To return to the realm, one had to board that Hogwart's express. Based on what Mogensha said, naturally he has decided to immediately return to the realm and not meddle with these affairs. In actual fact, analyzing between the lines of Mogensha's words, if he really wanted to harm Sheyan, then exposing these matters to Sheyan now was indeed the silliest method to do so. He could have chosen to keep quiet, and 3 minutes later after the Metals professor and Fanu arrived, he could then divulge all this! Hence, one could tell that Mogensha was sincere in not wanting to become Sheyan's enemy.

Of course there is that possibility that Mogensha had already sold out Sheyan to the Metals professor, and currently putting on a facade in front of Sheyan - but such a tactic was foolish because once Sheyan greeted the Metals professor, there was a great chance that he would instantly expose Mogensha's lies! Then there will bound to be certain distrust towards Mogensha from both sides. From Mogensha's earlier display of shrewdness, there wasn't a great possibility of choosing such a tactic.

Sheyan was already aware that they would be others who could see through his personal attributes. Although in this world nobody was able to examine his battle log, everything has its exceptions. He was already prepared that someone would be able to spy on his personal attributes. Based on the system in this realm, those that posessed such ability would definitely come from a long range combatant. Because their perceptive sensing other than ability was an essential attribute!

Hence after suffering from the Banks Syndicate ambush, Sheyan had purposefully delayed along with those support class contestants. His main motive was that the more long range combatants of the Symbiosis sect died, the better. But his primary goal was to fish in troubled waters, and see if he could share a part of the actions and profits during the entire process of the Metals professor covering the philosopher's stone. If he allowed every long range combat member of the Symbiosis sect to die, then this wasn't compatible with his goals.

Furthermore if Sheyan hadn't stepped in and allowed Mogensha's group to die, he didn't have the confidence of defeating the Banks Syndicate with the remaining support class contestants. But he never anticipated this astonishing twist of event:

Someone in the Symbiosis sect actually possessed such an ability, and managed to survive amidst the massacre. No doubt this was a tiny probability encounter. Fortunately, for some unknown reasons, Mogensha was actually willing to discard his loyalty for the party instead of becoming Sheyan's enemy!


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