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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 29


Chapter 29: Eye of truth

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

At present, when the Metals professor added up Qiao Gun's previous behaviour and speech, he could basically confirm that Qiao Gun had traitorous intentions from the start. His only concern was Qiao Gun's death. Primarily, Qiao Gun started planning his betrayal for a long time. If he was willing to lay hands on Gale, that meant the mountain troll should already be reaching fatality. Qiao Gun should have confidence of finishing it off himself.

Alright, everyone makes mistakes. Perhaps Qiao Gun panicked and made the wrong judgement, in his disaster did he realize that he was unable to finish off the troll alone. But after releasing vampire Edward, Qiao Gun still died. This was extremely bizarre.

The Metals professor had paid quite a huge sum to purchase the vampire Edward from a contestant who had just returned from the 'Blade' world. Although Edward was imprisoned for 7 years and 2 months and was weakened to the point that he couldn't display most of his abilities, he was still a second class legendary creature. His strength should still be adequate. Of course, unless a contestant with outstanding charm who grasps taming abilities managed to tame him, then when Edward participates in the battle, the loots will surely be 'contaminated' and decline in class.

This was also the main reason why the metals professor was willing to handover the imprisoned Edward's cross to Qiao Gun.

Vampires had high regeneration, high agility and high avoidability. It can totally restraint the cumbersome troll based on attributes alone. Even though Edward was weakened greatly, it was simply too farfetched that Qiao Gun would still be killed by a slow-moving troll even under the protection of a vampire.

Therefore, the Metals professor's greatest suspicion was that someone was spying in the shadows. That person utilized a weapon that had an explosive power similar to a sniper rifle and finished off Qiao Gun in one strike! If not, a contestant who was expert in close combat would never be able to escape vampire Edward's clutches after killing Qiao Gun.

Normally an experienced and knowledgeable man with great foresight, he had never expected such a freak like Sheyan would surface. Credit should be given to Sheyan's innate ability 'endurance', it assisted Sheyan in outlasting a second class legendary creature for over 10 minutes. The funny thing was that if his enemy wasn't a vampire but a troll, then Sheyan would be the one desperately fleeing for his life.

Since his heart already had a firsthand impression of judgement, then naturally the Metals professor's biggest doubt was placed on Diaz.

Of course the Metals professor wouldn't simply blurt out his suspicions. After pondering for a second, he replied.

’’I understand now, thank you for both your support.’’

After speaking, he started a trade between Sheyan and Diaz, preparing to sell the information process of the 'Omnipotent' title to both. The two sighed in relief. When facing such a young Metals professor, their hearts ultimately felt a stifling pressure. However after half a minute, Sheyan and Diaz raised their brows, they silently glared at Gale, coldly asking.

’’May I ask, what does this mean?’’

From the request transmitted by the nightmare imprint, it shockingly stated a 10,000 utility points asking price!’’

The Metals professor laughed, his voice resonated with a light metal tapping sound.

’’According to your agreement with Gale, as your reward for staying back, we were supposed to sell to you a list of information process about the 'Omnipotent' title. Is that a problem?’’

Diaz stepped forward, his eyes blazing with frustration at being cheated.

’’Its selling to us cheap! Cheap!’’

The Metals professor answered softly.

’’Do you know how much blood, sweat and tears we invested into this information process? Within the nightmare realm, it is a secret that we wouldn't even sell to the public. If anyone wishes to purchase, they would have to pay at least 30,000 utility points! 10,000 points is already considered cheap, furthermore before purchasing, you have to sign a secrecy clause. You can only use this information for yourself.’’

Diaz wanted to refute, but his eyes were shaken by the Metals professor's warm yet icy glare. He kept silent and took a step back.

’’Fine, fine! I'll leave.’’

The Metals professor laughed out loud.

’’Young man don't be rash and listen to me first. Just now Gale mentioned that you guys have certain deep sentiments of going through that life and death ordeal. Especially you Diaz, you actually dealt such horrifying damages to that mountain troll. And you, Seaman, you lured the troll into the pitfall by yourself, your courage and strength is definitely top grade! Actually I know that 10,000 utility points is a little expensive to a lone travelling contestant. It is actually a price that is hard to accept.’’

Until here, the Metals professor swept a glance past Sheyan and Diaz's face.

’’But.. there's another way. As long as you agree, I can divulged these information process to you. Would you mind listening to it?’’

’’So that's the case.’’ Sheyan's grinned on the inside. He released an astonished 'Oh' and replied. ’’What way?’’

Instead, the Metals professor stared into Diaz's eyes.

’’Join us!’’

Gale sincerely add on.

’’Both of you have witnessed, our Symbiosis sect took a heavy blow in the side of close combatants because of that traitor Qiao Gun! Therefore, we really need two similarly strong contestants to join us! Furthermore, the Symbiosis sect is currently in preparations for a huge operation! If we attain success before the Banks Syndicate, then you'll definitely received tremendous benefits!’’

After Sheyan listened, his face still looked hesitant but moved at the same time. Gale immediately continued.

’’You should know, new entrants into our party normally have an auditioning period of 3 years. Within those 3 years, most of their profits will be taken because in the end we will share both life and death. But i am willing to vouch for you, once you enter you will be classified as an official member. Seaman, don't you have that taming 50 bowtruckles milestone? Once you join our party, you can exchange or use utility points to invite others to assist you. Apart from that, from my knowledge there are 4 others right now that are attempting the 'Omnipotent' title mission! If we can attempt that series of missions together, then the amount of work would be greatly reduced!’’

Hearing till here, Sheyan couldn't help but rub his hands from this pleasant surprise.

’’If I enter, what are the conditions?’’

The Metals professor didn't place heavy emphasis on him. But currently there was indeed a lack of close combat contestants. Initially he wanted to offer no additional conditions, but because of his mistrustful personality, he replied.

’’I've already seen your personal attributes from Qiao Gun. But I request that you release information on all your basic abilities to me, and I'll assure your secret. But remember, trying to cover up anything is futile!’’

Sheyan extremely bluntly exclaimed.

’’No problem!’’

The logic for this request was extremely simple. He suspected that the person who killed Qiao Gun had exceedingly strong long range abilities. That was how he was able to assassinate Qiao Gun without dying to the vampire. At present, only firearms and magic were able to produce such mighty long ranged attacks. And to be able to learn such attacks in the nightmare realm, one should have excellent corresponding basic abilities.

The reality was that great oaks are grown from little acorns. The realm places extremely heavy emphasis on basic abilities. The metals professor came across a top-notch spell in the Harry Potter world: 'Avada Kedavra killing curse scroll'. Just to activate that magic scroll, it required basic prayer lvl12, basic meditation lvl 12, advanced magic lvl10,and proficiency in witchcraft lvl 7! What more the basic ability requirement to learning that killing curse.

Therefore in the Metals professor's heart, if Sheyan was a swine disguised as a tiger and he was the one that killed Qiao Gun, then definitely he would have grasped a powerful far range ability. Thus, his basic long range combat, basic prayer, and basic meditation these 3 abilities should at least be above lvl 7!

When Sheyan acceded to the metals professor and broadcasted his basic abilities to him, he wasn't eager to look but instead drew out a wand! Chanting several incantations, he suddenly sprinkled out a clump of glittering powder with his right hand. This powder was a sorcery material, made with bat's excrement, a dead person's tooth, 10 pieces of silica and 3 pieces of metronidazole grinded together. With the powder floating in mid air, the metals professor pointed his wand at it!

’’Boom!’’ The powder suddenly emitted a crackling sound like a firework. The only difference was that a firework would scatter outwards, but instead the powder congregated internally. Then it swiftly formed into a strangely shaped eyeball.

This eyeball was roughly the size of a fist, it's pupil was oddly huge and left only a small space for the white of the eye. It slowly floated up to Sheyan's face and started to scroll through his basic ability information.

The Metals professor coldly declared.

’’The 'Eye of Truth' has 50 points of perceptive sensing. Therefore, whatever concealment hurry up and remove it. If not, it will never be able to escape the vision of the 'Eye of truth'!’’

Sheyan exclaimed out with astonishment and a look of innocence.

’’What do I need to conceal?’’

Actually, Sheyan's secrets were his personal attributes, innate ability and his equipment. His basic abilities required no such concealment. Therefore, his straightforward style further alleviated the metals professor's suspicion.

Even though his heart had already confirmed that Sheyan wasn't hiding anything, he still controlled the Eye of Truth to himself. He then look looked through carefully the basic ability information collected by the Eye of Truth.

’’Hmm, 'basic close combat lvl2', 'basic footwork lvl 4', 'basic endurance lvl2'... Wa! You have the rarely seen 'expert grappling lvl2' advanced ability. No wonder you managed to survive the troll's attack.’’

The Metals professor suddenly issued an expression of shock and praise. Because of Qiao Gun's betrayal, the Symbiosis sect took a huge blow to their close combat capabilities. Furthermore, Sheyan had learned a pretty good advanced ability in advance grappling. This skill greatly enhanced Sheyan's survivability.


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