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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 30


Chapter 30: Troll's.....

Translated by: CHua

Edited by: Elkassar

The metals professor had seen a report before. On it was written: ’’Basic grappling and expert grappling these two advanced ability may look similar on first sight, but when raised to lvl7, expert grappling would produce an additional 7% avoidability and 9% resistance!’’ This was a huge disparity. In addition to Sheyan's pretty outstanding performance in adaptability and strength, no wonder he was able to maintain his composure in front of such a terrifying creature like the troll and lure it for a kilometre.

’’Looks like, he can be considered someone we urgently need.’’ After going through these, the Metals professor had a different opinion of Sheyan. He muttered in his heart.

’’This contestant is still growing in potential, I should monitor his cultivation first. If he doesn't harbour any ill ambitions, he should be tested first. That is if he manages to survive after this round's operation.’’

The Metals professor nodded at Sheyan, reaching his hand out.

’’Welcome to the Symbiosis sect.’’

After joining Sheyan naturally signed a list of agreements through the nightmare imprint. His privileges were pretty similar to before. The party members had a peaceful status to each other, and AOE damages would not cause friendly fire. If any side wishes to aggro the other, there will be a 10 seconds pre-warning initiation of battle and will be instantly penalized 6000 utility points.

More importantly, the aggressor would immediately be implied as quitting the party, the name would be announced to every party member within the world. Moreover after the battle concluded (Defeat or victory), 3 random objects and 1 random equipment would be transferred to the victim. If the victim dies, then the remunerations would be transferred to the highest status personnel within the party. That was probably why Qiao Gun didn't dare to directly act against Gale, but only borrowed the troll's might to act.

Furthermore, a higher status party member had a privilege. That was to instantly commence a trial against any party member. After the trial, he can instantly remove the peaceful status of that member, and expel him out of the party. However, the initiator of the trial will have his attributes lowered by 5%. At this point that will be vote. If more than 50% of the party members felt that the trial was fair, then the lowered attribute will be reinstated. If not it will remain permanently.

Apart from that, after joining the party he acquired a passive party ability: 'Impossible comeback'. It will be instantly activated once the contestant reaches a heavily injured state. The contestant will instantly receive +10% avoidability lasting for 10 seconds. This effect seemed rather chicken ribs*, but it should be able to be improved. Once the party reaches a higher level, it should be relatively powerful.

(TN: *lol it means punitive)

A member can leave the party under a peaceful state and within the nightmare realm. But the member has to pay a fee of 5000 utility points and 5 potential points.

Once Sheyan joined the Symbiosis sect, the Metals professor proceeded to invite Diaz. After deliberating, Diaz resolutely refused. But through Gale's mediation, he finally signed a temporary agreement contract. He was able to use 8000 utility points to purchase that information process, but he had to aid the Symbiosis sect's operation. The metals professor still carried an immense suspicion, but most of the suspicion was placed onto Diaz.

If it was normally, he would have investigated this matter thoroughly! But now was a critical moment, the Banks Syndicate were closing up and the situation was extremely tight. Anything could happen anymore. Therefore he forcefully contained his suspicious nature and prioritized the things at hand. His time was extremely tight, after exchanging a few words he took off into the fireplace.

After joining the Symbiosis sect, Gale naturally became more amicable with Sheyan. Moreover the two had been through a life and death ordeal together, and Sheyan's strength wasn't lacking. After Qiao Gun's death, his position was vacant. Gale naturally wished Sheyan could support his cause, and declared to Sheyan that he would undertake the responsibility of Sheyan's remaining bowtruckle milestone. After the three discussed, the decided to head over to Hogwarts station to rest and wait for the train. Then they would pay a visit to the largest magic marketplace, Diagon Alley.

This time's travel didn't have the good fortune of having Floo powder for instant travel, they could only board the Hogwarts express. Moreover, the train from platform 9 ¾only set off twice daily, one was from London to Hogwrats, and then back to London. According to the platform timing, the train should reach around 11 in the afternoon, hence Sheyan hadn't missed today's train.

Sheyan suddenly recalled that when they just arrived, Hagrid had told them about a small snack shop. He then decided to take a look. Instead, Gale leaned against a bench in the station and lazily lowered his shoulders.

’’Confirm everything is sold. The things here are relatively cheap, this should be the welfare that Hogwarts gives to their workers. If they sold everything to a contestant, they would earn 2-3 thousand utility points at most. The two guys who stayed back at the station definitely exploited this welfare, they wouldn't even leave a plastic bag to you!’’

Sheyan was a little shocked. He bitterly smiled as he discovered that actually he was completely not as well informed as Gale who spent a long time with the party. Looking at the time, he asked Gale and Diaz who were about to fall asleep.

’’Where's the toilet?’’

Gale looked rather tired. He yawned, probably indicating that he didn't know. Instead, Diaz pointed to the left.

’’Walk straight for 20 metres, its the room with the white roof.’’

Sheyan followed his instructions to the toilet. The interior was rather clean. Sheyan observed his surroundings carefully searching before confirming that was no one around. He took a deep breath before fishing out the key he stored within his nightmare imprint.

That was the key the troll dropped.

That shocking faint glimmer of silver glow!

Even the composed Sheyan couldn't help as his heart started beating faster! He calmed himself down, as he summoned the chest and opened it. Instantly, a list of notifications transmitted out by the nightmare imprint:

’’You acquired a silver storyline item: Troll's Horcrux.’’

’’You acquired a black class weapon: Troll's legbone.’’

’’You acquired an unappraised object: A roll of thick leather.’’

’’You acquired 2000 utility points, 1 potential point.’’

Sheyan didn't have the luxury of time, he hurriedly stored his rewards into the nightmare imprint. Especially that black class weapon: 'Troll's legbone' was gigantic, from his initial estimation it should be a dual handed strong weapon! For example, that 28 points of strength Venter would be extremely interested in this. In addition, that Unappraised object: 'A roll of thick leather' was not small as well. Sheyan was flustered as he tried his best to organize the interspatial space in his nightmare imprint. Finally, he managed to stuff the two enormous objects in and heaved a sigh of relief.

When he returned, Diaz and Gale had fallen asleep. They were all classified as Hogwart's workers, and this place was protected by the security of Hogwarts station, thus it was a safe district. Therefore the two dared to be so bold. Sheyan followed suit and laid down on a bench feigning asleep. He then started to examine the newly acquired items.

Troll's horcrux (Specially obtained/rare)

Object rarity: Silver storyline class

Usage effect: After using on a black class equipment/weapon, it will give it a 'soul' and raise that weapon/equipment to a silver storyline class.

Warning: If the Horcrux is not compatible with the equipment, it will break.

Material: Ghost

Weight: 3g.

Description: This is a valuable, rarely seen horcrux, it may even be comparable to dark gold class.

Description: Dying in battle to a troll is a glorious karma. When they hunt other creatures, they are already prepared to get hunted by others. Therefore, they will always calm when confronted with death. But all trolls loathe magic, they feel that magic stains the meaning of combat. Therefore once there is magic involved against the troll, this horcrux would never appear. The appearance of the horcrux signifies your valor in subduing the troll, and it recognizes you as a worthy opponent.

Troll's legbone

Origin: Harry potter's magic world

Equipment rarity: Black

Attack damage: 30 - 80

Material: Calcium carbonate/calcium phosphate/chitin

Additional installation: Handle

Weight: 87.34 kg.

Length: 281.4 cm.

Base attack interval: 5.8 seconds (Strength can shorten this interval, but not lower than 3.8 seconds)

Equipment requirements: Strength 25 points, physique 15 points

Durability: 120 points

Equipping: Strength + 2

Equipping: When dealing damage, 50% chance of neglecting 5 points of defence.

Active ability: Slaying bone toss. Hurling the massive bone at the distant enemy resulting in damage. Damage = (Aggressor's strength - victim strength) x 2 and 40 points of fixed damage.

Additional attack effects: Knockdown. Causing Enemies who receive the attack to be knockdown for 3 seconds. Within this duration, unable to move, attack or cast spells.

Warning: After hurling out the bone, you will be regarded with empty-handed status.

Warning: The hurled out bone can be damaged, consuming its durability. When durability reaches 0, this weapon is unusable and requires repair.

Heavy blunt weapon special effect: 'Penetrate' When a blunt weapon attacks, Ignores the 50% increase in defence in armour class defensive equipment.

Equipment battle score: 21

Evaluation: It thirsts for a powerful soul to dominate it.

Unappraised object: 'A roll of thick leather'.

Object rarity: Black

Material: ?

Weight: 27 kg.


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