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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 27


Chapter 27: Framing

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

The reason Sheyan chose the third option, one was Qiao Gun's key and the second was the vampire's cross. Although the cross should be a one time usage object.....but whatever he had gotten what he desired. After careful inspection, the other two object attributes appeared.

Ghost whetstone (Usage left: 2 times)

Origin: Lord of the Rings world. Gondor. Purchased from ghost tribe (Aragorn II summoned ghost army)

Rarity: Black

Usage effect: Your next 3 attacks will ignore the opponent's defence.

Pointer: Ignoring defence includes, Defence attribute, equipment defence, ability defence, and even.... Some of the realm/world's regulation.

Pointer: Ignoring defence effects takes precedence when there is a conflict against any ability.

Usage requirements: Ghost whetstone can only be used on close combat weapons.

Object position: bag

Weight. 0.8g.

Description: Isildur's heir, when will you release the men of the mountains!

50 magic pounds: Valuable item, It can be used in this world or exchanged for 200 utility points.

Sheyan hurriedly read the two objects, before rushing to the other end of the field. His goal was obviously to finishing off the dying troll. When he arrived, he got a shock because the troll had actually disappeared. However, from the blood trail on the ground, Sheyan inferred that the troll had probably started crawling to her lair.

When Sheyan chased up, he noticed that the formerly vigorous and lively troll was reduced to almost taking its last gasp. Its eyes were blinded and the right kneecap shattered. Crawling to the the lair had caused its wounds to bleed profusely. The troll had no treatment item to contain its bleeding, therefore dragging until now she was probably almost drained of blood. Furthermore, it probably didn't have great health regeneration. Its physique was only 18 points, every minute it would only regain 9 points. To recover completely it needed at least over 10 hours.

Truthfully, Qiao Gun had been brooding over this plan for a long time. If he hadn't had enough confidence of slaying the troll alone, then why would he get rid of his own subordinate?

Looking at the troll's dispirited appearance, Sheyan finally sighed. His biggest reluctance now was to drag time. Once the fainted Diaz and Gale awoke, then his plans would all go to waste. Therefore, Sheyan plucked out 'Ambition', and aimed towards the head of the troll.

It seemed like the troll sensed an enormous lethal threat, she swung her head over furiously baring its teeth. But immediately became depressed again. Sheyan didn't wait any longer, activate Ambition's ability: Songs and Rum, and pressed the trigger.

After the spiralling grey smoke dissipated, Sheyan received the notification:

’’You killed the junior class legendary creature, mountain troll.’’

’’Regrettably, your direct damage dealt to the troll doesn't exceed 10%. Unable to clear the milestone: Fearless.’’

Right from the start, Sheyan had been treated as the bait. His only damage dealt was the final strike to the troll, obviously he wouldn't fulfill the 1/10 damage requirement. Since that was the case, Sheyan did not feel much regret in not getting the title. Moreover, he had already accomplished what he set out for. Being able to reach this step, he was already satisfied. The corpse of the troll slowly emitted spots of glow. Finally, a key dropped to Sheyan's front. The luster of the key was astonishingly, a faint silver!!!

Sheyan deeply breathed in, suppressing his inner excitement as he picked the silver key up. He then hurriedly dragged Qiao Gun's body over, and flung vampire Edward's coat beside. The most crucial was then tossing Qiao Gun's blue key beside the troll.....He then arranged the entire scene with utmost care. Then he went back to the place he initially received the first original homerun of the troll and pretend to be unconscious. Of course, he didn't forget about smearing blood on his face first.

Due to the previous contract agreement, Sheyan deduced that Diaz and Gale would search here for his 'corpse' to check for any loot that may benefit them. Sheyan waited for close to an hour, before hearing heavy footsteps from afar. However, he didn't take any precaution, but feign unconsciousness. If the two intended to harm him, they had to first initiate battle and wait for 10 seconds. Furthermore with Sheyan's current strength, even if they had ill intentions they wouldn't be able to threaten him.

Diaz fainted fairly early. Gale's physique was high which contributed to his health regeneration. Therefore, the two roughly awoke near the same time. The two were accustomed to mutual deception, upon seeing the tragic end scenario and Gale's explanation on the traitorous Qiao Gun, they both utilized their imagination to craft out the entire story procedure:

Obviously the greedy Qiao Gun wanted to hog the benefits, therefore he craftily schemed against everyone else leaving the troll for himself. Who knew, he miscalculated and the dying troll managed to release a last ditch explosion of furious retaliation in its despair. Thus Qiao Gun and the summoned trump card vampire were killed by the troll ultimately. Also, the troll was simultaneously killed by the vampire and dropped the blue key. After the summoned time expired, the vampire had vanished.

The two cursed at Qiao Gun, and started to argue over the ownership of the blue key. Fortunately, the two had self restraint and didn't start any violent conflict. Sheyan quietly appeared behind their backs and started releasing a variety of filthy words, as he suggested chopping of the troll's head and return to find Hagrid. Regarding Sheyan's fraud, the two of them had not even considered that possibility. They were deeply moved by this 'Seaman's' luck, he actually didn't die after receiving that insane strike.

When they returned to camp, the three were exhausted to the point of death. They hurriedly took a shower and changed out of their filthy clothes. Then following Sheyan they lugged the troll's head over to Hagrid to explain.

Although Hagrid was tall and huge, the house he was staying in looked rather small from afar. The walls were built with the mountain range granite, small and large pieces that were well proportionate, it gave off a heavy and genuine aura. Its small roof was laid with planks from a pine tree, and deliberately painted green giving it a childish appearance.

The back of the house had a rhombus chimney, it looked like the cute nose of a mischievous girl. Spirals of smoke signified that Hagrid haven't left, and was probably steaming his breakfast. The three anxiously headed over, straightforwardly knocking loudly against the the sturdy wooden door. Even the dust within the small cracks settled down. Very quickly, Hagrid appeared in front of them still wearing his red flower patterned pyjamas. He carried a sleepy expression and yawned, releasing a hoarse muffled tone.

’’Hagrid's visitation period is 4 in the afternoon, apart from that....!!! Dumbledore, what did i just see? The head of a troll?’’

(TN:Dumbledore is just an expression)

Diaz's charm was the highest amongst the three, thus he was the one that presented to Hagrid. Explaining that while hard at work to accomplish Hagrid's mission, the suddenly discovered a strange scene. thus they went forth to investigate. Following that was an intense battle between men and beast. For the sake of the incoming students, for the sake of Hagrid's hunting ground caretaker name not being tarnished, for the sake of Hogwart's reputation, for the sake of.....

Being bombarded by Diaz's emotionally penetrating words, Hagrid's face turned red and then black. Finally he sighed, finally opening his little door and offered helplessly.

’’Come in first.’’

From his certain perspective, Hagrid was an optimistic, kind hearted, gentle, candid and extremely amiable to associate with. But that was only towards Harry Potter's 3 person group, yet to Malfoy and others they had never received such treatment. Honestly, Hagrid's attitude to the contestants were relatively normal, hence across all contestants, Sheyan and the 3 were the first to enter Hagrid's small hunting cabin.

The house was not huge, and the things inside were piling up. A lantern and hunting rifle was hung across the wall, along with several paintings of people. The furnishings had a wooden color and luster, crude craftsmanship and looked distinctly rugged and durable. The only delicate furniture was the sofa, it was a sturdy birch with a brown leather skin nailed over it, and a cortex pillow. That smooth pelt enhanced greatly the comfort of anyone leaning against it.

Sheyan sat onto the Sofa, he felt a comforting sensation covering his entire body. It was like soaking himself into a warm bathtub, in a flash his eyes seemed to fight to keep itself from closing. At this moment, Hagrid walked out, bits of charcoal ash were lodged between his thick beard Once he saw Sheyan sitting on the sofa, he immediately turned nervous and exclaimed.

’’Hey! Wait, it hasn't had its breakfast!’’


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