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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 25


Chapter 25: Violent clash!

Translated by : Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

After hearing Sheyan's words, vampire Edward cracked his neck, his face exposed an indignant and disdainful expression. As he was about to refute Sheyan's words, his brows suddenly twitched as he glanced towards Qiao Gun who was supporting himself by the tree.

’’Mister, I'm sorry inform you that the previously absorbed live essence has been completely consumed. If you can't resupply me, then I would have to leave and return to my house. Although I also wish to ruthlessly discipline this brat in front of me, and let him understand the tragic consequence for boasting shamelessly and insulting a courteous gentlemen!’’

Qiao Gun had already been drained of his life essence once. Furthermore, Edward had very clearly informed him that the next time would mean death. Yet based on Qiao Gun's current predicament, how would he have the liberty to allow the vampire Edward to leave?

Just like how Sheyan was able to gamble with his entire life, Qiao GUn was similarly a person who could not take defeat. If Sheyan managed to take away everything and even if he didn't die, defeat, frustration and subsequently punishment will never allow him to make a comeback.

Therefore Qiao Gun cast a murderous glare at Sheyan, he ripped open his shirt to expose his chest. His face twitching as he declared.


Vampire Edward humbly bowed, using a praising tone to speak out.

’’Hey, mister, I commend your courage.....and generosity. I assure you,I will definitely accomplish your heart's request.’’

His speech was elegant, but in a blink of an eye he arrived in front of Qiao Gun. Using his incomparably sharp fangs to pierce into Qiao Gun's neck artery as he greedily consumed. After 2-3 seconds, Qiao Gun slumped down onto the mud, but he had a layer of faint blue hovering over him. Obviously, he still possessed an incredible medine which assisted him to overcome this hurdle. Hence, Qiao Gun's appearance looked he was half dead. His fingers searched around within the mud, and the hatred within in eyes seemed to be about to escape out.

Edward's coat fluttered as he charged towards Sheyan. He was like a gigantic bat soaring in at astonishing speed, filled with evil, maliciousness and a bone chilling sensation. His icy voice boomed across.

’’Blood is the best reward for your shameless boasting!

Sheyan bent downwards and extended his arms wide while breathing heavily. His eyes were ablaze, giving one an impression of a sinister wolf baring its fangs. The strong gale rushed against his face as the rain mixed with the cold fog. Ahead, the horrific creature charged forward bursting with malicious intent, nevertheless Sheyan was surging with a bloodthirsty lust within him! Also an incomparably intense excitement!

The mud splashed out in all directions while the sound of the wind whistled against the ear. His tongue welled up with a fishy and salty flavor. Sheyan was struck sideways, his cheek appeared another cut, flesh hanging as blood flowed down soon after.

Faced against Edward, a vampire who just refilled on life essence, Sheyan was like sentenced to death by a thousand cuts, it was immensely torturous. Every time the black coat vampire fluttered near him, his body would form another deep cut, some were so deep it exposed his bone.

’’Running is futile.’’ Vampire Edward appeared 7-8 metres away from Sheyan. Such was the insane speed he displayed that when he came to a sudden stop, the dried leaves spiralled down around him. On his left finger, there was a 20 cm long piece of flesh that was still dripping with blood, it was just sliced off of Sheyan. Edward brought it to his head, wanting to place that blood dripping strip of flesh into his mouth. With a look of tranquility, he shut his eyes and pondered as though infatuated with it. Following that, he fished out a spotlessly white handkerchief and wiped his lips, sincerely saying.

’’My tastes buds are telling me that your flesh is extremely ordinary. Having the good fortune of being sampled by me, you are the third person.’’

Sheyan's face remained calm but silent. He continued to retreat towards the forest.

Vampire Edward shook his head, as though pitying the fate of mankind he continued.

’’God says, avoiding reaps no rewards, amen.’’

His body flickered, as he dashed towards Sheyan. His speed was at least 5-6 times of Sheyan's, a naked eye wouldn't be able to catch a glimpse of his figure. But at this moment, Sheyan suddenly waved his hatchet chaotically, wildly chipping at a tree. The tree loudly collapsed onto the pathway ahead of Sheyan as the mud splashed up to the heavens, and the splinters scattered in all directions.

At this moment, Vampire Edward had already appeared next to Sheyan like a ghost. No clue how he even made a detour to his right, his coat still fluttering aggressively in mid air, he raised his hands up high. Suddenly wind blades formed by his claw actions, as the hundreds of blades deeply slashed into Sheyan's right rib, piercing into his liver!

’’My favourite is a human's fresh liver, especially the heat it carries.’’ Edward's voice had lowered to that of a demon as it resonated into Sheyan's ears. The five fingers pierced into Sheyan's liver had started tightening, ripping out a miserable tear against the liver's dark red surface.

But, but!

At this moment, his right wrist was caught by Sheyan. Simultaneously, Sheyan's internal muscles including his liver started to contract inwards, creating a tremendous sucking pressure! Edward noticed the difference and tried his best to retreat, but it was useless in the end.

Now, he stared into Sheyan's eyes.

There was a vicious, devouring look in his eyes. A fighting spirit that seemed like his soul was combusting with a huge blaze.

’’Taste the flavour of a bullet running through your brains! You sick bastard!’’ Sheyan roared out fanatically! His roar was like thunder, penetrating the darkness all the way to the mountain range in a split second. In that instance, Sheyan could hear his breathing, and the intense beating of his heart. His mind rang with the phrase he cherished the most:

Living with great joy, dying with no regrets!

A crow black barrel suddenly appeared in his left hand.

This was an outdated weapon, but filled with an aura of death!

When this weapon appeared, even the flock of birds a kilometre away was alarmed, they flapped their wings and tore away further up into the sky!!

'Ambition' this black weapon originating from the caribbean sea world. In a split second, it connected with vampire Edward's head before releasing a loud boom as a fiery spark sprayed forth!

In that very instance, within the vampire's eyes were a vast black ocean and a humongous wave was surging in. Bent on thoroughly burying the entire vast black ocean!

A tinge of panic appeared on Edward's face, and suddenly half of his brain bluntly exploded out! Thick and creamy blood mixed with white brain innards, spewed around the area looking extremely wretched.

From the start, Sheyan had been scheming.

Right from the onset, he never retaliated out. This was wasn't because he was completely suppressed and had no chance of retaliating. But Sheyan knew, regarding a darkness creature like the vampire who had no mortal weakness and replied on their incredible regeneration, an ordinary attack was like punching against the water. It would only serve to increase its alertness, and didn't bring other benefits.

Therefore Sheyan concentrated solely on defending, completely giving up attacking. This undoubtedly gave vampire Edward a misconception, as though the opponent was thoroughly unable to fight back.

Next was Sheyan's action of chopping at the tree. The vampire was swiftly gaining on him, but he also understood the laws of physics. Sheyan's action of chopping down the tree seemed redundant, but when chopping with his hatchet, he had already calculated the angle. At the instance when the tree was going to collapse, if the vampire stubbornly assaulted from the front, then the tree would pummel down onto him!

Of course that wouldn't be fatal to the vampire, yet this vampire's practice was showcasing his elegance at all times. Therefore, Sheyan had a 90% confidence that he wouldn't assault from the front. At present, Sheyan's left side was obstructed by another tree, therefore the blood sucking demon would definitely appear on his right or behind. Yet this respected vampire disliked sneaking up from behind, thus Sheyan grasped the direction is opponent would surface from. Sacrificing his own body, he successfully implemented his trap! When the conditions are right, the results would follow naturally! Success in one go!

’’Your weapon: Ambition dealt 140 points of damage to vampire Edward.’’

’’Flintlock musket weapon effect: Ready activated. Current bonus of 50% for an explosive strike.’’

’’Your attack landed on the enemy's head. Your explosive strike chance raised by 37%’’

’’Your weapon: Ambition's attack is an explosive strike.’’

’’Your explosive strike upgraded by the ability Ready raises the 200% bonus damage to 250%’’

’’Your total damage raise to: 140 x 250% = 350 points!’’

’’You successfully struck vampire Edward's head, Your weapon Ambition dealt a total of 324 points of damage after factoring defence.’’

’’You damage dealt to Edward's head exceeded more than 1/6 of his life points. Thus, this attack results in an abnormality effect ot his head organ.’’


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