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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 32


Chapter 32: 10 minutes and an afternoon

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

’’This place, its really....really mystical.’’ Sheyan and Diaz both had a dumbstruck expression. Instead Gale had already frequented here before, and was used to the peculiarity of it. Clapping their shoulders he sad.

’’Go ahead and roam about, remember don't buy anything. Even though it's pretty chaotic here, most of tenants are good wizards and follow the regulations from the ministry of magic. Furthermore we are workers from Hogwarts, it should be relatively safe. I'll go check if Phelps is around, I'll be back soon.’’

Since it seemed safe, Diaz ditched Sheyan and went ahead by himself. His personality had always been cold and remote. Sheyan didn't mind and went his own way. The shops here were bizarre and magical. Sheyan have never seen the items they sold before, it was like seeing a whole new world.

His curiosity was piqued by a signboard from which hung a golden pair of scissors cutting incessantly.He walked in, in the end, there was no one inside while a barber stool slid over by itself. Following that, a pair of scissors immediately surged to his head! If not for pathetically fleeing out, his hair would really have been raped and violated.

After stumbling out, Sheyan then noticed several tiny words beneath the golden, the words were so small one had to use a magnifying glass to view them.

Hairdresser and shaving, 50 pounds per round, does not accept credit.

’’Wow....just wow!’’ Sheyan wiped his cold sweat, tugging at his pouch as he hurriedly left the area. Trying his best to distant himself from that strange shop as far as possible.

Ahead him was a crowd surrounding a window, the crowd were youths that didn't exceed 16 years old. Sheyan crept closer, and realized their envious gaze were all directed at a broom behind the window. Sheyan glanced through, he felt that these second generation wizards were really senseless. When he was at their age, he had already roamed across 5-6 countries and tasted the body of 7-8 different nationalities of females. And yet they were all excited over a stupid broom.

’’....wait wait wait wait, broom!’’

’’Inside Harry Potter's magic world, this household tool had two different uses! Of course ordinarily ones were used to sweep the streets, while the special ones when compared to Porsche, Maserati, Lamborghini, they were just trash!’’

Thinking till here, Sheyan naturally participated with the group of kids and gazed into the window. A distinct name was written over the broomstick:

Nimbus 2000!!!

’’So it is this.’’ Sheyan recalled something and hurriedly checked with his nightmare imprint. As expected there was a relevant milestone to his object: 'I love Quidditch', and its requirement was a Nimbus 2000!

Ever since knowing that titles could be synthesized together, Sheyan had a whole new attitude towards milestones. This milestone was relatively easy to accomplish, he just needed enough pounds. Based on his current net worth, he had 122 pounds and 50 of them could be brought out of this world. Thus, he carried an air of contempt as he stepped into the shop. However after 10 seconds, silently walked out with a crestfallen expression.

The price of the Nimbus 2000 wasn't great, it was merely 5 figures, 11300 magic pounds. These magic pounds referred to the kind where contestants could bring back to the nightmare realm and exchange for utility points! More devastatingly, the shop only accepted magic pounds and not utility points! Sheyan finally understood why this Nimbus 2000 hadn't been bought yet. It seemed like the easiest, but actually its price was the hardest to reach!

After leaving that magic sports shop, Sheyan suddenly halted after walking for a brief moment. He quickly headed to his left, and not long later a four storeys high building appeared before him. This building had an eighteenth century look, every floor was slanted to a different direction. It looked like toy building blocks that could collapse anytime. But from the signboard by the side, the previous time it renovated was actually in 1867. The building should have been around for over a millennium.

’’Gringotts.’’ Sheyan gazed upon this renowned goblin bank. His heart constantly transmitted a strange and intense sensation, as though a thread was tugging at it like this place was filled with desolation and death. He circled the area, and that sensation suddenly vanished. Stunned and at a loss for a moment, he then resumed strolling the streets.

After several rounds, Gale rushed here anxiously. When he saw Sheyan he instantly became overjoyed.

’’Finally found you, quickly come.’’

Sheyan was slightly taken aback.

’’What's with the hurry?’’

Gale led the way and replied.

’’Obviously it is for your bowtruckle mission. Hurry, if not Phelps will have to work more.’’

Sheyan was slightly puzzled. Bowtruckles loved the quiet and peaceful forest, it was even hard to find one at the outskirts of the forbidden forest. Yet this was a bustling city, there were pests was someone able to help him with the bowtruckles here? The two passed through several streets and finally stopped in front of a shop. The signpost read 'Magical Menagerie'.

’’Isn't this the place that sells pets?’’ Sheyan was roughly knowledgeable about the Harry Potter movie. 'Crookshanks' Hermione's cat was bought from here.

’’That's right.’’ Gale straightforwardly headed into the shop and then called Sheyan in. He didn't stop to look at the strange birds, snakes and animals but immediately headed in. The environment inside was much better than its exterior. Gale sat down firmly onto a chair, and glanced about. He then smacked down heavily onto the table with his hand.

’’Phelps! Phelps! You idiot where is the thing I tasked you with?’’

Instantly, another contestant rushed out from the nearby room. His face was a little scared. This contestant, Sheyan had already seen before. It was the guy who chose to work at Diagon Alley.

’’Where are the bowtruckles you supposed to prepare?’’

Gale called out loudly.

’’At the back.’’ Phelps swallowed his emotions and replied.

’’Bring us there.’’ Gale demanded. ’’Now!’’

Sheyan asked.

’’Why would there be bowtruckles here?’’

Phelps looked at Sheyan but Gale scolded out.

’’He is the newly added official member, Seaman! Not the same rotten eggs like you guys who can only hide at the back of a battle. When he asks you, you better answer him honestly!’’

Phelps leaked a bitter and resentful look in his eye, but sincerely replied.

’’Because when selling pets, Crups likes to eat bowtruckles if not it will turn violent and cause the caretaker much worries. Therefore Gariful Boss secretly smuggled in some behind the ministry of magic's back.’’

(TN: Crup is a species of dog)

Phelps led Sheyan round to the backyard and finally to iron cage. There were at least 18 bowtruckles inside, and ground beetles were prepared by the side. These bowtruckles were famished for a long time, and Sheyan fed the ground beetles as easily as feeding gold fishes. After 10 minutes, the nightmare imprint displayed the notification:


’’You successfully pleased 50 different bowtruckles.’’

’’You completed the milestone: A doting man.’’

’’You acquired the title: Bowtruckles feedback (Fast).’’

’’Anywhere within 30 metres of trees, your HP regeneration under battle state will receive additional 25 points per minute. This title can be swiftly equipped even in battle, and can be switched away anytime.’’

Sheyan finally experienced the benefits of a party. If he attempted it himself, there was a possibility that even after an entire afternoon, he wouldn't have completed it! Suddenly he recalled another milestone that was linked to bowtruckles: 'British museum honorary member'. He then enquired about this to Gale. After pondering Gale replied.

’’That milestone probably provides good rewards, but it doesn't have any link with us.’’

Phelps eyes suddenly flashed with admiration and interrupted.

’’The awarded title is also called British museum honorary member, its attributes are intelligence +3, MP regeneration speed +2.’’

Intelligence +3 was quite an excellent attribute, MP regeneration +2 was even more practical. MP regeneration speed and HP regeneration speed were calculated the same way. This title to contestants who relied on active abilities/skills was undoubtedly essential. But judging from the nightmare imprint's principles, acquiring it should be difficult.

To acquire that title may seem easy. Just send over a bowtruckle to the British museum. But one mustn't forget, the bowtruckles are creatures who live in the magical world. Yet the British museum is a 'muggles' landmark! This brings in the authority of the Ministry of Magic, and they will certainly dispatch an inspector to pursue this.


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