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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 49


Chapter 49: Fairy's praise

Translated by: CHua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Venter was helpless. He had to support the woman with one hand, while raising his sword to block with the other! His weapon was originally dual handed, using it with one hand was already forcing it. Moreover, he had suffered heavy injuries beforehand, thus after clashing against Sheyan's hatchet, Venter staggered backwards beneath the sparks! Furthermore behind them was the room, filled with flames!

Venter was unable to dodge Sheyan's subsequent chop and could only receive it with his body. His strength was astounding, but his physique was severely lacking, Sheyan wasn't going to be merciful and chopped down with an evil smile! The profound hatchet left a huge, bone deep, wound on Venter's body. Venter shuddered in pain, as he swung his sword in retaliation trying to force Sheyan back. Instead, Sheyan advanced, lifting his left hand as he scoffed and received the sword!

The icy cold blade slashed against Sheyan's left arm, as it cut towards his ghastly white bone before stopping!

Blood gushed out, spraying against Sheyan's face.

Yet Sheyan maintained his crazed assault! He swung back his right hand, and once again chopped down with his hatchet!

The scene of his sword slicing against the opponent's bone never failed to excite Venter. However, being chopped by a hatchet wasn't a great feeling either.

Blood sprayed out from both parties, smearing against the nearby walls, painting an awfully tragic art piece onto the filthy wall.

Sheyan endured the slash as if it were nothing. But to Venter, that last hatchet was really like the the last straw!

This last blow finally led the quantitative damages to a qualitative result. Previously, Venter was already dragged in after receiving heavy injuries. During treatment, he was suddenly ambushed by O'Connor's fireball. Although it wasn't lethal, he still suffered quite a massive wound. But after receiving two merciless chops from Sheyan, he immediately sank into a heavily wounded state as he stumbled backwards before collapsing to the ground with the person he was supporting.

Sheyan laughed, raising his hatchet as he walked over slowly. The flames cast a gloomy glow on his face, as he spoke with a flat and gentle tone.

’’Any last words?’’

Clearly about to ruthlessly claim one's life, Sheyan actually used a such a simple and peaceful tone, as if he were creating some small talk. At this vital moment, Sheyan had became more cautious. This was because a contestant would only reveal his final trump card when his back was forced against the wall. If the two managed to craft up some self-destruct ability, then wouldn't his own life be in immense danger?

Venter panted aggressively, blood dying his entire body. Still he covered the female contestant, with his eyes brimming with rage.

Sheyan gently breathed, he was afraid of unexpected variables if he dragged too long. Raising his Butchering bone hatchet, and chopped down!

The hatchet was aimed at Venter's head! If it landed, it would definitely be fatal!

But Sheyan's face suddenly changed, because the hatchet suddenly collided against a formless resistance when it was 30 cm away from its target. He couldn't force even an inch through. Seeing this scene, Venter suddenly cried out loudly in sorrow. That cry was like an abandoned wolf, filled with remorse and terror!

’’No! Danny! Don't!’’

The support class female contestant gradually stood up, gently stroking Venter's hair and then kissing him softly.

Venter's eyes were filled with despairing tears. He was blocked by a formless barrier, forced to stay within.

Then the female contestant slowly floated up, her hair drifting through the wind giving off a goddess impression. Suddenly a spring flower blooming fragrance filled the enter room, event the surrounding flames were extinguished. The floor started to sprout several tiny green shrubs. Sheyan shockingly discovered, his half empty lifepoints starting to regenerate rapidly, similarly for Venter.

Danny's hair danced amidst the wind before starting transforming into specks of twinkling brilliance as it dispersed into the air.... Following that, her resplendent body also started to radiate into shimmering fragments!

The price for this ability was actually using her own precious life!

’’Don't tell me, this is the rumoured Fairy's praise?’’ Sheyan suddenly recalled a conversation he head of in the realm's marketplace. It was said that in the Lord of the Rings world, one could expend a low price to learn this ability from a spirit druid. Sacrificing oneself to protect comrades. However afterwards the user will transform into a seed. If one was willing to pay up an expensive price, there would still be hopes of revival.

Venter covered his face with his hands as he knelt on the floor, his entire body trembling. An uncontrollable sobbing ensued. Although he was currently trapped, but once this protective barrier vanished, he would certainly charge forward like a mad dog to devour Sheyan completely!

Sheyan's wounds were lighter than Venters. Very quickly, he was restored to perfect shape. Venter was close to death, therefore he needed more time to regenerate. 1/3 of Danny's body had drifted away, and based on Venter's demented appearance, he would definitely restore her seed.

This meant that Sheyan had obtained adequate time to deal with his other enemies - At least, he had to contain that Diaz hiding in the shadows. If not, slaying the mountain troll has offered concrete evidence on the consequences of allowing Diaz to freely deliver attacks. Thinking of this, Sheyan immediately retreated several steps back. Completely ignoring Venter's hatred filled eyes, he elbowed the wall behind him.

The wooden wall immediately cracked, as a section of it tore off and tumbled down. Sheyan then leapt down. Presently, the unfolding events of the battle were extremely complicated. While Sheyan was busy on top, black shirted Orlan had killed off Aili. But had a catastrophic time against the combination of Phelps and his wolves. He was then gnawed to death by the human wolf combo! The dropped key was snatched by Phelps.

Diaz had also seized the opportunity to attack Phelps. If not for Phelps finally ridding himself of Orlan, allowing the 3 wolves to freely pester Diaz, he wouldn't have lived till now.

One had to admit, Sheyan's leading charge had really swung the tides of battle. It successfully dissolved the pressure on the Symbiosis sect's long distance combatants. Currently, the main focus of this battle was in the area between the collapsed ruins and the opposite building. Two Banks Syndicate members were tightly pursuing Mogensha and Deke. The summoned whomping willow had finally vanished, and the pale faced Felix had suffered a heavy strike. It looked like he was the victim of a surprise attack.

Sheyan swept the entire field with his eyes. After deliberating in his heart, he swiftly dashed off towards a direction.


Mogensha was violently panting.

Several deep scars were carved onto his golden AK47. If not for several critical moments where others erupted in sentimental sacrifices, he would undoubtedly have become a dead man.

Currently, the one chasing him like a maggot infiltrating a bone was a contestant named, Jowen. Although his appearance was a crooked shorty that didn't even reach 1.6m, he was holding onto two terribly sharp dark blue daggers. It was crafted by a blacksmith dwarf in the Lord of the Rings world. Alone, it wasn't much of a threat, but placed together, its might was terrorizing.

Wayne and no.13 were killed by Jowen. But before they died, they managed to heavily wound Jowen's right hand. Hence, he could only utilize one dagger to combat Mogensha and wasn't able to exhibit his fullest potential. That was also the main reason why Mogensha was able to flee and endure for so long.

Jowen fiercely slashed with his dagger, leaving faint blue afterimages wherever he swung. Mogensha could only block with his rifle. But at this moment, Jowen sneered and swung his leg up, kicking Mogensha on his chest. He was clearly trying to take his opponent down with his superior close combat skills, and suppress him completely. Every attack was obvious and distinct, but if he didn't block it then there would be dire consequences.

This sort of offence was similar to the military strategy 'Obvious scheme' category. Obviously Mogensha had far superior perceptive sensing over Jowen, he could clearly determine where Jowen would attack next, but there was nothing he could do!

This is just like in a basketball match, an adult truthfully telling a child he is about to release a 3-pointer shot. Yet the child would be unable to guard against him. Barely relying on judgement, Mogensha was unable to overcome the gap of close combat skills between him and Jowen.

His vision blackened as he was kicked back heavily. Originally prepared to continue warding off the opponent's next attack, who knew that his right leg found no footing. He then realized he was forced to a flight of stairs as he tumbled backwards and rolled down.

Agility was his primary attribute, meaning his balance was superb allowing him to recover quickly from his fall. But after standing up, Jowen had already darted forward with his dagger and skirted the dagger across his throat! Although Jowen's attacking damage wasn't considered high, an attack to the throat enhanced the probability of an explosive strike. Thus it would surely inflict heavy damage to Mogensha causing Mogensha to fall into a critically wounded state.

Mogensha's pupils shrank, exposing a hint of regret.

’’F***! If only I knew.....’’


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