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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 39


Chapter 39: Death of Hertz Ruhr.Shuin

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

After releasing that shot, Sheyan immediately borrowed the recoil and rolled backwards. He then exerted strength and pulled out the lance and tossed it away. Blood gushed out from his abdomen as Sheyan quickly tore his clothes and wrapped his wound.

Sheyan's HP rapidly drained away under the effects of the blood loss and poison. Yet Sheyan focused on miserable Hertz Ruhr neighing in agony. He smiled sinisterly as he fished out a twinkling stainless steel cup. Drinking a mouthful as it restored 25 HP. After Sheyan waited for his condition to stabilized, he was still left with 60 HP. Complementing his excelling 15 points defence, his survivability was indeed flourishing as compared to an ordinary contestant.

On the contrary, Ruhr was in a far worse state. Not only was his left front leg blown apart, the poisonous lead bullet was even lodged in his body. Even his only weapon was gone, it could be described as a complete reversal. But it was still a vicious and untamed beast by nature. After recovering from the painful shock, still collapsed on the ground, he started waving his arms and roared in anger. He even picked up rocks and started throwing at Sheyan. This sort of attack could be threatening to long distance combatants like Diaz. But Sheyan who had the 'endurance' innate ability, it only dealt 1 point in damage, it was like tickling him.

After gaining the absolute superiority, Sheyan heaved a sigh of relief. The reason why he had no choice but to bait himself to use Ambition was simple. He hadn't even grasped long distance combat lvl1, who knew what his accuracy was. Furthermore, he wasn't talented in shooting to begin with, regarding Ambition a weapon that had a minute long duration, once he missed his opponent would turn to be on guard. More importantly, that 50% explosive strike bonus, special musket weapon ability: Ready would be totally wasted!

Under the circumstance that he had to land the bullet no matter what, Sheyan could lure the enemy in and sacrifice himself to injure the enemy. That was the only way he could create an opportunity to open fire at the enemy!

In actual fact, Sheyan also wished he could slay his enemies from afar, and blow away the spiralling smoke from his gun as his dashing coat fluttered against the wind. Then confidently walking down to retrieve his loots. But the cruel reality was that when Sheyan obtained his 'endurance' innate ability, he similarly lost the capabilities for long distance combat. Thus, he could only operate Ambition as a close combat weapon.... Citing an example, if Diaz was able to possess the frightening weapon Ambition, then he would be able to bring out the potential of it by two folds!

Casting pearls before a swine/ possessing what is not meant to be yours.....

Facing this Hertz Ruhr who had already lost 80% of his mobility, Sheyan's following assaults were relatively easy. He strictly followed the report, and maintained his positioning at the side of the centaur. When the opportunity arrived, he would carefully hack at the centaur. Until the minute long cool down of 'Ambition' finished, he once again opened fire. Although there wasn't a explosive strike, its powerful 140 points of damage was still extremely terrifying.

3 minutes later, the valiant centaur Hertz Ruhr finally laid lifelessly in a puddle of blood. It died with a remaining grievance. In its final attempts, he tried to activate his witchcraft bloodrite and make a last effort, but Sheyan was already prepared for this. Once he saw him chanting, without hesitation Sheyan immediately pounced up and chopped at his mouth and even resulted in an explosive strike. Although Sheyan was kicked backwards afterwards as even broke two rib bones, he was still able to endure such an attack. And Hertz Ruhr's final hopes at survival were utterly destroyed......

After slaying this mighty centaur, Sheyan received a bad news from the nightmare imprint:

’’Your reputation has dropped by 300 points amongst all centaurs!’’

’’Every centaur hostility rate towards you has increased by 2 points.’’

Note: Hostility rate refers to if Sheyan and Diaz were standing together, and Diaz shot the centaur, the centaur would surely chase Diaz. However, if Sheyan's hostility rate was higher, when the centaur sees Sheyan he would immediately change its target and attack Sheyan. Even if Diaz was freely opening fire and stabbing the centaur from the back, he would be ignored.

Picking up Hertz Ruhr's dropped key, Sheyan was helplessly disappointed. This fella only dropped a dark blue key, it was a huge difference from Sheyan's expectation of dropping a black key. Actually he couldn't blame Ruhr but his own expectation was too high. Actually for a small boss, there was indeed a chance of dropping a black key or even a smaller chance of dropping a low grade silver storyline weapon/equipment. But that was only all probability. It couldn't be that Sheyan's luck was always thriving and everything would be presented on a silver platter to him.

At present, Sheyan couldn't spare any time to examine the key contents. Time was of utmost importance. He could not confirm if any other centaurs had discovered movements in this area. Thus swiftly restoring his life points took first priority. Looking at the sorrowful corpse of Ruhr and his furious dying expression, Sheyan's heart stirred. He quickly called the home-elf to soak his feet with blood and swiftly run off, thus creating a facade that the culprit had fled.

Concurrently, Sheyan surveyed his surroundings before dragging the Ruhr's corpse to a large tree. This large tree had a dense and thick canopy, Sheyan quickly climbed up before carefully treating himself. He conducted a simple cleaning and stitching. By doing this, although it couldn't be compared with the instant effects of the medicines in the realm, it could temporarily increase his HP regeneration by 10%. Following that, Sheyan ate a jelly bean from Bertie Botts every flavor bean. Fortunately he didn't encounter a mucus flavour type of disgusting flavour, and recovered his HP by 15%.

Roughly 50 minutes later, Sheyan's HP had rejuvenated to above 150 points. A distant galloping sounded from the distant grass as another centaur arrived. When the centaur saw Ruhr's corpse he was astounded, immediately rushing up to cast a spell. Spots of black glow appeared around his hands, it looked like he was trying to treat him with witchcraft.

Sheyan glanced down at him and activated his insight ability. He discovered this centaur was extremely ordinary, completely incomparable to Ruhr. He did not even possess any individual special abilities had had only 800 plus HP. Sheyan then courageously leapt down and mounted this unlucky centaur. Raising his Butchering bone hatchet he started chopping and hacking away.

This ordinary centaur didn't possess lance techniques like Ruhrm. Under a surprise ambush, his only specialty in shooting couldn't even be displayed. His speed wasn't worth mentioning. He neighed in horror as he bounced about frantically trying to shake off Sheyan. However, Sheyan wrapped his arm tightly around his neck, and ruthlessly unleashed 'Ambition' right against his head.

This time, Ambition didn't carry the bonus effect of 'Ready'. Instead, it similarly produced an explosive strike as the bullet landed against his head! Especially when Sheyan directly utilized Ambition like a close combat weapon, accuracy was irrelevant and even the chances of an explosive strike soared. Instantly blowing off the centaur's head with one gun! Although this wasn't enough to end its life unlike the present world, it was enough to send this centaur into a disfunction and near death state! Mournfully groaning as it swayed its head violently and rotated around. Sheyan then seized the chance and furiously assaulted its legs. After a short 3 minutes, this unlucky centaur finally succumbed to Sheyan's assault.

After picking up the dead centaur's key, Sheyan once again repeated his actions. Continue to hide himself atop the tree as he lay in wait and ambushed a total of 5 centaurs. Actually, he was fortunate that the centaur had relatively low voices, and thus their cries could not travel far. Furthermore, that house-elf helped to further mask the blood stench, and thus this thin stream flowed forever. (Chinese idiom - work steadily at something little by little)

Apart from the first Hertz Ruhr, the other centaurs were all ordinary. Their strength was average and they didn't produce any good rewards. Sheyan even nearly exhausted most of his purchased Bernie Botts all flavoured beans. Although he still had the mars bar and chocolate frog, he still wasn't going to expend all his hidden trump cards here.

While ambushing the centaurs, Sheyan got a slight scare. While finishing of a centaur who still had a tiny amount of HP left, another one rushed over from the side. Fortunately he hadn't activate Ambition's ability: Rum and Songsyet, which he did and instantly finished off the injured centaur. If not he really would have to face the dangerous predicament of 1 versus 2. Even if that was so, his HP had dropped to 30 points, and didn't dare staying on.

Although Sheyan made it seem like hunting centaurs was not difficult, it was not something that others could handle. Because centaurs were proficient in both close and long range combat, and didn't have terribly low HP, to be able to face up to them singlehandedly required two conditions. One was that he needed to have adequate resistive capabilities. Brittle contestants like Gunmen and wizards would already be struck down half dead by a centaur's spear or arrow. Secondly, one needed to possess essential explosive strength or abilities. If not the centaur could easily escape. Also it was important to end the battle in a short time to prevent an awkward scenario of 1 vs 2.

These two conditions seemed fairly simple, but to most contestants it was like the difference of heaven and earth! Under the realm's advocation of party cooperation, it was almost impossible for such a perverted individual like Sheyan to appear.


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