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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 43


Chapter 43: Finger and key

Translated by: CHua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

’’A demon that was imprisoned for 10,000 years? Don't tell me his name is Illidan? When it walks does it leave a trail of fire?’’ Sheyan wanted so badly to ask in his heart. But observing Infinite's horrified expression, he chose to remain silent.

Saying till the back, Infinite had already started waving his arms about frantically. His voice had transformed hysterically and he finally bluntly straightened his head before fainting away. Sheyan was astounded as he quickly shout at the surrounding workers to conduct CPR on him. He then quickly found that yellowish paper cup and he splashed the cold water onto Infinite's face. Very quickly, that goblin woke up greedily licking the water around his mouth and around him not wanting to waste it. He then sighed and continued with a lingering fear in his voice.

’’Prison Gringotts has always been very peaceful. In order to bring in additional income, a few thousand years ago we started to change reconstruct it into a bank, and succeeded in doing so. Every goblin had already believed that the demon has died in the deepest abyss, and the legends gradually got forgotten. Until a few months back, I constantly wake up in the night and always hear an unexplainable eerie laughter in my ears.’’

Until here, Infinite once again trembled.

’’That sound....I don't wish to recall it! That demon is definitely dead, its soul must be interweaved into these keys, that should be the case!’’

After speaking, Infinite gritted his teeth, and retrieved a paper cutter from the side. Raising his green and wrinkled left hand, and then his pointy long finger. He then squinted his eyes as he sliced! Blood shot out and that finger actually was severed. While landing on the ground, it actually produced a metallic sound.

Infinite released a mournful cry. Although a severed finger couldn't be considered fatal, blood actively sprayed out from the wound, shooting out like a blood arrow onto the surrounding walls. Looking at the amount of blood, Sheyan was really fearful this fella would die of blood loss! If that's the case he would surely be implicated. At this moment, several goblin guards rushed over, but instead the agonizing pale faced Infinite waved them away.

That outburst of blood lasted roughly 30 seconds and abruptly halted. It really was like a formless tap was controlling the amount of blood gushing out. Infinite looked at his severed finger, his face pale as he let out a sigh.

’’F***, I finally got rid of you.’’

He then looked to Sheyan.

’’I know you should've come from a very very distant land. Bring this damned key away and bury it within your hometown. For the love of money, let that abomination forever be buried deep within Gringott's abyss!’’

’’Key? You call this a key?’’

Sheyan asked

Infinite replied.

’’That's right. All of Gringott's important secret door locks can only be opened by the correct goblin's finger! Only the grand goblin race can craft out such genius methods! If a fool tries to stick a key into the lock, he will be in for a great surprise!’’

Sheyan cautiously bent and picked up the severed finger of Infinite. Pinching it casually, he felt it was incomparably tough, and needed immense effort! His strength was already 13 points, close to 3x the average male. Who knew what the density of this severed finger was. His nightmare imprint delivered the notifications.

’’You received an item: Gringotts abyss cell key. grade: '?'. Uses: '?'. Your current nightmare imprint is vastly lacking to meet the relative requirements, unable to obtain other information.’’

’’Wtf.’’ Sheyan cursed in his heart, he felt wronged. The nightmare realm really emphasis on mission and battle capabilities balance. After forking out thousands of utility points to exchange for this, he wasn't able to reap instant rewards. So what if it was a godly weapon? Unless....... Sheyan's eyes suddenly flickered thinking till here. He faster kept this item as he stepped out of Gringotts.

For the remainder of the day, Sheyan constantly rushed about as the utility points on hand streamed out like water. He was finally left with 200 points. At the end, he even had to fork out 2 potential points, 2 low grade items and the chocolate frog to others. Fortunately the benefits goes without saying. His Milestone 'Warmhearted man' apart from completing the Gringotts manager step, he also completed the Eeylops Owl Emporium final commissioning.

That mission also seemed simple on hindsight but was actually immensely tough. Although it was a simple delivery of letter, it needed to be delivered to Hanwell island at the extreme north of Iceland, then to Jekselen Peak in Norway, and finally to Alaska, US and return with the receipt! The locations to deliver to was obviously not in the city. It was all in the icy cold, remote and desolate places. Moreover the location in Alaska was actually the tallest mountain in North America, Mount Mckinley. If the weather wasn't good, he wouldn't even find it in a month. Hence, according to the real mission process, the duration was unthinkable.

Of course there was a cheap trick to use. That was to deliver with magic. With such distance, even Floo powder was of no use. The only method was to use two magic methods: Portkey and Apparate. These two magic could only be used by powerful wizards. But to request for their help....requires great reputation.

(TN: Apparate is a magical form of teleportation)

Therefore amongst the 7 basic attributes of a contestant, charm may seem like it influences the battle capabilities the least, but in fact possessed the greatest assistance! Sheyan had profoundly experienced this fact. His terrible charm had already resulted in many 'surprises' for him. If he didn't have the aid of the party, then he could only give up this 'Warmhearted man' milestone! But Symbiosis sect.... Sheyan's lips pursed sinisterly, only the Metals professor and Fanu were pretty skilled, how would they possibly contain him?

In Sheyan's face now was the final mission of the magic sports goods shop:

Assist the owner to steal the crafting blueprints for the new broomstick, Firebolt.

And the final mission of Borgin &Burkes magic shop:

Obtain the blood of a unicorn.

These two missions required him to personally accomplish them. Because it was very dangerous, and nobody was willing to aid him.

Sheyan calculated his time, he had not much time left in this world. Amongst the two missions, the first was completely unfamiliar. The second could be done swiftly, but was relatively dangerous. Just when he was deliberating in his heart, the pets shop worker Phelps found it. Gesturing to him he urgently issued.

’’Metals professor has an order to quickly assemble in half an hour! At the usual.’’

Sheyan was taken aback.

’’Why didn't I get the message?’’

Phelps replied.

’’Party communication requires the Metals professor to initiate after returning to the nightmare realm. Only his nightmare imprint has the adequate level to use such a technique.’’

Sheyan nodded. Although he was new, but because of the fact of being a close combatant contestant, his status was no doubt higher than Phelps. But Sheyan didn't belittle Phelps because of that. Contrasting the relation between Gale and Phelps, he instead tried to develop a relation with Phelps.

Those who can enter the nightmare realm were outstanding individuals who possessed innate gifts. Phelps wasn't an idiot, since he chose to accept his work in the pets shop, obviously the benefits he could gain weren't less than the a main mission reward. This meant that either his charm wasn't low, or that he encountered a chance opportunity. This sort of people who were able to endure silently, were normally able to produce astonishing results.

Half an hour later, Sheyan had reached the assembling ground of the symbiosis sect. Apart from the metals professor and Fanu, the rest were all present. Sheyan quietly stood behind Gale, keeping a low profile. Gale appointed as the new close combat head, he was finally sitting on his dream position. His eyes flashed with excitement, and he was pleased at Sheyan's reserved behavior. He constantly chatted with him, and even introduced him to the unfamiliar faces around.

The golden spectacles Felix hung a faint smile on his face, he looked like he maintained his graceful demeanor at all times. He really seemed like a lawyer. There were many long distance combat contestants. Their head was a middle aged black man named Mogensha. He had thick lips, bald head that look like Morpheus from the Matrix. He was hugging an eye-catching golden AK (Its gun barrel and butt were made from gold, not the entire gun), with a cigarette in his mouth as he leaned by the window alone. He looked like an apathetic person.

The group waited for roughly 50 minutes. It had long overshot the agreed timing. Gale impatiently snorted.

’’Where's the boss? Isn't he always very punctual?’’

After Sheyan heard this behind him, his pupils shrank. Punctuality is an essential component of a qualified leader, if not his subordinates will follow the wrong example, which meant efficiency would certainly be compromised. Moreover in the nightmare realm, time made a huge difference in life or death! Some that wasn't punctual, may not even live for long!

Therefore a hidden reason was behind the delay of the Metals professor..... It definitely wasn't something good!

Gale's words were heard by the majority. Naturally not only Sheyan noticed this point, several others shuddered in their hearts. They simultaneously looked towards Mogensha. Naturally his perceptive sensing was the highest. Mogensha stroked his eyebrows, he then stood up and walked to the window, and gently shook his head.


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