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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 50


Chapter 50: Lethal Karabiner vs Golden Ak!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and ELkassar

Faced against this hopeless image, Mogensha shut his eyes. His remaining HP wasn't much, after this he would certainly be sunk into a critically wounded state! Once that happens, killing him was only a matter of time. Suddenly, the wooden door beside him crashed open, releasing a multitude of dust into the air. A muscular hand thrusted in and seized the incoming dagger, halting the dagger abruptly!

This interruption completely negated Jowen's impending fatal strike!

Jowen's widened his eyes, trying to withdraw his dagger. The sharp dagger was instantly smeared with fresh blood, as the blood splattered onto the wooden walls. But a swift and ferocious silhouette had already smashed through the wooden wall, calmly obstructing his path to Mogensha. If not Sheyan, then who? He wiped away the blood on his hands, smirking at his opponent.

’’Sorry to be the bearer of bad news..... But now its 2 versus 1.’’

Jowen's face turned ashen, he didn't expect the hunter to become the hunted. What was more depressing was the fact that Mogensha was a horrifying firearm beast. He couldn't even escape if he wanted to!

Unexpectedly escaping from the grips of death, no matter how tough his personality was, Mogensha couldn't help feeling a huge excited relief. He grew up in the disorderly country of Somalia in Africa, since young he was an orphan. Guns were his only toys since young, his only friend while growing up, and the only thing keeping him alive during adulthood! From such a perspective, he and the previously killed Cazider were the same kind of person. The only difference was that Cazider became Sheyan's enemy, hence he died. Yet Mogensha was Sheyan's temporary comrade, and hence he lived.

Suddenly, Jowen lowered his body and drilled his dagger towards Sheyan's abdomen. His attack belonged to the swift but light category and his right hand was previously injured resulting in a decline of his attacking speed. Sheyan didn't bother dodging, he merely raised his knee and allowed Jowen to stab his leg, only resulting in a superficial wound! It was completely nothing to Sheyan!

But Jowen's follow up actions was pretty alarming to Sheyan. His avoidability was extremely unfathomable. Sheyan consecutively swung his hatchet 3 times, but two of it were easily dodged by Jowen. The last swing was resisted by Jowen's dagger before the impact forced its way against his body. Although the hatchet ripped open a huge tear in his right shoulder, he managed to seize this chance and flee. He quickly attempted to dive into the nearby window, but a round from the patient Mogensha found its way into his head instantly landing him into critically wounded state. After a brief moment of burstfire, Mogensha killed him. A pity no key appeared.

’’Your timing is immaculate.’’ Mogensha turned to him and mocked.

Sheyan replied gently.

’’Of course, If not you'd be the one on the floor.’’

Mogensha shot a cold stare at Sheyan.

’’Do you know? O'Connor was my only friend.’’

Sheyan gave an uninterested answer.

’’So what?’’

Mogensha's expression turned gloomy.

’’Bastard! If you didn't abandon your responsibility! He wouldn't have died!’’

’’Then the dead person would be me.’’ Sheyan stubbornly argued.

’’You would die?’’ Mogensha angrily refuted. ’’You......’’

His expression changed. His last 'You' was like a stone trapping his tongue underneath, and swallowed back into his throat.

Sheyan laughed.

’’I what?’’

The untamed and fierce Mogensha instead swallowed his saliva, lowering his head and muttered.

’’Nevermind, let's go and save the rest.’’

Sheyan looked into his eyes, whispering.

’’Then we need to save ourselves first.’’

Mogensha was confused by his words.


’’I managed to force that support class Danny and Venter into a desperate situation.... But that woman actually used the Fairy's praise. Moreover, Phelps's summoned 3 wolves wouldn't be able to contain Diaz for long.’’ Sheyan calmly continued. ’’Thus, we only have roughly 3 minutes before facing the fully healed Venter and Diaz. If I'm not wrong, that is the Diaz who killed 5 of our guys previously.’’

’’Shit’’ While cursing, Mogensha hurriedly fished out a bandage and swiftly wrapped his wounds. ’’Luckily Masika managed to use the scroll left behind by the Metals professor to heavily injure Felix. If not this would've been a lost cause.’’

Sheyan replied.

’’If you can suppress Diaz, then we have a chance at victory. You can peacefully hand Venter over to me.’’

Mogensha took a long hard gaze at Sheyan.

’’Diaz's innate ability is: Full-Load, His reloading speed is quickened by 50%, his explosive strike rate is also enhanced. His weapon is a Karabiner rifle. Outside 100 metres, I have no chance of victory. Within 100 metres, I can force out a draw. But once I can come within 30 metres, then no doubt he is finished!’’

Sheyan nonchalantly replied.

’’Roger, then I'll cover you till 50 metres.’’

After speaking, Sheyan handed his soul equipment: Endless vodka to him.


Mogensha received it, and gulped down a mouthful. Pleasantly surprised he exclaimed.

’’Great stuff!’’

Sheyan took the wine cup back, and smiled.

’’Don't thank me. If you die too early, it doesn't benefit me at all.’’

Mogensha patted his golden AK, snorting.

’’That was what I wanted to tell you.’’

Sheyan walked towards the door entrance, before looking back.

’’We still have roughly 2 minutes before Venter shows up. Within these two minutes, I need to reduce the gap between you and Diaz by 50 metres..... Therefore, time is tight! Prepare. 3, 2, 1, go!!’’

Sheyan suddenly dove out of the window, Mogensha's shadow closely stuck behind him. Although Sheyan wasn't considered slow, this was nothing to Mogensha.

The distant gunshots arrived from Diaz, but Sheyan was currently at his optimal state. Using his hands to cover his head, he bluntly sprinted forward like a human meat shield. The tailing Mogensha was extremely efficient and ruthless, occasionally returning fire. Although Diaz had the superior vantage point behind his cover, Mogensha similarly had Sheyan providing cover. Comparing the two, they had roughly equal conditions.

Because the entire field was sealed up by the Ministry of Magic, occupying an overlooking position of the entire field was of utmost importance. The roof where Diaz was at was undoubtedly a core region. Sheyan's goal was to charge towards that building, but Diaz had a stable mentality. He quickly reacted and counter attack. The blazing bullets headed straight for Sheyan.

Naturally his MP wasn't infinite. His burst shot.3 consecutive ability wasn't activated. Although Diaz's karabiner contained massive killing potential, it wasn't able to deal any fatal damage to Sheyan in a short duration. Furthermore, Mogensha constantly returned fire. Hence after running over, Sheyan had only suffered 3 shots, and managed to conserve a huge amount of energy.

When they arrived beneath Diaz's located building, Mogensha took over to lead. Because if Diaz wasn't willing to abandon his vantage position, then he would have to engage in a tussle with Mogensha within this building! Naturally, his long 3 - 5 seconds arming Karabiner could not compare with the automatic firing of an AK-47. But one must consider, Diaz wasn't unqualified when it comes to strength. He still possessed valiant close combat abilities, hence the victor was hard to determine.

’’Ok.’’ after breaking out of Diaz's killing zone, Mogensha could finally loosened up and regained some confidence. He patted his AK at the building entrance as he brandished a thumbs up gesture to Sheyan.

’’Leave the rest to me. I can sense a disastrous odour coming from over there, Venter should be about to surface. Hurry up and recover a little, then take him out with your maximum capacity. I heard Venter's innate ability is called Berserk, which will raise his strength by approximately 15%. But he probably already used it previously, you shouldn't need to worry about that.’’

Sheyan looked sharply at Mogensha.

’’Heck, you don't seem concerned about my safety at all?’’

Mogensha pursed his thick lips, drawing out a black handkerchief from his chest. That cloth looked wrinkled and filthy, and even had several blood stains. He then tied it over his head, turning around meaningfully.

’’Although Venter is strong, really, I like you better.’’

Sheyan frowned, but Mogensha had already disappeared from his vision. Concurrently, a loud piercing cracking sound boomed from the distant building. A huge door was blasted out, as its debris scattered into the sky, covering the earth with dust. Waving his broadsword, Venter walked out slowly with a face full of malicious killing intent. Behind him, that old, 3 storeys tall, english building swayed and finally collapsed loudly, as the dust soared to the heavens! His eyes were brimming with viciousness, like two needles deeply penetrating into Sheyan!


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