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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 45


Chapter 44: Betrayal

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Suddenly the earth starting shaking beneath their legs! This vibration came from the building itself!

The first vibration was like a fuse, in a blink of an eye, the second earthquake happened!

If the first was said to be gentle, then the second was like an explosion threatening to tear the place apart!

Sheyan's face instant changed as he immediately slapped his hand onto his feet. His physique instantly soared to 31 points!

The brick and wooden composition of this building produced cracking sounds as the building shook violently. In the middle, a 10 metre long crevice appeared, it was split apart 3 metres wide! Sheyan and the rest were located in the roof, under the intense vibrations, the benches and furnishings started to slide into the crevice. The ceiling bricks also started to rain dust down onto them. Although the group of contestant far exceeding the capabilities of an average person, they could only tightly hold onto the surrounding firm objects they could find. Following that, a burst of light shone into their eyes. A gap in the ceiling allowed the suns rays to penetrate through.

Sheyan's heart quivered, his face turned ashen. If this was an attack by a contestant, he didn't even hear any explosive sounds or felt any threat! Such terrifying strength was not inferior to the mountain troll!

Very quickly, odd creaking and grating sounds resounded from below. Following that, A devilish looking humongous tree stump burst up from below, its branches frantically spasmed out like tentacles as it smashed against the rubble around it. Wood splinters and dust dispersed in all directions. The tree's roots were like dried human veins as it covered and penetrated into the ground! Some of the roots were still wriggling and pulsing as those absorbing some sort of fluid from the ground!

Sheyan finally understood, the thing that broke this huge building should be strength germinated from this demonic tree! In the present world, the germinating roots of plants could even penetrate through skulls or rocks in their path. With the appearance of this demonic tree, its germinating strength was immense. However, looking at its enormous might, its fatal flaw should be on its speed, and enemies could be free to roam about. As long as a contestant was well versed in middle or long range attacks, then it would simply become a live target.

At this moment, the fuming and startled contestants started to cough out curses.

’’Felix! Why the F*** did you summon a Whomping Willow for?’’

’’Despicable fool, the Metals professor would reaching anytime. See how he takes care of you!’’


’’Whomping Willow?’’ the ground beneath Sheyan had already collapsed. He was single handedly holding onto a wall shelf as he hung in mid air. Coincidentally during his mission yesterday, he came across a handbook about this. He instantly recalled the information on this creature.

Whomping Willow

Scientific name: Willow

Species: Dicotyledon plant family, Malpighiales, Willow tree branch

Height: Junior 3 metres, Matured as tall as 10 metres

Attack range: Equal to its height

Tree special ability: Take root. Immune to dizziness, poison, blood loss, crippling effects.

Tree special ability: Fear of fire

Tree special ability: Tree bark. Possess additional HP as well as defence.

Suddenly, four black dressed figures flew up into the air, simultaneously proclaiming in a stiff and cold tone.

’’Ministry of Magic on duty formation!’’

Consecutively, every Symbiosis sect member received a notification from the nightmare imprint:

’’You have entered the duty formation of the Ministry of Magic members!’’

’’Why is the ministry of magic here?!’’

’’What is going on?’’

’’Where's the Metals professor?’’

In that instance, the members all started losing their pillar of confidence as they plunged into chaos. Concurrently, the construction that they were taking cover in was finally pulled by the Whomping willow, and it collapsed loudly! Bricks and timbre rumbled as they tumbled down, and the entire construction was in ruins as dust spreaded up several hundred metres into the atmosphere.

At this moment, several fierce looking contestant leapt down from the surrounding buildings holding onto their weapons. The one leading the charge was holding onto a dual handed broadsword. The sword was layered with fiery flames, and a faint glowing and transparent armoured slowly circulated over his body surface. That armour was a mid grade buff ability from one of the wizard contestants in the banks syndicate, it was called 'Mental armour' which could absorb huge amounts of long distance damage. It was extremely powerful, but the cost of casting this ability was not low. Moreover, it was linked to a high grade advanced ability.

Sheyan had formerly seen this person before, it was the outstanding 28 points strength Venter! It seemed like the Banks Syndicate had seized the chance when the Symbiosis sect suffered a major setback in their close combat powers. They had set up such a ruthless ambush to finish off the Symbiosis sect!

At present, because of his innate ability endurance and his high 15 points of defence, he didn't suffer any damage even when he fell down. Instead, the collapse of the building gave him adequate buffer time! Thus he first composed himself, moreover his exceptional perceptive sensing had already alerted him of the banks syndicate members at the instance the building crumbled down.

’’No doubt this is an ambush planned beforehand!’’

’’The crucial pivotal figure for this ambush should be Felix.’’

’’His status is high, therefore he should have been able to grasp the whereabouts of the two heads of the party, the Metals professor and Fanu!’’

’’His capabilities are strong enough as he prepared such an ability to destroy the entire building. Thus he was able to construct such an awkward scenario where the long distance combatants of the symbiosis sect would lose their advantage!’’

’’He is extremely cautious to be able to conceal this until now!’’


’’Of course there is a bigger question. There were only about 30 people entering this world, and the Symbiosis sect entered with full strength...... where did these excess Banks Syndicate members come from?’’

Several thoughts flashed through Sheyan's mind. He instantly thought of one point. That was if he was from the Banks Syndicate, he would definitely aim to eliminate the close combat fighters first!

Since that's the case, he quickly hid himself back when he was just about to charge out with his fist. Buried underneath the rubble, he could already see the sun rays penetrating through. He slowed down his breathing close to nothingness. In this chaotic situation, nobody was able to notice him.

Cries had started to echo out. Although it was extremely chaotic after the building collapsed, contestants with high agility weren't affected badly. Therefore the current unfavourable condition of the symbiosis sect were as follow:

Primarily is the contestants with high agility would could move about freely. They relied on their speed and avoidability to evade much of the danger as the building collapsed. Most of them were long distance combatants, and only one or two were close range.

Next was the close combat team members. Because their strength was relatively high, they were able to protect themselves, as they crawled out from under the rubble. Estimated to join back the battle within 2 minutes.

The most unlucky were the miscellaneous members, they did not possess strength, agility nor physique. Even crawling out from being buried was difficult!

Therefore when Venter charged into the cloud of dust with his dual handed sword, the people he faced were the panicking agility contestants without any protection! Under the immense pressure of his 28 points of strength, those guys without at least 14 points of strength will suffer from additional crushing damages!

Through the cracks of the rubble, Sheyan could see an agility contestant, Aokarl, being chopped at by Venter. Although he raised up his dagger to block, it was futile. The dual handed flaming broadsword directly chopped into Aokarl's shoulder blade. Venter then slanted his body and slashed horizontally like a revolving gale! The frantic cries of the contestant sounded out as he was thrown off by the slash as he landed heavily on the ground. He was already heavily wounded, as his other enemies fought to deal the finishing blow. Leaving a corpse and a shimmering blood red key.

Although there was the 40% damage limitation, that contestant couldn't even resist for 3 seconds!

As Aokarl died, gunshots pierce through the air! With such controlled precisions, as the bullets entered the air, it even left a faint spiral trajectory trail behind it. Naturally the gunmen from the Symbiosis sect knew that this was a desperate moment as they immediately retaliated in self defence.

The bullets spiralled towards Venter, but instead formed several ripples onto that transparent armour of Venter when it collided. Venter's eyes were bloodshot as he stomped off the ground heavily causing the ground to crack beneath his feet. Venter held onto his fiery blazing broadsword as he raised it high above his head. In a flash, he had covered 7-8 metres with one leap as he swung down towards that gunmen!

Instead, the guman wasn't a weak individual, Sheyan recalled his name was Chevslokov. Faced with Venter's lethal strike, he released a burst fire as he skilfully did a back roll and widened the gap to 5-6 metres! This method was extremely familiar to Sheyan, he had seen Cazider do the same trick to escape his own attacks in his first world. But the only difference between the two was the Cazider was able to release a grenade to prevent the enemy from advancing. Instead, Chevslokov was able to pull apart a bigger distance.

The flaming broadsword crashed down heavily, leaving a splitting burnt crack onto the ground as stones flew up! More frighteningly was that flames from the sword suddenly rummaged together, burning fiercely as it formed a flaming trail across the floor engulfing forward as it completely circled around Chevslokov! Following that, two other contestants behind Venter pounced forward with a pincer attack, as they easily slayed Chevslokov! Once again, a shimmering blood red key fell onto the ground.


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