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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 46


Chapter 46: Diaz enters

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and ELkassar

Clear gunshots reverberated out. Mogensha was nowhere to be found, naturally he had already found suitable cover. Yet the bullets spraying out of his golden AK were relentless, the incoming bullets even contained a tinge of electric light. After securing his position, Mogensha had started to activate his personal abilities!

A gunman who could unleash his assaults without constraints possessed immense battle capabilities. At the present stage, it far exceeded the strength of most close combatants, but when in close proximity, that was a whole different story.

Mogensha released two bullets strapped in sparks as it directly penetrated into the two contestants who were about to attack Gale. Not only were they hurt by the bullets, they felt a paralysis sensation over their bodies. Instantly, a gap was formed between Venter and them. At this moment, it was too late for Gale to retreat. He bluntly received that blazing broadsword with his shield and an evil smile.

’’Kiang!’’ A booming clashing of metals resounded. Gale's strength couldn't match up to Venter as he stumbled back 6 steps, while Venter's sword recoiled from the impact. The overflowing scathing flames collided against the condensed black fog of the shield.

Simultaneously, at the instance the shield and sword collided, a powerful elastic tension sound could heard. It was the tight yet elastic bowstring being released from a great bow. Deke, who was constantly hiding in the shadows finally found his chance. Drawing his bow as he pulled the power tightly, he released an arrow towards the thing of a banks syndicate contestant!

This arrow was extremely incisive as it screeched through the air as a black shadow, piercing into the contestant and causing him to roll 7-8 rounds on the ground. His entire thigh was split open. The Symbiosis sect gunman who was currently fighting him wasn't someone to be trifled with, he seized the chance as he opened fire with his dual gun, and added a grenade into the fray. It seems like even if he didn't die, he would at least be half dead. The gunman didn't pursue but instead swiftly headed to Gale.

It looked like the Symbiosis sect had finally organized themselves in a basic formation, splitting into a triangle spear head formation. The tip of the spear was Gale with his resistive shield. Behind, to his left and right were the shotgun users, Wayne and no.13. Bowman Deke took the rear guard, and the other gunmen had found their shelters, dishing out attacks behind their cover.

The situation was clear. If Venter wasn't able to swiftly remove Gale, then he would very possibly suffer under the onslaught of gunfire. His strength was high, but that didn't mean his physique was. If not for that mental armour covering him, he would probably already received heavy damages.

Moreover from the previous clash, although Venter possessed overwhelming strength, the possibility of overcoming a 18 points physique inducing defence and that massively tough shield was low. Once the Symbiosis sect's long range firepower regained favourable positioning, then undoubtedly the victory would be hard for the Banks Syndicate!

Venter ignored his predicament as he roared out and pounced into the sky! His dual handed broadsword blazing with furious intent, it was like a fishing struggling against the net. Either the net breaks or he dies. Gale as a new head looked at this wild onslaught with a cunning sneer on his face. He had already calculated that if he continued to stand firm, although he would suffer heavy injuries but the firepower aid behind him would be able to pressure Venter to his death! Suddenly, Wayne and No13 stepped forward to cover him, while he retreated to use his bandage. It could be said defeat was inevitable for the Banks Syndicate.

Venter was hanging in mid air and unable to evade. No doubt, Mogensha leading the far range bombardment wouldn't rest on such a good opportunity. He focused at Venter and opened fire. The transparent mental armour covering venter had already started losing its lustre, as the onslaught created cracks and finally shattered it! However, Venter heavily breathed in, he was determined to not look back.

Just as Gale inched forward with his shield and his mocking smile, a wooden door on the next building burst opened! A skinny person wearing a black gown and pointy wizard hat stood forward. His entire body was concealed by the cloak and he even looked like as tender and delicate as a female.

But his following actions sent a chill up the backs of every member of the Symbiosis sect.

A bone piercing chill!

Waving his wand towards Gale, the contestant shouted out.


He actually casted a disarming charm! This charm carried immeasurable usefulness within the entire magic world of Harry Potter. Even during the final battle, Harry Potter used his spell to defy Voldemort's avada kedavra curse and obtain victory. When the spell finished releasing, that contestant started coughing violently and even stooped down and vomited out blood.

But as the spell collided. Gale felt his grip of the shield becoming unstable. He could feel that this originally heavy and rugged shield had transformed into a slippery loach as the shield was blown away. In a flash, that blazing fiery broadsword chopped down onto his skull. A piercing gun sound travelled through the air. Through the corner of his horrified eyes, Gale could see an old fashioned Karabiner rifle. Its black barrel was aiming directly at the spot between his brows. Lastly, an icy cold expression.

’’F..... F****! Even Diaz had been bought in by the Banks Syndicate.’’


Gale died

Even though he consumed a medicine that could restore 50% of his HP.

Even though that shield would return to his hand in 3 seconds.

Even though Venter was heavily wounded in that instance.

Even though Wayne and No.13 tried their best to open fire to assist him......

But Gale still died.

If only Venter attacked him, then Gale still had a high chance of survival. But after Diaz joined the foray, then death was inevitable. One must understand, Diaz was actually an exceedingly powerful character that was overlooked. His attacking might was incredible, probably no one on scene could match up to it. Just based on that battle with the troll, the damage Diaz dealt alone to the mountain troll probably dominated 70% of its life! The most frightening aspect of his assaults could be described with one world: Stability! Gale died an extremely unwilling death.

Actually, Diaz being in cahoots with the Banks Syndicate and rippling up his initial agreement was bound to happen. Undoubtedly, the Metals professor had already suspected him to be a unscrupulous fisherman. Although Diaz had a icily arrogant personality, he was no fool. The Metals professor's suspiciousness was clear to him. Since that was the case, his minor dispute with the Banks Syndicate previously amounted to nothing. It was just a tiny cold war, while the other was being a thieving suspect. Only, the Metals professor had never expected that the Banks Syndicate would break the realm's barriers, and receive emergency reinforcements! If not he wouldn't have displayed such obvious suspicions towards Diaz but instead to the Banks Syndicate instead.

With Gale's death, the frontier defence of the Symbiosis sect instantly crumbled. Furthermore at this moment, the golden spectacled Felix's controlled Whomping Willow shook into action. Stirring against the ruins as dust filled the entire sky, it was like someone tossed out 10 smoke grenades in the area.

This undoubtedly was favourable to the close combat contestants. One noteworthy point was that up till now, Felix had not chosen to explicitly attack a Symbiosis sect member. Obviously he wasn't willing to incur the frightening backlash of going against the party's regulations. Of course in this moment, nobody was stupid enough to conduct a trial against him in this circumstance. Once Felix decided to directly be involved, then the entire situation was further snowball.

Cries and wails echoed through the atmosphere as contestants fell one after another. Of course some attempted to flee, but the formation created by the ministry of magic staff created a massive effect, completely encompassing the entire battle. This was able to prevent outsider muggles from viewing, and prevented the internal people from escaping. Naturally after the battle begun, the 4 members of the ministry of magic had shifted the civilians away. Hence, even using the innocent as shields were impossible.

Within this massive blood fest, nobody noticed that Sheyan was hiding in a small room not faraway from the battle zone. He had started to gesture at 3 contestants behind him, pointing to them their target. The place Sheyan was pointing to was shockingly a room in the opposite building.

Within that building, was the expert supporter contestant of the Banks Syndicate with assisting abilities. He was currently busy within that room.

The Banks Syndicate was a higher ranked party than the Symbiosis sect. Comparing the Symbiosis sect's party ability: Impossible comeback, the Banks Syndicate party ability was: Sinking boats. In the instance where they are heavily wounded, they will receive a protective shield. The HP of this shield is 100 points, and will continually protect the user. Naturally in this situation, this ability was far superior to 'Impossible comeback'. Thus the mortality rate of the Banks Syndicate was far lower.

This time the reason why the Banks Syndicate was able to produce such groundbreaking results, first was the betrayal for the golden specs Felix. Secondly, they received great buffs from the assisting abilities: Mental armour, flaming blades enchantment, expelliarmus..... Furthermore they probably possessed certain healing abilities as well. Because when anyone from the banks syndicate was heavily wounded, as long as they could be rescued out they would all evacuate towards that building.


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