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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 35


Chapter 35: A race that disregarded charm

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Sheyan carefully inspected the place, only after confirming that he wouldn't be charged any extra fees did he pass through the silver door. He stepped into a spacious marble hall. The hall was laced with over 10 bulky and rough marble chairs, which looked extremely exorbitant. A pair of eyes occasionally appeared on the pillars, sneakily sweeping the area before vanishing. This should be the surveillance mechanism, catching any unlawful behaviour.

Dozens of goblins sat behind the sales counter made with beech wood, waiting for customers. Because there weren't many customers now, some were munching on crackers shaped like small animals. Some were examining the blemishes on the marble with their magnifying glass, and the bored ones were mindlessly pressing the mini weighing scales in front of them with their fingers. There was an unexplainable shrewdness within the eyes of these little stubby green creatures.

Sheyan's main goal was to find Gringott's main manager called Infinite Franc. Fortunately, in order to elevate his lofty status, he purposely wore a glaring red suit with green collar and sat at a prominent location. He grew an extremely arrogant beard. Sheyan figured he had to interact a lot with that fellow from here on, and his main issue was his pathetic charm. Thus, he used his 'insight' ability on that goblin.

Infinite Franc


Height 3 foot 2 inches (0.92 metres), weight 33 kg

Strength ?

Agility ?

Physique ?

Perceptive sensing ?

Charm ?

Intelligence 50 points

Spirit ?

Basic attributes ?

Abilities ?

Description: Goblins are greedy and intelligent creatures. They seek nothing but profits and most are trustworthy. They possess exceptional keen sense regarding business, and would serve anyone who offers them money.

Some talented Goblins may even grasp certain mysterious high level abilities, but will only occasionally use these abilities to protect their personal wealth.

Goblins amongst other species within the nightmare world, are the least likely to be influenced by the basic attribute 'Charm'. The only thing that can influence their impression and actions is one thing, and that is money.

After viewing this list, Sheyan's heart surged with a pleasant surprise. This wasn't all that bad. Other contestant weren't willing to interact with the goblins not because they were reluctant to part with their money, but because charm wouldn't influence them and they were unable to obtain any benefits. But to Sheyan who was vastly 'crippled' with regards to charm, what relation was there? If it couldn't work then so be it. The most he had to do was spend more!

’’Mr Infinite, pardon for the interruption.’’ Sheyan walked to the goblin's front with great manners. Instead, this Mister Infinite completely ignored him.

But Sheyan was prepared.

’’This is the recommendation letter given to me by Mr Yisis at the entrance.’’

Infinite raised his green eyelids, but continued writing with his goose feather pen.

’’Come back the next morning at 7:59 and 6 seconds, oi! For the love of money, anyone who isn't punctual will never earn the respect of others.’’

Then Infinite straightforwardly flung the recommendation letter into the paper basket right in front of Sheyan. Sheyan sighed helplessly, however he immediately thought of the pleasant scene of others with high charm being served the same shit attitude. He immediately felt rather good and his spirits were rejuvenated instantly. Thus he immediately took out another sealed 'Recommendation letter' that he prepared beforehand.

’’Time is money Mr Infinite, that is what I always believe in. Regarding myself disturbing your time, I'm willing to compensate for my behavior.’’

’’Compensate?’’ After hearing this word, Infinite's two pointed ears immediately jolted up. Sheyan could clearly see the hair on his ears standing up one by one.

’’Yes, this is my most sincere compensation.’’ Sheyan delivered a 10 pound note upfront.

Mr Infinite's face finally showed a slight interest, but he continued with his own things in silence. Sheyan gritted his teeth and drew out another 50 pound note and offered it. (Note: 50 pound was the biggest monetary denomination at the time, it was like China's biggest currency was a 100 Yuan note)

This brought instant results. Infinite immediately smile widely as he stood up and and poured water into a paper cup. Although Sheyan was a little thirsty, but thinking of the polluted water inside that probably was shared with dozens of others, he politely declined. Yet in his heart he couldn't resist being slightly proud of himself. This 31 points buffalo of physique is finally receiving the same treatment as a 31 points charmer!

’’Time is money my friend! Your word describes my heart! Since we have such an amicable relationship now, then I don't mind being frank. Recently, something happened that left me hard pressed, my skin is fading!’’

Until here, Infinite brandished both arms emotionally.

’’Heavens. I swear on money, I've never experienced such a thing. Since my youth till adulthood, my skin has always emitted the healthiest of green. My dearest Marsha was mesmerized because of my skin. But now, my skin is starting to show obvious signs of fading. Previously those who looked on with envy and jealousness, and even my affair partners will distance themselves from me! Therefore I recently endured and paid 30 shillings to my father to ask about this problem......’’

Speaking till here, the respected Mr Infinite swept around with his eyes. He then lowered his voice.

’’He told me the liver of a healthy centaur may be of use. But it definitely has to be fresh, fresh! The kind where the warm blood hasn't started coagulating!’’

Coincidentally, while wandering around in the afternoon Sheyan had came across a presentation on centaurs. There were certain restrictions, and he immediately awkwardly asked.

’’But, Mr Infinite. Although my knowledge is superficial, I've heard that centaurs are under the protection of the Ministry of Magic.’’

Infinite crept in with his eyes and secretly uttered.

’’My friend, the meaning of regulations is breaking them.’’

Sheyan recalled the reports supplied by the Symbiosis sect. Probably due to most people not willing to interact with these unethical greedy goblins, therefore the introductory and mission regarding Infinite were the most brief. Up till now, there wasn't any information or explanation that he recently received. However, Sheyan had always been outstanding in reacting to such emergencies.

’’Alright Mr Infinite, based on our current friendship , I will certainly help you. But for the love of money, you cannot possibly ask me to find such a creature in the entire Great Britain myself. Apart from that, in order for your skin to regain that mesmerizing lustre, I should at least be supplied with some information on that creature right.’’

Infinite smiled with his thick lips, he was glad to see someone actually considering for his own benefits. However, he started rubbing his left index finger and thumb together. Sheyan cursed in his heart, he knew without parting with the kid he would never entice the wolf. He then stuffed the rest of his remaining pounds into the goblin's hand. Anyway other party members would definitely be willing to exchange pounds for utility points.

Undoubtedly, Sheyan's actions once again earned positive reaction from Infinite. This creature that completely disregarded 'charm' even proactively dragged a chair in for Sheyan to sit. His face was smiling so splendidly like a flower bloomed on it. Lowering his voice even further he continued.

’’At Knockturn alley, number thirteenth. You will definitely find what you need. They will ask you for a passcode, just reply 'glimmering gold', and you'll be fine.’’

Knockturn alley? Sheyan was bound to go there, because one of the 4 main shops to complete the 'warmhearted man' milestone was located there. Borgin &Burkers magic shop. That was the place where dark wizards roam about, withering head, enormous black widows, snakes, withering hands and bones were common merchandise sold there. However, it was filled with huge amounts of shoddy quality goods and counterfeits. Rumour has it that an unfortunate kid in the party spent a huge amount on a wand that could enhance his power by 100%, but it was actually an ordinary baton......

Yet Sheyan recalled clearly that the number 13 was a taboo to Europeans. Therefore even Knockturn alley such a place filled with dark wizards didn't possess any thirteenth building. But looking at Infinite's expression, he was extremely sure. Furthermore Goblins were world renowned for their greed, but also their credibility when it regards to matters concerning money. Thus after walking out of Gringotts, Sheyan instantly rushed to Knockturn alley.

Knockturn alley was extremely peaceful during the day, but even more deserted when night falls. Only a few isolated and fim lamppost illuminated the shady area. Adding on the occasional whimpers and crowing, it felt just like a cemetery. Sheyan had always been bold, but he couldn't help turning nervous when he arrived here. In this world, it was a fact that spirits and souls were an existence in this world. He finally reached the end of knockturn alley with an emotionless face, he could only see shop number twelve selling tribal objects. At present, its door was shut tightly, and on it was a skeletal hand with a signboard 'Closed' swaying by its finger. Beside it was a piece of flat land, where was that number thirteenth?


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