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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 41


Chapter 163: Beautifying centaur liver

Translated by: CHua

Edited by: TN and ELkassar

Presented with such lucrative conditions, Sheyan was about to agree but he suddenly had a thought. Hertz Ruhr is obviously a mini boss class, why is the price for his leather the same? Hesitating a little, he then retrieve Ruhr's leather from the tray.

’’Ok, I'll only sell two.’’

Following that, he realized that the pounds John paid to him were currencies that couldn't be brought out of the world. He immediately interrupted.

’’I don't want this currency, change me to that....well, the one that you call magic pounds.’’

John clasped his hands and smiled bitterly.

’’Hey brother, if that's the case, then the price will change.’’

Sheyan sighed, heedlessly as he stored back the 3 leathers.

’’Since that's the case, I don't mind asking around if there are others who are interested.’’

After Sheyan dished out this ultimatum, John turned passive. Finally after a to-and-fro tussle, Sheyan kept Ruhr's black leather, and sold the remaining 2 for 450 magic pounds. Translating that, Sheyan had gained 1800 utility points (50 magic pounds equates to 200 utility points). However, John was still feeling very reluctant about that black leather, thus he advised Sheyan that if he had a change in mind, he could give him a call.

At present, Sheyan still had several valuable centaur parts on hand, for example the fresh centaur horse meat, centaur heart etc. Those things may even be mission objects. Originally, Sheyan wanted to peddle his goods within this trading hall but he immediately discarded this notion. The contestant's social circle was pretty small in the nightmare realm, once discovered by someone that he was selling such precious objects. This could easily lead to others suspecting his real strength, and once the Metals professor hears of it, wouldn't he be in big trouble? Worst scenario was losing his life here.

Since that's the case, he immediately kept that thought and enquired with John first. After confirming his other goods received no reception, he left. However, as he walked out of the surface entrance, someone shouted at him to stop. It was that extremely crooked old hag.

’’Little boy, how about showing what you have to me again.’’

Sheyan knew this old hag was extremely stingy, he initially didn't want to interact with her. However after considering his charm level, he sighed and figured he should just show everything to her. After thinking for a moment, the old hag pointed to her stall, and a set of items appeared in Sheyan's eyes:

Bezoar: Stones retrieved from a goat's stomach, an extremely useful antidote.

Bubble stem: The sap from a bubble stem is exceptionally effective against troublesome acne.

Gillyweed: Ability to breathe underwater after eating a gillyweed.

Magic apple: Also known as Mandrake, an extremely strong antidote. Can restore the original state of someone who has metamorphosed or cursed. However the cries of a Mandrake plant, may be fatally dangerous.

Truth serum: An extremely strong magical medicine causing the user to speak the truth. Just a drip is enough to cause most people to leak their darkest secret.

Sheyan was so astonished he almost shouted out.

’’Truth serum, there's actually truth serum, and magic apples?’’

These two potions had both appeared in the storyline, and were considered top grade. Probably only professor Snape who was talented in potions was able to store up some, its value was hard to determine. For example, if the metals professor snuck a drop of truth serum to Sheyan.....but, why would this thing appear here? Flashes of thoughts jolted his mind, he looked down once again but only discovered the potions that were on sale were all of low grade. There were only potions that treated welts etc and beneath some potions even wrote small words like ’’unappraised’’ ’’Expired’’ etc. He then rolled his eyes and replied.

’’Oi, deceiving others when you're so old already, can't you show some virtue to this grandson?’’

The old hag was exposed but she remained firm as she fished out another object.

’’Fanged frisbee (Magic object): A green frisbee which will bite anything in its path after being thrown out. Duration: 30 seconds. Within this duration it will not be disrupted and after it stops, the magic vanishes. It will then become an ordinary frisbee.’’

Sheyan pondered for a moment.


’’What do you want in exchange?’’


’’You're good aunty, goodbye aunty.’’

’’Wait wait.....’’

In the end, Sheyan exchanged the centaur back leg meat and the two centaur heart for that frisbee. After exchanging, he realized he got cheated by this granny. Because although the frisbee would bite anything, its damage was only 1 point..... Sheyan knew that he was the victim in this exchange, but circumstances didn't allow him to slowly sell away the other 3 objects. Secondly, time was running out. But more critically, if the Metals professor's aim was really the philosopher's stone, then this frisbee may be really be useful in the end!

Sheyan had wasted quite a bit of time here, looking at the centaur liver, its freshness would only last another 53 minutes. Thus he immediately strided over to Gringotts with wide steps. Sadly he still had to fork out that small entrance fee to the two guards. As he walked through the second door, that strange sensation reappeared! It was like something over here was calling out to him, but very quickly that feeling vanished. Sheyan focused himself and once again stood in front of Infinite.This fella was very diligently reading his newspaper at his desk. Once he saw Sheyan he immediately lashed out in frustration.

’’Hey, nobody taught you knock before entering?’’

Sheyan glanced around, there wasn't even a door. Infinite had started his annoying jittering.

’’Mister, you must understand that a creditor's authority is extremely high. Especially after kindly lending out his elf but instead the elf was overused. This poor elf had his life reduced by a few years. And I had to pay up additional cash to employ another house-elf.....’’

’’Shut up.’’ Sheyan felt his balls growing against this chattering.


’’What? What did you say?’’ Infinite's pointy ears jolted up. His face started turning red in anger. Even his right hand had started to grab onto his golden whistle. Once he whistled, security would appear and throw Sheyan out after beating him to a pulp.....

’’I told you to shutup!’’ Sheyan raged out. As he toss over 30 magic pound notes while scolding. To exaggerate his actions, Sheyan even specially exchanged his 30 pound notes into 30, 1 pound notes. Notes scattered out into the air, it was an impressive spectacle.

’’20 pounds for the rental cost, remaining 10 pounds as gratitude to the Laji (The elf).’’

’’Eh! My dear friend, please seat down. Relax, I will immediately shut my damned mouth. But I have to tell you, Laji belongs to me, small fees like this will only make him lazier. Therefore, you can directly pass me the small fees. I will consider awarding him a delicious meat soup at night! Its price is extremely fair for such a good quality elf, I suggest you purchase two delicious meat soup for him!’’

Sheyan was speechless at the goblin's contrasting enthusiasm as he was pulled to sit down. He then produced the mission object.

’’Mr Infinite, I've brought you fresh liver, not only one but two! For the sake of your beautiful skin color and the continual mesmerization of young females towards you, please immediately take the cure.’’

Goblin Infinite instantly turned overjoyed as he received the mission object.

’’My friend, I exceptionally commend your thoughtfulness.’’

After receiving the centaur liver, he placed the blood dripping object onto a tray before taking out his knife and fork. Sheyan was shocked and appalled, in his heart he was thinking how could this goblin have such a cruel appetite like a vampire. He never expected that Infinite would suddenly produce a brass bell and swayed it gently. Suddenly the ceiling rolled open as an immense shadow like a raincloud burst down. It was actually an enormous vulture with black feather and a white crown!

The talons of the vulture gripped tightly onto the light frame on Infinite's head. That light frame was specially installed as it didn't even shake from the impact. The respected Mr Infinite then slowly sliced at the bloody liver, feeding the bird one strip at a time. After it finished eating, Infinite stared expectantly at the butt of the vulture like a little kid. Then then placed the tray near its anus, anticipating excitedly for the moment this vulture's anus would tighten and then loosen.....

Sheyan suddenly felt a slight headache. Looks like the goblin's inherited secret method was fresh bird excrement, which could beautify. No wrong, it was the fresh excrement after eating a centaur's liver that could turn their skin green. He only hoped this unique skincare product was used externally and not for consumption.....

3 minutes later, with a glossy and green face, Infinite warmly spoke.

’’My friend, thanks for helping with this huge problem. Why are you standing so far away?’’

’’......I'm feeling a little warm, standing here to get some air.’’

’’Then I think you need a glass of water.’’

’’Oh shit, isn't that the paper cup from yesterday?’’

’’My friend, don't be alarmed. Gringotts is currently responding to the superiors on their appeal for greater efficiency of water to safe every single penny. Therefore, we only wash the cups once a month......’’

’’Don't come near! Beloved Mr Infinite listen to me first. For the love of money, every goblin should not distant themselves from their safe box.’’

’’Eh! What you say is right. Alright, I'll place the water here.... Oh, if you're not thirsty then I'll have a go. Recently a ton of waters cost was raised by 2 pennies.’’


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