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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 38


Chapter 38: Thriving 'Ambition'

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

The centaur had 4 thick and robust legs, and had a layer of smooth black hair covering its surface. It looked like a smooth and greasy transparent layer. The outline of the muscles swelled completely brimming with energy and vigor. His face was covered with thick facial hair, even reaching out to his features. The edges of his nostrils were moist and filled with creases. The only distinction was the centaur's eyes. It was colored with a strange red, if one were to compare, it was like the bloodshot eyes of a death row convict being hung, brimming with a relentless cruelty.

’’Filthy human! I could smell your disgusting odour from 3 thousand poles away(Centaur's measurement, 1 pole is roughly 0.3 metres). In god Sumen's name, I will tear your guts out and strangle you with it. Only then your sin of contaminating the purple alfalfa will be cleansed.’’

Sheyan treated his words like a fart, his gaze landed on the centaur's waist. There were 3 clear suspending hooks, and two of them were empty. The last one hung a black lance. This lance was rough on the surface, as though covered with a layer of transparent fat. The incisive pointy tip was soaked with a black liquid, as drips of it fell to the ground.

Sheyan activated his insight ability. His eyes flashed, naturally his perceptive sensing outdid his savage creature. The attributes of the creature instantly appeared.

Hertz Ruhr. Shuin

Species: Centaur

Status: Kekaer centaur clan, Vice chief

Height 7 foot 2 inches (2.15 metres), Weight 183 kg

Strength: 22 points

Agility: 12 points

Physique: 6 points

Perceptive sensing: 10 points

Charm: 10 points

Intelligence: 9 points

Spirit: 8 points


Basic close combat lvl3, Basic far range combat lvl3, basic prayer lvl1, basic meditation lvl1

Special individual ability: Black venom lvl2, Hertz Ruhr. Shuin has grasped several simple witchcraft techniques which combine with certain plants to form a new venom. It will then smear the black poison onto its weapon. An attack that successfully lands on the opponent, will create an debuff lasting 15 seconds. Sustaining 12 - 27 points of poison damage(Subjective to opponent's resistance) every 3 seconds.

Warning: Every pulse of black venom may result in a critical damage!

Special individual ability: Lance slaughterer technique. Hertz Ruhr is brave and fierce by nature, he doesn't use bow and arrows. Instead he uses long lances to attack his enemy. When he sees the enemy, he will hurl his lance and deal additional damage, damage depends on the difference in strength. When nearby, he would use the lance to start a carnage against his enemy, and will not be fearful like other centaurs.

Special individual ability: Bloodrite, Witchcraft. Able to sacrifice his own life essence (Life span) to rapidly regenerate his HP. Highest amount of regeneration: 25% of his HP.

Centaur special ability: Swift gallop. Able to maintain regular speeds in most terrains.

Centaur special ability: Cast. Centaurs are expert hunters. Even without bows and arrow or spears, they can pick up rocks and attack the enemy from far range. Of course the attack effectiveness will greatly reduced.

Centaur special ability: Vigor lvl3. Grants additional 1200 HP.

Meeting this centaur 'Hertz Ruhr. Shuin' Sheyan could not tell if his luck was good or bad. His first encounter was straight up a boss class. But after viewing this centaur's attributes he was relatively determined, because although his strength was high, his physique was the weakest. Adding both, it only amounted to 28 points. It wasn't even higher than his own physique. Primarily, this meant that even with his 22 points of strength, he wouldn't be able to deal that sick 'crushing' damage to Sheyan.

Secondly was his resistance bonus. Once the enemy's combination of strength and physique exceeds him, then there will be a resisting action and carries 10 - 15% of success. If the enemy's combination of strength and physique is lower than his, then the success rate increases to beyond 50%! Of course, resistance bonus will only lessen the damage. A case where the enemy's attack was completely resisted is rarely seen.

At present, the sunlight was penetrated the mountain fog and shone onto them. Under the intense glare of the sun, the fiendish Hertz Ruhr trampled onto the ground as the broken vegetation puffed up into the air. The ground was slightly shaking as the enormous centaur roared out loudly before drawing out that lance and swept across!

That was Hertz Ruhr's individual ability!

Lance slaughterer techinique!

Sheyan swung his hatchet in retaliation. ’’Boom!’’ As he received the attack and was recoiled 3-4 steps back. Yet he still lost close to 40 HP. One could tell how powerful that attack was. Instead, Sheyan couldn't help but feeling that the attack was only so so, after experiencing the astounding 35 points of freakish strength the troll had. This current degree of damage no longer caused Sheyan's heart to suffer any pressure.

In actual fact, Sheyan was really devastated after the battle against the troll. He was deeply traumatized, and even thought about getting a shield to use in the future. If not for using a shield requires him to learn the relevant shield grasping ability, or it would only exhibit 80 - 90% of the effectiveness, Sheyan reckoned that he should really purchase one at all cost after returning to the nightmare realm.

Hertz Ruhr fanatically waved his lance, cutting through the wind in curves. It was like a gigantic snake trying to engulf its prey. The lance shuddered as it buzzed through the air. The malicious pointy tip produced a silent screaming and distorted ghastly illusion, attempting to threaten its weaker opponent.

Sheyan remained emotionless, holding firmly onto his hatchet. His left arm sustained a scratch as the wound turned black and started to fester. But his defence deriving from his 31 points of physique could already be hailed as outstanding in this world's difficulty. Very quickly, the wound vanished. But still his HP continued to decline as it swiftly plunged to 200 points.

Probably because Herz Ruhr could feel that Sheyan could repeatedly successfully resist against his attacks, therefore in his rage he attempted to quicken up his attack speed. His broad rough hands tightly clutched onto his long lance as he waved violently, producing several agile shadows. His poisonous and vile weapon produced miserable shrills, as though thirsty for its prey's life and the taste of fresh blood.

Under the flurry of lance attacks, Sheyan didn't retreat but instead advanced. Suddenly, a loud clank resounded followed by a crow black hatchet shooting out of the deadlock and heavily chopping against the waist of the enormous beast. The hatchet was originally good for hacking, after this hatchet dove in, even the enormous Hertz Ruhr with his immense body lost his balance as his 4 legs stumbled down half an inch.The Centaur's defence wasn't high to begin with, that hatchet managed to hacked out a huge chunk of flesh as blood spurted out, as though even his intestines were about to spill out.

Truthfully speaking, centaurs were a species that had really low physique. Their life points were roughly similar to the terminator. The only difference was that they could engage in both far and close range battles, and even utilized witchcraft or magic. They also were not affected by the terrain and could even pass through mountain ridges with the speed of a motorbike. If their defence and life points were high, then this class of legendary creature would certainly be unstoppable......

Even after receiving such a fatal blow, Hertz Ruhr seized this great opportunity. Roaring out loud, he raised his lance and thrusted at Sheyan. Sheyan was late to pull back his hatchet as he could only parry the lance half an inch to the side, as the lance deeply pierced into his abdomen!

This savage spearing was extremely accurate and lethal. Sheyan's 200 HP instantly plunged to nearing 100 HP after receiving the lance! Furthermore, the attack resulted in blood loss and poisoned effect. Seeing his attack landing, Herz Ruhr rejoiced and got careless. Unfortunately, he had not witnessed how Sheyan dealt with that vampire Edward. If not, he would certainly be more cautious.

Sheyan straightforwardly grabbed onto that spear.

On his left hand, a familiar black barrel steadily took aim!

Its murderous intent flooded in like a torrential tide, overflowing!

That black barrel seemed like it was sucking in all essence of life, and transforming into death!

’’Boom!’’ Hertz Ruhr could only feel his front legs receiving an incomparably immense force before feeling a searing pain and then emptiness! Unable to tolerate, he cried out in pain and loosened the lance!

Ambition, this musket originating from the caribbean sea, once again displayed its menacing might it used to rise up as one of Davy Jones' treasure!

’’Your weapon: Ambition dealt 140 points of damage to Hertz Ruhr.Shuin.’’

’’Musket weapon ability: Ready activated. Current bonus explosive strike probability: 50%’’

’’Your weapon: Ambition attack is an explosive strike!’’

’’'Ready' explosive strike bonus damage increases from 200% to 250%.’’

’’Your total damage dealt is: 140 x 250% = 350 points!’’

’’You successfully shot Hertz Ruhr's left front leg. Your weapon: Ambition dealt 328 actual points of damage after factoring defence!’’

’’Your damage dealt to Hertz Ruhr's left front leg exceeds his HP by 1/6 , resulting in a crippling effect!’’

A blood dripping massive front leg knocked against the tree behind and ricochet back as it landed into the moist earth and soft moss. An ant fled in horror but was attracted by the blood stench. Ignoring this warm and convulsing long leg, it started to happily taste it and return to gather its friends for a huge feast......

’’Your severed hertz Ruhr's front left leg!’’

’’Your bullet is lodged into Hertz Ruhr's body, resulting in a blood loss effect and subsequent damage!’’


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