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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 31


Chapter 153: Entering Diagon alley

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

After examining the 3 objects, Sheyan's first reaction was to combine the 'Troll's Horcrux' and the 'Troll's Legbone' together to produce a silver storyline weapon! Although the warning states that if the horcrux wasn't compatible with a weapon, it will break. But even using his pants to think he would know that the compatibility rate of the two was naturally 100%. But after giving it a second though, he immediately released this idea.

In such a threatening environment, undoubtedly enhancing his own capabilities took precedence. He was definitely incapable of equipping the 'Troll's Legbone' for a long time, therefore selling it off to another would be the best option. Besides, Sheyan could keep that horcrux which had the potential to enhance a black class equipment. Because right now, Sheyan had two black equipments. If any could rise a class, its powers would be raised incredibly!

After confirming his intentions, Sheyan inquired and realized he could only use the horcrux in the nightmare realm. Thus, he could only shelve it aside. Although his power didn't receive an instant boost, his profits were still relatively satisfactory. At this moment, the steam whistle of the train sounded, and the three simultaneously approached the carriage. The train only stopped for 15 minutes, once they missed it they had to wait till the next day.

10 minutes later, the three were sitting inside the train. Sheyan was pretty exhausted. He knew that time was precious, therefore he decided to take a nap during the journey and strived for the +3 attributes title at Diagon alley after he refreshed his mind. Previously he had inquired about title synthesization, but Gale courteously mentioned he wasn't very clear. The only thing that was clear was that such a thing as title synthesization existed.

When Sheyan's vision turned hazy, suddenly someone knocked the door of their private carriage room. He was instantly alerted but didn't expect that Diaz and Gale simultaneously charged forward with joy. They hurriedly opened the door!

Sheyan was still a little shock, but he saw a middle aged woman pushing a cart outside asking them if they would like to purchase any snacks with a smile. He immediately realized that they had chanced upon a hidden aspect. According to the storyline, this sales madam would only sell products at the start of school or during the holidays when the train was transporting the kids. At present, it was their great luck to be able to encounter her.

Because of his delay in rushing up, even though he had the cash he wasn't able to buy much. In the end he only purchased the following:

Bertie Bott's every flavour beans x 2: A special snack in Harry Potter's word. It can produce at random flavours of coconut, grape, spinach, liver, cow belly, pepper....even mucus, ear wax etc.

50% chance of eating a normal flavor: Instantly recover 15% HP.

33% chance of eating a weird flavour (Liver, cow belly, pepper etc): All attributes temporarily +1, duration: 24 hours.

10% chance of eating a disgusting flavour: HP instantly drops by 5%, all attacks raised by 10%. Duration: 12 hours.

Chocolate frog x2: A special snack in Harry Potter's word. MP regeneration rate +50%. Duration: 120 minutes.

Upon opening package, 50% chance of obtaining a wizard card. A lone card can be sold for 100 utility points.

Gathering the whole set (12 different wizard cards), receive a hidden mission.

Mars bar: A special snack in Harry Potter's world. After consuming, regain 33% HP and 33% MP within 30 seconds.

To purchase these items, Sheyan used the salary issued by Hagrid. The 10 points he used (considered a valuable item), can be compared to 2000 utility points in the realm. Moreover he had no use for collecting it. After that bargaining frenzy, nothing else special happened. While waiting for the train previously, Sheyan suddenly thought of a question and couldn't help raising it.

’’Why didn't anyone think of attacking Harry Potter. Isn't he just a little kid?’’

Gale burst out in laughter after hearing that.

’’Seaman, you really think Harry Potter is such a harmless and safe kid that even such frightening existence like Voldemort couldn't kill! Then how would an average person see him as? I once heard a recount of someone that Harry Potter has 3 blessings on him. The 8-level love protection blessing that his mother, Lily, exchanged with her life which possess terrifying reflective ability. His father's 7-level true fortune blessing. Dumbledore's 7-level enchantment blessing! Once you attack him, then you should prepare to see God in a few seconds!’’

’’That's right.’’ Diaz sincerely continued. ’’Apart from what Gale said, Harry Potter also possesses power ability to transform the substance of an object Remember the glass wall at the zoo inside the movie?’’

’’Harry Potter wanted to humiliate his cousin, and dematerialized the glass window obstructing the snake. It only materialized after a few minutes! As long as he willed it, such objects can be shifted easily. If his life was in grave danger, then he can probably do the same to your weapons, your brain, your body, legs, and even... your heart!’’

As Sheyan listened, he suddenly felt that Harry Potter wasn't just a young kid. He was obviously a supreme fortified stronghold by himself.... Sheyan discarded all notions of ever wanting to bully the kid as he laid on the seat and fell into deep sleep. He slept extremely soundly, until the train staff woke him up at London's platform 9 ¾stop.

3 hours of sleep was relatively enough for a contestant. After washing his face, Sheyan could feel his metal had recovered by 80%. They then boarded a cab that Gale hailed, and once again headed towards the place where they started, The Leaky Cauldron.

It was still 5 in the afternoon, and there was no one inside the bar. Only old Nick was diligently wiping his wine cups. After he saw Sheyan and the rest, he slowly addressed them.

’’Lads, on the right roughly 13 metres from here is Mijasha cafe. They sell pretty good honey biscuits, and especially waiter 13 who has such a firm and nice butt. Why did you guys come here? I've sworn to Barry before, I will only sell alcoholic beverages after 6.’’

Diaz who had the highest charm, didn't hesitate to engage any storyline character.

’’Hey Nick, I heard that the opposite cafe's waiter 13 is a male, perhaps you like guys? Also, we are not here for a drink, our aim is the back of the bar.’’

After speaking, Diaz displayed out his Hogwarts hunter emblem. Nick's expression carried no dissent, but he still diligently examined the remaining emblems as well. At this moment, Sheyan felt rather thirsty, he knew that his measly points of charm was unable to gain any favourable impression on storyline characters. Thus he bluntly picked up a bottle of beer, and easily popped open the beer cap.

Suddenly old Nick furiously called out.

’’Hey! I already said that until 6, I will not sell any form of alcohol!’’

Sheyan exhaled in satisfaction, shrugging his shoulders he threw away the bottle cap.

’’Old man, If I don't pay after I drink then that's not considered selling right?’’

Old Nick was astounded, as though nothing was wrong and he couldn't find the words to refute. With his gloomy face, he stood behind the counter.

At this moment, Gale was already standing at the back alley of the bar about to enter Diagon alley. There was an old brick wall with a cross shaped depression at their eye level, the depression seemed like a Chevrolet symbol to Sheyan. Gale lifted his finger and started tapping in a clockwise direction around the depression. Suddenly the brick wall starting shaking and opened up a pathway.

Suddenly, a furious roar from old Nick sounded over.

’’Damned brat. You haven't paid up!’’

Sheyan laughed and kicked off, darting into the busy crowd within diagon alley. When Diaz and Gale witnessed Nick rushing over relentlessly, they both raised their arms innocently. Nick was already an old man, when the chaotic view of human traffic filled his eyes, how was he able to find Sheyan.

This was Sheyan and Diaz's first time visiting Diagon alley. It was named the wizard's marketplace, its liveliness and congestion was not far from London's Westminster Abbey. The buildings here had a sixteenth century style with 2-3 floors and had pointy triangle roofs. These crooked houses aligning up looked really similar to passengers clogged up side by side each other in a congested bus. It carried an irregular yet charming effect.

It seemed that every house was a standalone independent store, their signboards were designed meticulously. Opposite from Sheyan, a lantern that could move by itself was hung above it. On the right, the signboard of that shop was able to pick up a cloth and wiped itself. Suddenly, Sheyan heard a steam whistling sound. He urgently turned around, it was actually a teapot placed onto a signboard which was releasing steam. As it caught onto Sheyan, it even winked its eyes and playfully puffed out batches of steam.....


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