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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 37


Chapter 37 Entice

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Yes, Sheyan's destination was Yorkshire and not the forbidden forest, because he was a person that deeply understood his own strength. Currently, Sheyan was able to rise so quickly, his innate ability endurance was indispensable. However, it would be powerless against magic or witchcraft.

Even though white/brown centaur leathers were more valuable, they were professionals in magic and may even have some powerful wizards as their friends. Needless to say, just based on being proficient in divination and astrology was already a huge problem. Sheyan was completely helpless when faced with an opponent who was able to predict the future through the stars and magic. Therefore, Sheyan did not rank the benefits as top priority. He was instantly fixated on the black/grey centaurs as his target. Most of the time, Sheyan's considerations were based on safety and his confidence level.

After reaching Yorkshire, under the lead of the house-elf, Sheyan came near the site of the reported activities of the centaurs. He casually captured a few small animals and roasted them. Filling himself and trying to see if he could lure out a centaur at the same time. But instead he was disappointed.

Fortunately, Sheyan had immense patience. After deliberating, he allowed the house-elf to lead the way as they walked along the depression of the mountain. Centaurs are mobile creatures, water is essential to them. Therefore, by walking along the depression of the mountain range, they were bound to find a water source. Sure enough, Sheyan found clear hoofprints along the side of a small lake within the mountain depression. However, these hoofprints were linked together closely, one could instantly tell it was a huge pack. Sheyan reckoned that if he faced a black/grey centaur alone, there was a chance of victory. However if he were to come across two terrifying centaurs that had speed doubled of his, then even fleeing was out of the question.

But since he was determined to hunt a centaur, Sheyan had already made certain preparations. Since centaurs were a species that had human characteristics, then it was simple. He simply had to deal with them like how he dealt with humans. When would a person leave his group on his own accord? That was when they discovered certain benefits and were not willing to share them with the rest. Besides, based on the information report, undoubtedly 'Purple Alfalfa' and 'roast meat' would be his breakthrough essentials.

Alfalfas are a form of pastures that horses, cows, pigs, goose etc love. Around the mountain area, most of the purple alfalfas had already been eaten by the centaurs. However, to find them from another area wasn't difficult. For example, the fireplace Sheyan used, there was a pasture of purple alfalfas at the backyard. Utilizing his house-elf, Sheyan did not expend much effort to gather a bunch of alfalfas, and spray pesticide onto them. Then he sprinkled the alfalfas around the water source. Following that, he purposely set up a small camp with the home-elf, and created a tiny bonfire before eliminating the flames. He then casually set up several clumsy snares, and proceeded to leave this mountain district to find a safe place to nap.

Sheyan doing all this was purely just a facade. He understood that the manner of setting up was extremely unprofessional. To a centaur who spent long periods inside the forest, this was simply child's play and would be easily seen through. But that was basically his motive.

To these centaurs who were hailed as conquerors of the forest, once they discovered the existence of poachers who adopted such clumsy methods to try and harm them. What would their reaction be? Even if they didn't stomp in fury, there would still be extremely agitated and would want to educate these 'idiots' they were not to be trifled with. Moreover, Sheyan paced to and fro around the mountain trails 2-3 times, and such aimless trails to the centaurs, were extremely perplexing.

According to their habits, animals normally find water in the daytime or evening. Centaurs were similarly considered mobile creatures, and would probably possess that habit. Therefore, the biggest possibility was during the morning run for water, they would have discovered Sheyan's discarded poison alfalfas, and furiously dispersed to find him.

Based on Sheyan's estimation and the report he grasped, such explosive fit of anger would only last for 3 hours before the centaur's patience wore off. Then they will once again return to their nest to rest, drink or eat. However, there will be a small batch of centaurs who had slightly broader patience and would continue searching for roughly half an hour before returning. This was akin to a beehive, after half a day of searching for nectar, most bees would return but there will always be a lone bee flying around.

Sheyan's target rested on the centaurs who were more patient!

The morning air was extremely fresh, beetles were dancing around the fluttering dried leaves. The birds seemed like they were still sleepy and were unwilling to chirp. Sheyan's entire body was covered with twigs, his disguise was pretty average. After having a good rest, his mind was refreshed as he quietly crept back to the district of centaur activities. He moved cautiously, under the cover of the trees as he constantly observed his surroundings.

Not long after entering the mountain district, Sheyan discovered fresh hoofprints on the lakeside. He knew his plan had succeeded, and his heart celebrated a little. The terrain here was not precipitous, mainly comprising of 100 metre tall hills and valleys. Vegetation was dense, the trees were mostly beech, Dilleniidae, pine trees, rubber trees etc. Shrubs and floral species had more variety. Clematis montana, convolvulus, bell flowers, snow flowers, phanera variegata were species that were commonly seen.

Because of reports of black/grey centaurs attacking people, this led to rare human activities here. Therefore, the pathways were all vegetation and not wide spaces. If Sheyan did not possess a contestant's physique, he would certainly have a rough time. Also, if he didn't have the aid of the house-elf, then movement would be less swift and less convenient.

However, Infinite was really a greedy swine, his so called 'borrowed' house-elf was originally serving him. He rented only the elf to Sheyan for 3 hours, any additional hours would incur a 1 pound fee! But in such a harsh unfamiliar environment, leaving this house-elf was really difficult.

While pondering, Sheyan suddenly felt a chill across his left shoulder, as though a icy slab slid past! Sheyan wasn't a stranger to such a feeling, it was the warning from his perceptive sensing! He immediately ducked and leapt to the side, but his vision capture a black shadow flying in through the branches and leaves. It was like a blood-thirsty black snake, disintegrating any branches or flowers in its path. That pointed end of the shadow spelled tragedy, as he devoured the air towards Sheyan!

Black Centaur

Lance thrust!

Although his agility wasn't high, he was fortunate to have raised his advance ability expert grappling to lvl2. This was in addition to his perceptive sensing at least providing him with 0.5 seconds of forewarning! Therefore Sheyan managed to dodge, and rolled to the side before standing up. His clothes and even his head were covered with mud and twigs, making him look extremely sorry.

Yet Sheyan wasn't spared any breathing space. Through the wild splattering of twigs and leaves, another terribly ruthless lance surged forward. Sheyan could even smell a fishy stench coming from the tip of the lance! The lance was extremely stable and accurate, and gave off an illusion of distorting the air. But Sheyan could deduce now that for some unknown reason, when the lance was released, its temperature would raise rapidly which cause the air to have a refracted appearance! This couldn't be describe by throwing tactics, this was a category of witchcraft!

Against the incoming ruthless lance, Sheyan was completely unable to dodge. But he had already prepared himself during the initial ambush. While rolling away, he slapped against his shoe. 5 short but sharp needles were stuck to the top of his shoe, therefore it was extremely threatening when used to kick others. But this time, Sheyan slapped onto and similarly receive 5 tiny values of damage. Instead, it activated his accessory: Obsidian fossil anchor to the maximum and ensured Sheyan was able to receive the enemy at the optimum condition!

The lance thrusted towards his chest. At present, a crow black hatchet had already appeared in Sheyan's hands, blocking his front! If Sheyan didn't dodge the first lance, and wasn't prepared defensively against the second, he should have died in the realm already!

As the lance crashed against the black hatchet, sparks burst forth and even a creamy black liquid sprayed out and sprayed onto Sheyan's skin. It carried an unfathomable stench and a burning sensation. Furthermore, the lance carried an immense strength completely overwhelming Sheyan's 13 points of strength. The lance continued forward, pushing the hatchet as it heavily crashed against Sheyan's chest.

Sheyan was half-kneeling at the moment. After receiving such an impact, his vision turned black his the webbing between his thumb and index finger was split apart with blood flowing out. Even the air was forced out of his chest giving rise to a suffocating feeling. Obviously, the enemy's strength vastly outweighed Sheyan's. Fortunately, a third lance wasn't shot over, if not he was bound to suffer serious damages.

At present, loud rustling against the shrubs could be heard from the forest. Suddenly an enormous black centaur leapt out. The bottom half of the centaur resembled a vigorous and sturdy horse, but muscular body extended out from the 'horse's head'. An elongated black mane grew out from its back, and slanted down from its spine, like a black flame fluttering in the wind. Wooden decorations, vines and engravings hung from its body, and the most striking one was 3 deathly white human skulls hanging around its waist.


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