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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 28


Chapter 28: Suspicion

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Upon hearing the word 'breakfast', Sheyan's change in expression was magnificent. He instantly leapt up with a speed faster than the vampire, and took cover behind Diaz. Diaz as well bluntly frew out his Karabiner rifle and aimed.

Hagrid shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. He placed the tray in his hands onto the dwarve table, before returning with a wooden ladle from the back. He then poured the fresh water within the ladle onto the sofa. The water straightforwardly permeated into the cortex pillow, as though was as thirsty as being lost in the desert.

’’Alright.’’ Hagrid wasn't the least bit concerned about it. ’’You can continue sitting on it.’’

Sheyan was stunned, and replied.

’’Was that water....its breakfast?’’

Hagrid was radiant with delight.

’’Right? Although this Kelpie* made several errors in the past including overturning a boat in the loch ness, it is still extremely cute and innocent! Therefore I secretly caught one and the Ministry of Magic punished it by sending it to live with me. It just started hibernating but its fur is still nice and warm, thus I figured it would be a great guest pillow. Oh shit, how could I let that slip out.’’

(TN: Kelpie* is a water spirit dog)

Diaz smiled slightly.

’’Don't worry Mr Hagrid, we were all engrossed in your specially made porridge, no one heard anything.’’

After speaking, he picked up the tray and distributed the small wooden bowls overflowing with porridge to everyone else. Only then did he sample a taste and is expression changed drastically as he started to wolf down the remaining porridge completely. The other two were no fools, after seeing this they immediately picked up their steaming porridge and started slurping it down. Although the porridge was scalding to the gum and teeth, their faces showed only contentment.

’’You consumed Hagrid's porridge.’’

’’Your highest basic attribute permanently + 1 point.’’

’’50% of HP restored.’’

’’The next consumption will not increase any attribute points.’’

Obviously, this was an additional reward for slaying the troll from the nightmare realm. The 3 glanced at each other, apart from rejoicing from surviving the calamity, they also contained a strange happiness.

Hagrid himself slurped down a bowl of porridge. He then stared at the enormous troll head and raised his brows saying.

’’Reasonably speaking, this season shouldn't have an appearance of a mountain troll.... But whatever, you guys did a great thing and prevented a misfortune for Hogwarts. This is simply deserving of an award. Alright then, you guys have earned my trust!’’

When Hagrid finished, Sheyan and the rest received the notification:

’’Hagrid's impression of you is raised by 1000 points.’’

’’Current impression is neutral: 476/3000.’’

Sheyan who had terrible affinity for charm sighed greatly, because he heard Diaz's excited rambling. ’’Wow awesome! Impression actually rose by 1500 points....!’’ But the following information distracted Sheyan again.

’’Main mission: 'Acknowledgement' complete.’’

’’You received the qualifications to enter Hogwarts school after the students enrolled.’’

’’You receive the status of Hogwart's hunter.’’

’’Your achievement + 2 points.’’

’’Your duration in this world has been extended, you can continue staying in this world for 7 days. You can also choose to return to the nightmare realm. As long as you board train no.5972 of platform 9 ¾you can return to the nightmare realm. Of course, you must not be in combat state.’’

Hagrid raised his butt from that sturdy short stool, clasping his hands he said.

’’Alright lads, there's still some time from now till the start of school. I suggest you take a tour aside, once those little rascals start school you won't have the luxury of doing so anymore. I believe you have noticed, this is a magical world. You can go and experience the beautiful landscape around Hogwarts, and meet several new species at Diagon alley. Please remember to wear along your Hogwarts badge, if not old Nick will not accommodate you.’’

Obviously Sheyan and the rest wouldn't display the Hogwarts emblem on their chest but stored it within the interspatial area of their nightmare imprint. When they took it out to observe, it was glowing faintly. Naturally, a special magic triggered when they moved from temporary worker to an official one. Furthermore, it even carried a +3% movement speed bonus!

At this point, Hagrid suddenly carried over 3 letters, he yawned absent-mindedly.


’’Recently, I don't know why I keep feeling sleepy after having breakfast....’’

At this moment, a sudden strange sharp yelling sounded from the room. Sheyan had no idea, but Gale was normally a gamer. He could tell after hearing it one time, it sounded like a bug race puppy from Starcraft. He instantly recalled Hagrid's rearing hobby and immediately stood up and left. Sheyan and the rest similarly followed suit.

THe three of them opened their envelopes, and discovered inside contained pounds that only could be used in this world. It should be their salary from Hogwarts. Extremely prejudiced, Sheyan's salary was the lowest at 82 pounds, while the highest Diaz received 113 pounds.

’’What do y'all plan to do now?’’ Gale suddenly asked after exiting the door.

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders and replied.

’’First take a nap. THen settle the Bowtruckles in the noon time. I'm currently settled with 23, by tomorrow this milestone should be accomplished. After completing the 'Doting man' milestone, the title 'Bowtruckles feedback (Fast)' was pretty useful.’’

Gale laughed.

’’That title is indeed great. After title synthesization in the future, if that additional (Speed) can be added in, then its value would be tremendous. How about you Diaz?’’

’’Title synthesization?’’

Sheyan suddenly captured the additional information from Gale's words. He suddenly realized that when compared to people who joined parties, he was indeed disadvantaged. Specifically on the lack of knowledge and information. At present, Diaz had once again resumed his cold indifferent attitude, he replied casually.

’’Of course I have things to do.’’

Gale wasn't affected, he sincerely replied.’’

’’I've already contacted the metals professor. After hearing our conclusion, he immediately placed down his things and rushed here. I reckon he is about to arrive. Our metals professor really wishes to chat with the two of you. Of course, I sincerely request for myself as well. Because in this operation, our Symbiosis sect actually produced a traitor like Qiao Gun. Five of us died, except me. If no one testifies for me, how am I going to clarify myself? Therefore, please stay behind to assist me in clearing my name.’’

’’Of course, I wouldn't just waste everyone's time. Within the symbiosis sect, someone has already completed the milestone: 'Warmheated man' and acquired the 'Omnipotent' title which grants +3 to all attributes. After this matter concludes, I will sell this list of mission information process to you guys at a low price.’’

Gale's words were reasonable, and filled with substantial enticement. Therefore, Sheyan and Diaz both decided to stay behind. Diaz naturally wasn't guilty of anything and Sheyan had a confidence that his actions were completely unknown. Sheyan made use of the excess time now to find out more about the characteristics of the 'Fearless' title awarded after killing a legendary creature. In his heart, he was filled with wasted sentiments. Because the 'fearless' title can actually additionally raise the wearer's life by 5%! This was extremely beneficial for Sheyan! If he had known this earlier, Sheyan would definitely take the risk to dish out 10% worth of damage to that troll. If not this title would have been completed by now, but now he had forever missed that golden opportunity.

The metals professor didn't allow them to wait for long. After half an hour, he hopped out of the fireplace at Hogwarts train station. The metals professor's body was covered with a cloak embedded fully with sharp metal scales and wore a mask. The mask was a poker, King of hearts. That mask was actually crafted with meat, and could even display his expression to perfection. He forcefully squeezed out a smile to Sheyan and Diaz before frowning at Gale.

’’What happened? How did it turn out like this?’’

Gale was obviously an uncouth brute, but in front of this metals professor he was as obedient as a cat. He reiterated the entire story in full details, narrating it completely and accurately and did not add in any personal assumptions.

After hearing Gale's explanation, the metals professor invited Sheyan and Diaz to recount their side of the story. The questions he asked were all relevant. Such an arrogant person like Gale actually turned submissive in front of the metals professor as he answered his questions diligently. On the contrary, Sheyan was exceedingly shameless. He straightforwardly claimed that after being knocked unconscious from the troll's first attack, he didn't know anything else.


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