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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 24


Chapter 24: 2nd class legendary creature!!!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Qiao Gun shot a venomous glare at Sheyan. Grabbing the cross, he swiped his big thumb against the edge of it and open up a cut. The blood coagulated in along with his MP. As the blood entered, the crystallized surface suddenly cracked up like a cobweb as the black fog interacted with the blood and spiralled up. Afterward he dispersed into the atmosphere, forming into a figure before landing and metamorphosing swiftly into a person.

A blonde, black swallow-tailed coat wearing, bow tied, tiny, moustached European middle aged male.

His face was fair but his lips exceptionally red, and walked with a limp. He surveyed his environment, before bowing humbly at Qiao Gun. He had an air of nobility of the sixteenth century.

’’Although this is pretty rude, coming home is definitely what a traveller wishes for having wandered around for an entire 7 years and 2 months. Thank you for rescuing me out of that dark place, regrettably now it is time for me to say goodbye.’’

This male's voice was deep and sweet-sounding. His articulation and rhythm was like a harp being played, full of noble charm.

’’Stop!’’ Qiao Gun demanded. His mental powers had been depleted by now, yet his words carried a mysterious gloom. ’’Mr Edward, I'm sorry you need to stay awhile before heading home. If not, not only won't you go home, you'll have to return to the dark place for another 7 years and 2 months!’’

Vampire Edward's expression sunk, he suddenly took notice of the ancient cross in Qiao Gun's hand! He could only shrug his shoulders and replied.

’’Alright mister, give me your order.’’

Qiao Gun pointed towards sheyan and raised his voice.

’’Kill him! Immediately!’’

Vampire Edward slanted his head towards Sheyan.

’’This person's body.....has been enshrouded by fate's fog, I cannot see through him. Thus, I cannot confirm that I can kill him within 5 minutes. If 5 minutes later you still want me to attack....’’

Speaking till here, Edward suddenly let out a mysterious and hysterical laugh, completely dashing all impressions of nobility he had on him. He widened his mouth, exposing two incisively sharp fangs and a crimson red tongue at Qiao Gun!

’’Then you will need to offer your own blood! Every time you offer, I can last for another 5 minutes. But offering don't need to know the answer. Because my then you'll already be a dead man!’’

Sheyan took deep breaths.

The scars and wounds covering his body could amount to 17-18. He seized this chance to regulate his breathing, his inhalation of air could be heard clearly. The vampires attack was like a gale surging forward, based on Sheyan's mere 10 points in agility he was completely unable to see him, even retaliating was out of the question. He charged forward instead, trying to take down the mastermind and attack Qiao Gun. Instead, he opened up a huge loophole for the blood sucking demon to exploit!

Yet his eyes were passionate and deep, as resolute as a mountain range.

The vampire's shadow appeared beside him, those sharp fingernails and teeth were not in the least inferior to daggers!

A vampire is not an explosive creature, yet its existence and regenerative abilities are often discussed enthusiastically by people. Fortunately there was a 40% regulatory binding, yet Sheyan still felt rather hard-pressed. The one he was facing was a vampire that had been imprisoned for 86 months, it was an extremely weakened vampire who could only execute physical attacks!

The distant Qiao Gun was leaning against a tree, as though he was about to collapse. His face was wrinkled with fears, looking he aged by 30 years in a flash. In order to maintain vampire Edward's insane offensive, he allowed him to suck his blood once without hesitation! He probably still had some regenerative medicine with him, which allowed Qiao Gun to weakly support himself where he was standing. Using his venomous glare to spectate the battle.

The vampire once again swept past like the wind. The only thing Sheyan could do was to cover himself with his arms to contain the damage. Simultaneously he dove to the side, but the price he paid was severe. His sleeve felt a sudden chill and then numb, before a chunk of meat was robbed of Sheyan. Although Qiao Gun's summoned vampire was limited by the 40% regulation, and was also trapped and famished from the long arduous 7 years, it was still a beast that shouldn't have appeared in this word. It was still a high class legendary creature!

Every time his attacks successfully landed, it would remove nearly 15 HP off Sheyan. Although this number wasn't high, but that was after minusing various factors, the estimated damaging strength of the vampire could actually reach to 80-90 points! Because it was summoned by a contestant, therefore it is classified as the contestant's faction. Therefore when attacking another contestant, it will receive the 40% damage limitation. After adding Sheyan's outrageous 37% defence damage reduction, and lastly the 25 points reduction innate ability endurance. This was why his resulting damage was reduced to only 15 points.

If it was Diaz facing him, then he wouldn't even be able to last 10 seconds against this vampire!

’’Ho..... there's still 14 seconds before reaching 10 minutes.’’ At present, only able to defend and not attack, by constantly rolling and crawling, he persisted under the furious torrent of blows for close to 10 minutes. Thi was where his advanced ability: grappling lvl 2's dodging tactics showcased its relative importance.

Apart from that, originally the already weakened vampire had insanely rapid speed, he had still been locked out for 7 long years. Occasionally he would stop to rest for a few seconds before resuming his attacks. Moreover, his damage dealt to Sheyan was too low, and couldn't suck enough life points. This greatly restricted the frequency of him dishing out attacks.

Another reason was that Sheyan's current HP regeneration was 15 points/minute. Furthermore, he still had the Endless Vodka to support him, instantly restoring some HP and temporarily increase his movement speed by 25%. In total his HP regeneration was 19 points, therefore within 10 minutes Sheyan had regained an additional 19 HP!

Hence, even of Sheyan was bleeding profusely entirely, and black spots filled his vision, Sheyan was still convinced of his chances. He could definitely persist till he was victorious!

Although he was in desperate straits, the tottering Sheyan still had a pair of fiery blazing eyes which even contained a tinge of insanity. It was like an untamed brutal and merciless beast was residing within his soul, unleashing out in the most critical of times as it fueled his unyielding and immortal battle conviction! This sort of sensation, was like a majestic cliff against the relentless waves, forever standing and never collapsing!

The vampire's swallow-tailed coat fluttered at the back. This terrifying creature slanted his head, gracefully licking his bloodied finger.

’’Hey kid, I really don't like the way you are looking.’’

Following that, the dark skinny figure abruptly vanished into the wind, and seemed to be sweeping away at everything from all sides. Suddenly that horrifyingly sharp fingernails clawed out in the form of visible wind blades. One blade turned to two, two turned to 10, 10 to hundred and hundred to a thousand as these wind blades occupied Sheyan's entire vision. Following that, the thousands of flashes swept past him, dealing numerous heavy cuts to him.

This was the only ability vampire Edward could deliver under his current weakened state. Its might was frightening. When it arrived, the vampire he could feel a claw piercing into his abdomen and pulling out a chunk! At this moment, Sheyan could only shut his eyes as he held onto his butchering bone hatchet on his left, yet without the slightest trembling. Suddenly something struck against his throat!

’’Boom!’’ Sheyan flew out 5-6 metres, and immediately did a back roll and got back up. 3 deep cuts appeared on his throat, as blood spurted out rapidly. His throat had received a devastatingly savage strike! Actually it was only superficial wounds, his eyes were like two flaming needles as it pierced towards the vampire!

’’I've already seen through your tactics! Your moves cannot threaten me anymore!’’

Based on his measly 10 points, Shayan actually dared to declare out firmly, saying that he could actually see through the vampire's tactics. This was simply impossible. One must understand, vampire Edward's agility had already hit the 50 points boundary in his previous world. If it was that easily seen through, then his agility attribute could just be taken as a joke. Therefore he could successfully block it, was because Sheyan grasped certain details.

And one of the details, was undoubtedly the floor.

When Sheyan started his battle with the vampire, it was amongst the vegetation of the forest. Therefore the ground was covered in dried leaves and branches, not leaving a single trace. When the battle turned intense, the vampire Edward was actually slowly lured towards the muddied pathway.

Although the vampire's agility was high, this didn't mean that he was able to exhibit his footwork without a trace, like stepping on water. In actual fact, even if the vampire wanted to fly it had to transform into a bat before doing so. Sheyan was completely unable to follow the vampire's speed, but he could determine the direction based on the footsteps of that vampire.

Moreover, the vampire Edward was famished from its 7 years and 2 months of imprisonment. The logic was simple, its greedy insatiable hunger would cause its focus to narrow down on areas that would cause an outpouring of blood! That was where it would target!

Combining the two variables, and adding the fact that Sheyan had gather certain insights on the vampire's battle capabilities and habits, he finally seize the opportunity at the most critical time and evaded the horrifying projection of clawing assault. The reason he boldly declared it, was to create a confusing facade tricking the vampire to adopt an unfathomable perception.


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