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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 42


Chapter 42: Ten thousand years imprisoned demon

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Infinite happily shut his eyes and he raised that already yellowish cup to drink the water. After enjoying his fresh bird crap facial mask, he suddenly remembered something else.

’’Oh right my friend, can you help me with something else?’’

Sheyan smiled from ear to ear. I've waited for this a long time. Hurriedly replying.

’’At your service, respected sir.’’

’’My fifth child is only 3 years know, a kid always has weird thoughts. As parents, we should try our best to satisfy him but of course it shouldn't require spending of money. He is really stubborn in thinking a Bowtruckle doesn't have a gallstone. Therefore, I hope to correct his childish mindset. Are you willing to help me?’’

Infinite very sincerely offered.

Sheyan was shocked as his face turned numb. From the report given by the Symbiosis sect, Infinite should obviously give him another mission, and this mission would have to incur a large sump of pounds before offering the final mission 'Bowtruckles gallstone'. But why did it instantly skipped that step? Such a huge deviation, perhaps he had discovered a hidden storyline?

Looking at the notification of the nightmare imprint asking if he wanted to accept the mission, Sheyan gritted his teeth and selected 'yes'. But nothing extraordinary things happened.

'Assisting Infinite to obtain a bowtruckles gallstone', Sheyan accepted this mission just like that. It was just like a naked beautiful Polish woman laying in a crib for him.

Shyan was overjoyed as he rushed out of Gringotts, fearing that Infinite may rush out and claim back the mission. But as the saying goes, your fears always comes back to haunt you. As Sheyan stepped out of Gringott's doors, an anxious panting sounded from behind. Followed by the lone nasal voice of Infinite.

’’Wait, wait, stop!’’

At present, Sheyan hated his pathetic agility, in this instance, if he could swap his agility with his physique, he was willing to pay any price!

Looking at this huffing and puffing green shorty, Sheyan really felt like swinging a kick at him. However, he only smiled.

’’Mr Infinite, what else do you need.’’

’’I....why did you have to run so fast?’’ Infinite was extremely impatient.

Sheyan tightened his fist and endured, using a constipated voice he replied.

’’Urgently need to pee.’’

Infinite realized his misinterpretation and could only blink his eyes. Embarrassed he lowered his voice and asked.

’’Umm..... do you feel like my skin had gotten a little smoother? Greener?’’

Under normal circumstances, acquiring a bowtruckle's gallstone seemed like an easy task but it was actually pretty tough. It was sold by old Hanks at Knockturn alley. Hanks had an eccentric personality, and normally wouldn't deal with outsiders.

To gain the qualifications of negotiating with Hanks, one had to specially curry his favour raising his impression from cold to respected. This took a long excruciating process. If Sheyan were to do it, based on his pathetic charm points, his remaining duration here may not even be enough. Fortunately, Sheyan had joined a party, he only needed to pay an additional 2500 utility points to obtain the service of the golden spectacles Felix who had high charm. Felix was extremely delighted to purchase his last item and passed it to him.

While trading with the golden spectacles Felix, Sheyan also exchanged his previous mission information to the others in the party. Instead, he was informed that the current bunch of Banks Syndicate members were also stuck at that step. Their request was coincidentally a centaur leather he had in hand, the higher the quality the better. The starting price would at least be 3000 utility points, and it had to be done by the next afternoon at 2. After that time, they would set out to hunt the centaurs.

Sheyan was slightly affected. Primarily, he was slightly enticed by that 3000 utility points. Instead, his heart shivered, because this may be the Symbiosis sect purposefully testing him, or a smoke bomb released by the Banks Syndicate. If he dived head on for that 3000 utility points, then it would've been a disaster. Thus, he sighed at the prospect of getting rich. He would rather let the remaining centaur leather rot in his hands, as he continued carrying out his mission.

After seeing Infinite again, although that 'beauty mask' was already washed off, it had left a lasting impression on Sheyan. As he transferred the bowtruckle's gallstone to Infinite, he successfully received the notification:

You completed Infinite's commission.

Milestone 'Warmhearted man', Gringotts manager part completed.

Seeing this notification, Sheyan was extremely moved. Dealing with this goblin was like his money pouch having a dagger constantly stabbing at it, the pressure to his heart was really too great. Prolong exposure to this would really cause him to have heart related illnesses. Therefore, he was prepared to instantly leave and swore never to return.

But at this moment, Infinite suddenly released a long depressing sigh. That bright mood suddenly metamorphosing into a depressive atmosphere caused Sheyan's goosebumps to rise over his entire body. Although he had already swiftly made his way out, his footsteps were interrupted by a single phrase:

’’The legend about the abyss of Gringotts.....’’


Sheyan's ears immediately turned attentive. What sort of place was Gringotts? A bank! And it was the most prestigious bank known for its excellent security, a model for all banks! Its underground abyss was undoubtedly their treasury, even the philosopher's stone, a treasure that was able to grant immortality was kept inside it. What other secrets were there to the abyss? He suddenly recalled that during his mission, one of the step was actually neglected..... Unless, this was the hidden mission that he discovered?

To his horror, when Sheyan rushed back, Infinite already had his mouth shut. He only kept sighing as he shook his head. Knowing the nature of goblins, Sheyan new he had to operate his funds and produced a SSS grade capital. To his astonishment, after tossing out 100 magic pounds, 200 magic pounds, 450 magic pounds.... Infinite did not even bulge. He was adamant in keeping quiet!

Sheyan gritted his teeth, and started producing his goods on hand. A shining black mane, centaur leather......

But this brought no response, causing Sheyan to turn flustered. He knew that if he walked away to raise funds, then according to the nature of this noble race of goblins, he would probably not be acknowledged anymore. This meant that he had to start all over again, and perhaps not even get the luxury of starting over. Sheyan bit his lips hardly, as he produced out the dark blue grade wooden lance he acquired from Hertz Ruhr. He offered it up.

’’Esteemed Infinite, I feel that your exotic office is lacking a decoration.....’’

Infinite received the item and finally opened his mouth.

’’Hais, this thing has plagued my heart for a long time my friend.’’

Sheyan let out a sigh of relief, his heart finally regained composure. His body seemed like it was on the brink of a nervous breakdown. He didn't care much, as he immediately plunged his ass into the nearby chair.

’’Please tell me, Mr Infinite. Tight-lipped Seaman is not a name I got for nothing.’’

Infinite's twin eyes opened widely, as though submerged into his memories.

’’The Gringotts building has been around for close to 10,000 years. Within this time, 357 managers have been changed, and only every manager has the rights to know about the ultimate secret of Gringotts. This secret is buried deep into their hearts, and not allowed to leak to anyone else.......If not, it would spark panic and unrest in the entire world!’’

In Sheyan's heart, he finally felt investing in this old man finally reaped the rewards. In total he had spent at least 6-7000 utility points of effort, if he didn't receive any hot news, then how would it appease his recent bits of heartache? He then listened to Infinite's gentle voice.

’’Actually......Gringotts is not a bank.’’

’’What?!’’ Sheyan was shocked. In Harry Potter's magic world, Gringotts prestige as a bank had even exceeded the present world's banks. More absurd was the fact that this Gringotts manager actually declared that Gringotts wasn't a bank. This was too far-fetched that it was like Steve Jobs declaring that Apple would changed to a totally new industry and produce oil or constructions.

’’Gringotts... is actually a prison!’’ It was like Infinite was under a hypnosis, his tone was filled with horror.

’’Within the abyss of Gringotts, there lies a demon that is the nightmare of all goblins! It creates massacres and slaughters,the advocate of terror, bringer of cries and destruction. It is greedy and ruthless, with its plundering evil claws! Its name is shameless, despicable and evil! Once it appears, it will sneer sinisterly and plunder away all your wealth but mercilessly leave you with your life! Heavens, I cannot even say its name, I don't dare to say his name! I'm such a weak scumbag, I don't even have that courage!’’


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