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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 47


Chapter 47: Burst shot so what? (Breakeven 2)

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Strictly speaking, Sheyan had already led the 3 guys sneakily towards that cluster of building for close to 10 minutes. During this time, there was a slight disagreement and conflict with another contestant excelled in the intelligence attribute. If not for the the intense situation against a common enemy, they would have directly came to blows to solve the dispute in the swiftest possible way.

Previously when Sheyan was buried underneath the ruins, he was determined to stay below. Obviously the Banks Syndicate would have targeted all contestants who possessed the strength to hold the defence. Therefore, Sheyan's plan was to first rescue the other contestants buried underneath who were proficient in other attributes. If he waited for them to climb up themselves, although a contestant was far capable than average humans, he would still have to wait at least an hour.

Unknowingly, as he was rescuing Phelps, he suddenly discovered a drain. Although the drain was narrow and filthy, a hole was smashed open by a collapsing rubble. Climbing in, they were able to access the main drainage channel of the street.

London was an established city with a long history, its sewage channels were accessible from all sides. It was as complex as a maze. Sheyan had far superior strength than average people, thus after rescuing the 3, he easily slipped to the opposite building. At this time..... Coincidentally was the time where Gale was disarmed and killed.

This was when the conflict begun.

A intelligence based contestant called O'Connor probably because of Felix's betrayal, considered himself as the head of the miscellaneous team. Believing that this was a great chance of a comeback, he urgently lowered his voice and commanded.

’’I'll target Venter, Aili prepare to cast a spell onto the black shirt Orlan , Phelps you block that idiot Sidang! Seaman rush out to distract them. On the count of 3, we'll head out.’’

’’1 , 2 , 3!’’

Three pairs of eyes stared at the back of Sheyan. He was reclining against the wall, with his eyes gazing towards the ceiling at a 45 degrees angle. His expression was firm and determined. It was like he was seriously examining how long did the filth take to coagulate onto the ceiling.

O'Connor's face turned red, fuming out with a whisper.

’’Oi Seaman, what are you waiting for?’’

Sheyan swung his head back replying.

’’Waiting for a chance.’’

O'Connor urgently urged.

’’This is the best chance, hurry up.’’

Sheyan rolled his eyes.

’’Who wants to go ahead can go, I'm not F**king going.’’

O'Connor's face turned ashen, pronouncing out his words slowly.

’’You're betraying the party?’’

Sheyan snorted.

’’If i charge out now, the first thing the Banks Syndicate will do is bombard me! ****, the one that is dying is not you right? Or do you want to gift me a black grade shield like the Metals professor did, you think I'm stupid? Why don't you go?’’

The words were stuck in O'Connor's throat, in his eagerness, he really treated Sheyan as cannon fodder. But obviously he couldn't say this out loud. After hearing Sheyan's outburst, he flew into a rage out of humiliation.

’’We'll all be covering you from the back, what harm will you be in? I think you're thinking of betraying us!’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders.

’’Whatever, if you think I'm betraying then start a trial against me.’’

O'Connor's eyeballs were about to pop out. He abruptly turned to the other two.

’’Phelps, Aili, let's not care about this di*k. Let's go!’’

Aili was a female. She held certain apprehension towards O'Connor's orders, she knew that a slight misjudgement would cost her her life. Thus she neutrally refuted.

’’I think we should wait. If no one blocks from the front, we won't be able to kill that bastard Venter and he can gain on us within 3 seconds.’’

Phelps also didn't hold a high position, but declared his opinion.

’’I agree with Aili.’’

Truthfully speaking, contestants like them were the hardest at the initial stage, they were worst off compared to agile contestants. At least the latter could rely on their superior speed to flee. Furthermore, support class contestants suffered MP and casting speed constraints. But after they matured, all sorts of weakening abilities, or supremely potent magic spells, controlling abilities were exceptionally frightening. For example, that woman 'Zi' that Sheyan met previously.

Sheyan sneered in his heart: Little kid, never played before the online game 'Unhuman'? Will a tank dare to act against a demon boss? Are you tired of living?

O'Connor was so angry he started trembling. It seemed like he was really about to rush up alone. But instead he shut his eyes and took a few breaths. Calming down he continued.

’’I'll report this matter to the metals professor. Seaman, then you'll decide when is the best chance.’’

Sheyan was astonished. Indeed the realm doesn't contain weaklings. This O'Connor actually was able to assess the situation and calm down, and even allowed me to lead! Such tolerance and self control is really something else.

Finally, Sheyan's awaited moment arrived. This opportunity didn't seem very great - Venter had already received treatment for 3 minutes, Black shirt Orlan had already been cured and had rushed out. Only Sidang was clutching his belly with a pale face and panting while leaning against the wall. But, Sheyan's most feared individual had finally shown some weakness!

That was the support class contestant of the Banks Syndicate!

To Sheyan, no matter if its Diaz or Venter, they couldn't amount much threat to him. Only those spell casters were his greatest worry. Even the weapon enhanced Venter was able to release a terrifying sea of flames to engulf Chevslokov. Who knew what other fire abilities this guy could exhibit? Or perhaps any petrifying methods who gained from other worlds?

Yet at this moment it was clearly seen, that supporting contestant was relatively weakened. As he bandaged Venter, above his hands were some white rays interweaving with the bandage. This white glow suddenly flickered after 5 -6 seconds. It was obvious, his MP was about to be drained. He could only rely on natural methods to squeeze out this treatment.

If they didn't act now, when else would they?

Sheyan burst out with energy, heavily knocking against the wooden door ahead. Unloading his might as he hurriedly charge forward amidst the dusty air! He was like a vigorous ox frenziedly charging head on across a wasteland. At the same moment, that Whomping Willow was frantically causing a huge uproar, creating more rising dost and fog. The two parties locked in combat had no clue of this new variable, that there was a disturbance amongst those inside the opposite building.

From the distant vantage point, suddenly regulated gunshots could be heard! Decomposed wooden shavings and sawdust splintered in all directions. Sheyan was familiar with this regulated shooting, but at that time the gunshot provided him with security, and the troll's nightmare. But right now, it had transformed into a deathly sickle, hoping to viciously taste his flesh and blood! It was triggered from the grim and callous Diaz hiding in the distance.

Such was the cruel reality. Yesterday's friend, was now opening fire against him without the slightest hesitation.

Blazing hot bullets crashed against Sheyan's body, but never penetrated. Instead, his study muscles simply squeezed them out, as the bloodied bullets fell to the dust filled floor.

’’Contestant no.33091 has dealt 120 points of basic damage, factoring contestant limitation of 40%, he dealt 72 points of damage. Factoring 16 points of defence, he dealt 45 points of damage. Your innate ability Endurance activated. Your total received damage: 20 points.’’

’’Contestant no.33091 activated ability: Burst shot, 3 consecutive. The last shot resulted in an explosive strike. Your total damage sustained is 19 points, 17 points, and 36 points of damage!’’

’’Contestant no.33091 request to check his battle log. Do you wish to use your perceptive sensing to pressurely interfere with your opponent? Yes/No.’’

’’Your perceptive sensing successfully interferes with the opponent. Insufficient perceptive sensing to mislead the opponent, but opponent is unable to view detailed data from the battle log.’’

Sheyan scurried through the list of notifications, he discovered that only in a short 10 seconds, his life had dropped by close to 1/3. His lips curl into a smile. 3 burst shot so what? But in his heart he started to feel that Gale's death was indeed justifiable under such explosive might.

Fortunately at this moment, his magic reinforcements finally arrived. A gigantic fireball sped past and directly headed towards the room, it was released by O'Connor! In addition, Aili's witchcraft curse had landed on the heavily injured Sidang. Instead, Phelps was a summoner. From his shouts, Three enormous big bad wolves with shiny scalps appeared with saliva dripping through their incisive fangs. They pounced directly towards the black shirt Orlan who was running back to aid.

But at this moment, the sprinting Sheyan unexpectedly leapt down into the lateral cluster of houses! His action utterly exposed the other 3 supporting contestants to the wrath of Diaz's gunfire!

This unforeseen movement seemed extremely abnormal. If Sheyan had continued to run straight, then Diaz could only continue to assault him. Sheyan would then crashed head on into the wooden room Venter was in and would be in Diaz's blind spot, but will now attract the attention of Venter. The other 3 supports could bombard their attacks freely without restraints. But at this moment he suddenly escaped to the side.....undoubtedly, the powerful magician O'Connor instantly became Diaz's primary target!

The chilling gunshots resonated - Cunning, dull and full of despair.


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