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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 36


Chapter 36: Centaur disaster

Translated by: CHua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Sheyan was currently pondering, but suddenly a person appeared from the empty space! Light even leaked from behind, and he could roughly hear certain chattering. This person cautiously took a few steps forward, but suddenly smiled.

’’Seaman, you've came here too.’’

Sheyan used his hand to block the light, he too offered a smile.


’’Hey, Jack! What a coincidence.’’

Shockingly, he was the person whom Sheyan met when he first entered the nightmare realm, beardy, 'Jack the Ripper'. He walked out with a face full of delight, obviously he had just earned several benefits. Sheyan was also in a hurry to uncover the mystery of this Knockturn alley no.13. He offered a quick greeting and rushed up, discovering the secret involved.

Actually this empty space seemed like a desolate ruin on the surface, but actually a concealed valve was located on it. By bending down and pulling it, it will reveal a channel downwards. This channel revealed a strand of light. Probably in the daytime, a certain magical illusion will be placed on the exterior and only be released at night. Thus it was extremely hidden.

Sheyan followed the stairs down, and a warm alcoholic smell welcomed him, it even contained traces of blood stench and leather. Ahead was a noisy large hall that was split into two by a horizontal iron fence. The side where the iron fence was protecting was a long sales counter, it looked similar to a modern day bank. Inside sat barbaric males who wore leather, and all of them seemed to have some sort of disability. The decorations within the hall were knives, swords, cracked shields, and even a severed ox head and deer skull could be seen.

The hall's signpost was crafted like an ox head, the words written on it were pretty queer.

’’London core meat joint venture, Knockturn alley branch’’

There was also tiny imprints: ’’Supplement various rare leather, fresh organs, young animals, eggs.’’

Looking at that, Sheyan finally understood. This place should be the organizations for those poachers. Such a grey industry even operated within the magic world, their supply chains were vastly interconnected, and it probably covered the entire magic world long ago.

For example, the righteous representative Dumbledore, his sorcery materials he used for casting spells, wasn't there at least one illegal item? Did Hagrid obtain his dragon egg honestly? Even the little Harry potter's pet owl, Hedwig, it couldn't have possibly escape from a farm itself. Even the rarest core type wands had a phoenix feather as its core. Furthermore the materials to craft wands even contained dragon's heart, Veela hair, tail hair of unicorns and Thestrals etc. It would be hard to comprehend that these creatures would proactively send in their vital parts to further the powers and abilities of wizards.......

Sheyan was immediately obstructed by a large brute who had a face that seemed to have braved many hardships. A profound scar could be seen extended across his neck, his words carried a strand of threat.

’’Password sir. If not please turn 180 degrees and leave or we will make you leave.’’

’’Glimmering gold.’’ Sheyan smiled. That brute immediately changed to a peculiar expression, like a famished person absorbing totally into a delicious feast but suddenly realized he had choked on a housefly. Obviously Mr Infinit had left left a good impression here. Still that brute opened the way, unhappily pointing towards a vacant window space.

Sheyan walked up and sat down on a old footstool. He directly started.

’’I need information on centaurs. Best if it includes attacking methods, weakness, distribution locations.’’

The person behind the iron fence gasped. He couldn't help but examine Sheyan, swiftly examining Sheyan's build as his words nimbly followed up.

’’Although this might be a little rude, but if you do not possess adequate capabilities, finding a centaur would be equivalent to offering them a free meal.’’

Sheyan laughed and replied.

’’Trust me, I haven't gotten sick of living yet.’’

The person inside didn't bother saying much.

’’30 pounds, and you'll get what you want.’’

Sheyan sighed. He was currently left with the 50 magic pounds that he stole from Qiao Gun, but these could be exchanged for utility points. He couldn't just say he was bankrupt, so he just offered up that note.

The person handed him a mini book along with the change. Sheyan scrolled through and started memorizing the information about centaurs.


Species: Half human

Height: 2 - 3 metres

Features: Human head, torso and 4 limbs similar to a horse. Different variety of horse color.

Diet: Purple Alfalfa, roast meat

(TN: alfalfa is a type of flower)

Nature: Centaurs are intelligent, and can understand human language but carry a strong contempt towards humans. Once attacked by humans, it will demonstrate very intense retaliation.

Human relation: White/brown centaurs are more amicable towards humans, they will not initiate interactions nor will it attack humans. Few black/grey centaurs harbour hostility towards humans, they may occasionally attack humans on their own. Many missing mountain climbers and backpackers were assaulted by black centaurs.

Lifestyle: They travel in a pack of 10 - 50. However, a centaur is an omnivorous creature, it may leave the pack to go hunting.

Ability: Under normal situations, brown/white centaurs are proficient in magic, magic treatment, divination and astronomy. Black/grey centaurs are outstanding with the lance, and can display several basic treatment and witchcraft but are not proficient in it.

Weakness: Centaurs do not have high intelligence (Low MP), therefore prolonged battles do not suit them. Under normal situations, centaurs would only carry 3 - 5 lances. Once their lances are expanded, they they would sink into an awkward predicament of empty handed.

Important point: Centaur's front and back hoofs contain immense power, their kick is extremely mighty. Thus it is best to mount a side attack. Centaurs are smart, once they realize they are unable to fight they will flee. If possible, first attack its legs to remove its mobility.

Distribution location: Glasgow/Yorkshire (black/grey centaurs)

Distribution locations: Tai He valley/Orkney/Forbidden forest (Brown/white centaurs)

Seeing this list of information, Sheyan had a firm resolution in his heart. When he was about to leave, that huge brute once again blocked his path.

’’Since your password is 'Glimmering gold', then you should have been recommended by that stingy green shorty?’’

Sheyan helplessly shrugged his shoulders, and smiled bitterly.

’’I still have matters with Mr Infinite.’’

That brute used a mocking tone.

’’Since you're willing to pay, then he probably welcomed you happily. Let's cut the crap, what did that goblin ask you to do?’’

Sheyan slightly hesitated, but he reckoned this brute was able to gather information from his own people. Thus, without hiding anything he replied.

’’He needs a centaur's liver.’’

’’This fool.’’ That brute spat onto the floor. ’’I won't hide from you. Our organization is in urgent need of centaur leather. If you can bring in some, we will definitely purchase with a high price. What do you think?’’

Sheyan's heart stirred, and then turned delighted. Actually interacting with the goblin would incur heavy financial losses, but similarly provided a compensating opportunity. He immediately asked.

’’What price?’’

The brute replied.

’’I'm John. If you return back alive with centaur leather, you can straightforwardly find me to sell it. White/brown centaur leather is the most expensive, every piece sells for 400 pounds. Black/grey centaur leather is cheaper, 200 pounds for each.’’

Sheyan nodded and walked out. He then turned his head to face the brute.

’’If I was you, I'd begin raising the adequate cash.’’

John laughed out loud but didn't continue replying.

After leaving this building thirteen, he once again went to look for Infinite. Since he found a new livelihood, that remaining 20 pounds didn't matter to him anymore. This time's return, was to find this well-informed goblin and make his time more efficient. Because centaurs are located in remote regions, if Sheyan were to travel he would take 2-3 days and he still had to complete the remaining missions. Therefore, if he could travel through the fireplace using Floo powder, that would be the best choice.

This time, Infinite was extremely delighted to accede to Sheyan's request. This wasn't because he had a special relation with Sheyan now, but more so of the use of that 20 magic pounds. Furthermore, Sheyan could also use that Floo powder to return and this saved him a great amount of time.

Infinite dispatched a house-elf to follow Sheyan to assist him in familiarizing with the place, but it obviously couldn't help in battle. This showcased the true essence of a wealthy goblin. Although Sheyan was relatively tired, he still instantly travelled to Yorkshire using floo powder.


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