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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 40


Chapter 40: Bumper harvest

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Citing a simple example. If the Symbiosis sect managed to slay Scarface Harry and the dropped loot was the Obsidian Fossil Anchor that Sheyan was wearing, would the Metals professor want it for himself? Definitely! But would he dare to keep it for himself? No! Because if he did so, all the close combat contestants who held the frontlines would be crushed, and the party would slowly disintegrate. No matter who wanted that object, it was given to someone who would need it the most. Even the commander in chief wouldn't dare to snatch it for himself.

On the contrary, if they obtained 'Ambition' such a mighty black grade weapon. Obviously all the close combat contestants would want to possess it. But in doing so, those far range combatants with high agility would start a riot which would already be going against the regulations of a party. To survive in this world, nobody would be foolish enough to go against the regulations, which would then cause the entire party to fall apart!

When Sheyan limped out of this hillside area, it was close to noon time. Moreover from the distant hills, the greenery was vibrating and the air carried fuming roars of the centaurs. When Sheyan decided to leave, those centaurs had already discovered something was wrong. They become vigilant and allocated themselves in 3 man groups before searching around. If Sheyan had stayed, most probably that beautiful scenery would be the last thing he saw.

At present, Sheyan's reputation amongst the centaurs had already plunged by an entire 5000 points. Every centaur's hostility rate had raised by 5 points. Sheyan reckoned that as long as a centaur saw him, even if there were mountains of daggers and seas of flames ahead or a naked se*y woman roasting meat behind, Sheyan would still remain as their hit target. Therefore, he ignored the heavy injuries on himself, only stopping after he walked out of the district.

Sheyan rested by a stream, as he stated to sort himself out. Washing his wounds and wrapping them, he then had the chance to examine his spoils of war.

A total of 4 keys were produced from 5 centaurs. Such a harvest was pretty good. But in respect to centaurs who had no distinct shortcomings, the difficulty rate of hunting would also provide higher returns. If not it wouldn't be accordance to the realm's 'high risk high returns' logic.

Within the 4 keys, one was dark blue, one light blue, and 2 white ones. Sheyan always had a secret fantasy, that was to one shot produce 'n' amounts of chest from 'n' amounts of keys. This was like a childhood delight where kids would place all their food in one basket before satisfyingly consuming it. After hunting the centaurs, Sheyan was finally able to fulfill this fantasy. Very quickly, the nightmare imprint flooded him with a list of notifications:

Scroll: Black Venom

Material: Parchment

Grade: Dark blue

Description: This is an evil blend of Hertz Ruhr.Shuin's witchcraft and certain vegetation. After learning, you will able to concoct the poison: Black Venom.

Detailed introduction of skill: Please consult an expert.

Learning requirements: Basic meditation lvl3, Basic prayer lvl 3/ or grasped advance ability: basic witchcraft.

Equipment battle score: 10

Description: You best bring along a bottle of air freshener.

Weapon: Hertz Ruhr. Shuin's wooden lance

Grade: Dark blue

Material: Beech wood

Attack power: 11 - 30

Attack interval: 2 seconds

Durability: 15/33

Attack range: 3 metres (Close combat)/25 metres (hurling, cannot guarantee accuracy because the current user do not possess the prerequisite abilities)

Equipment: Puncture damage + 10, Weapons that possess puncture damage as a greater chance of dealing linked injuries to the enemy. Loss of blood rate + 10%, blood loss damage +10%.

Equipment: Strength + 3

Equipment position: Hand

Weight: 8 kg

Equipment battle score: 13

Description: Once the tip is smeared with black venom, the strongest killing potential can be unleashed.

The following items that Sheyan received were:

Fresh centaur liver x 2: Fresh duration: 120 minutes, uses '?'

Intact grey centaur leather x 2: untanned, uses '?'

Intact black centaur shining leather x 1: untanned, uses '?'

Black shining long mane x 1: uses '?'

Fresh centaur leg meat: Fresh duration: 360 minutes, uses '?'

Centaur heart x 2: uses '?'

According to Sheyan's theory, those items that carried a '?' at the back should be something valuable. Probably certain storyline characters may even purchase it for a high price in Diagon alley. A pity that the centaur business was illegal. If not Sheyan may have already seen middle aged men wearing exorbitant clothings and selling centaur parts on the streets.

After releasing the home-elf, Sheyan used floo powder to return to Diagon alley. But he was not in a rush to find the beloved Mr Infinite, because he was completely unable to pay the rental fees for that home-elf yet. Sheyan had concrete grounds to believe dire consequences of owing money to a Goblin. The worst scenario would be that Infinite would call a bunch of guards and strip Sheyan off any valuable objects on hand. Besides, the freshness of the centaur liver was 2 hours, there was adequate time to rush back.

Although it was daytime, Knockturn alley was still sparse and lifeless. Dried leaves floated along with the breeze, causing it to really feel like a cemetery. Sheyan received several frustrated snorts as he brushed shoulders with several people wearing windbreakers on the way.

London's third meat joint centre was even more covert in the daytime. Sheyan could clearly see a crooked nose old hag arranging her street stall in front of the trapdoor. The stall sold damaged goods and the old hag was scrawny and tanned, shivering underneath her thick coat completely unconcerned about everything going on around her. Sheyan approach her to chat, but she completely disregarded Sheyan. Naturally his 2 points charm once again displayed 'great' results.

Nothing he could do about it, Sheyan glanced around as he realized there weren't much people around. He could only produce the centaur leather that was still dripping with blood, and straightforwardly declared.

’’John, if you still want the goods, you still have 1 minute to do so.’’

However Sheyan's repeated exclamations were fruitless. Instead, that old woman glanced through the leather. Initially she was calm and collected, but after careful examinations here eyes flashed with surprise as she coughed out a hoarse voice.

’’Centaur leather? You want to trade for money?’’

Sheyan scoffed.

’’Of course, that's if you can afford it.’’

The old hag lowered her hoarse voice.

’’Let me see.’’

She approached closer as she used her scrawny fingers to caress it.

’’Such a rare occurrence, it actually doesn't have burnt scars from magic. 100 pounds for one.’’

Sheyan instantly pulled the leather back, smiling he replied.

’’Hi Aunty, bye aunty.’’

But he couldn't actually blame the old hag. Sheyan had terrible charm, and the reason why that brute John would offer such an honest valuation was because of two reasons. One was that he was really lacking that product. Secondly was the follow up mission up mission of the goblin, Infinite. The original intent was to compensate contestants who suffered losses from the goblin who disregarded charm. Therefore the reward was fairly generous. Thus, the nightmare realm programmed John to offer a fix valuation regardless of charm. This was to prevent contestants with high chance for reaping such hefty rewards.

The old hag reluctantly gazed as Sheyan kept the leather. She unwillingly asked.

’’What else do you have?’’

Sheyan had already determined that she was a shark, and decided not to interact with her anymore. He frustratedly reply.

’’Yes, many, but you cannot afford.’’

Just when the old hag was about to continue speaking, Sheyan heard a sound from the back. Knockturn alley was a dangerous and suspicious place, he was constantly on guard as he immediately swung around. But instead faced with John whom he was searching for. As John witnessed the leather he was carrying, his eyes instantly sparkled as he pulled him to aside and whispered.

’’Woah, heavens! Did you persuade the noble Queen Elizabeth to start a war against those barbaric centaurs? Come here, we must be careful of those morons from the Ministry of Magic!’’

While speaking, he led Sheyan into the nearby building and down a level into a basement. He then secretly pulled open a trapdoor on the wall, and Sheyan once again returned to the illegal trading hall. But now as a VIP guest.

’’The quality is pretty good, there's no scars, no damned blemishes from magic, no remnants of magic chemicals. Brat, you really did a good job.’’

John slapped the 3 pieces of leather in excitement.

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders.

’’Dear John, those are not important to me. What is important is you suggest a price that befits the quality.’’

John laughed.

’’You will be satisfied. What was our initial pricing?’’

Sheyan instantly replied.

’’White/ brown leather for 400 pounds a piece. Black/grey leather for 200 pounds.’’

John immediately fished out a thick stack of notes.

’’Since the quality of your centaur leather is shockingly good, I'll pay 300 for one piece. How about that?’’


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