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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 4 - Chapter 23


Chapter 23: You are selfish

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Qiao Gun snorted at Sheyan's reasoning.

’’So what? I tell you, our boss's position has been raised to a metals Professor! HIs strength is frightening, something you can only wish to achieve!’’

As he said the words 'Metal professor', his eyes flashed with an intense dread.

Sheyan noticed that point, yet he completely disregarded his words and replied emotionlessly.

’’Something that can attract the two party heads, more or less it should be a renowned treasure with Harry Potter's magical world. Our current timeline is a few days before Harry Potter enlists into the school, therefore the treasure with the greatest possibility of someone stealing it is...... the philosopher's stone that is placed in Gringotts bank!

’’Gringotts' security is not as tight as it is rumored to be. Voldemort's underlings have been tirelessly eroding at the security. In the movie, Dumbledore discovered this and dispatched Hagrid to fetch the philosopher's stone, which is rumored to grant immortality, back to Hogwarts under the disguise of fetching Harry Potter. Sure enough, not long later Gringotts announced news of being robbed.’’

’’If one were to use this information appropriately, then contestant could completely seize this interval whereby Voldemort's underlings had eroded the security, and snatch the object before Hagrid's arrival!’’

Qiao Gun's face turned ghastly.

’’So what?’’

Sheyan couldn't bother about his banter, he continued quietly.

’’When a person has set his target on such an ultimate treasure like the philosopher's stone, he would definitely expend all his strength and cards for this goal! No mistakes would be permitted! Especially with regards to Gringott, there it can be confirmed that a real person is investigating over there, and probing! If....I said if, that 'metals professor' is not a fool, why would he command this bunch of doomed to be wiped out group to challenge the troll? Don't tell me that this metal professor luckily attained his position. Even his basic report were full of slip ups!’’

Until here, Sheyan laughed out.

’’Therefore, he definitely has a plan that can allow you guys to take care of that mountain troll, and raise your impression with Hagrid subsequently staying in this word..... But, this method is not something you wish to activate! Because this method, may very well harm your interests.’’

Qiao Gun's face changed. Sheyan continued.

’’Although the drop loot of a legendary creature would be either a black or a silver key, it could never be compared against an alluring treasure that the boss in Harry potter's word, Voldemort, desires! But, such a valuable object would never land into your pockets. Looks like you have deliberated very clearly, when the 'metals professor' acquires the philosopher's stone and its benefits, you wouldn't even earn a drop of benefit. But slaying the troll is solely operated by you, if you executed it discreetly, then every benefit is yours to take. betrayed him.’’

Qiao Gun had calmed down, he coldly replied.

’’Well said, continue, I'll see what else you know.’’

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders.

’’Since you're willing to listen, I wouldn't mind saying. Previously I experienced the Pirates of the Caribbean World, during that time I discovered one crucial aspect. That is by using a power that doesn't belong to you to engage in battle, and even if you win, your rewards and loots will be affected negatively, and could even drop a rank. Therefore, you are not willing to use the power provided to you by your metals professor. Because once you use this power that you cannot control, then the troll's dropped loot will be greatly affected. But by doing this your life as a contestant will be secured, and the metals professor's interest protected.’’

’’I can even deduce further that the power the metals professor loaned to you is not of an explosive burst of damage. The troll has at least 6000 HP, therefore a magic scroll that can inflict such severe damage to the troll should at least dish out beyond 2000 points. This will then ensure the success of your party. But! Perhaps the nightmare realm contains such a ridiculously terrifying scroll, but it is not something we can obtain as of now. If not, one will be able to carry out a massacre against every contestant, and even at least 30% of the storyline characters!’’

’’Hence, there is a high possibility that your metals professor entrusted you with a summoning scroll. The summoning scroll can summon a mighty storyline character or creature, and once you guys coordinate with it, you'll be able to slay the troll with ease. But the metals professor would also know the weakness of this scroll if you utilized it. Furthermore I noticed that during your treacherous battle previously, you did not use any personal was like you were conserving your mental powers (MP). Looks like that is relatively important. Thus, this signified that in order to control the summoned creature, you needed to utilize a big amount of MP?’’

’’If I didn't guess wrongly, you probably have prepared a light blue key on hand, of course a readily prepared pretext. When faced with the metals professor, you will be able to offer some excuses. For example, Diaz and I were undercovers from the Banks Syndicate and we interfered the slaying of the troll. Therefore, your forces were devastated and you were the only one surviving. Furthermore, because the troll was 'contaminated' by the summoned creature, the key it dropped was only a light blue one...... Then you'll go on about how you let everyone down, and what can the metals professor do to you? He can only demote you, but your profits will be ten folds!’’

Up till here, Sheyan had started breathing deeply. His eyes were like ablaze! His body muscles had started to tense up. Standing where he was, he gave off a firm and resolute aura. Glancing at Qiao Gun, he laughed out exposing his snow white teeth, which seemed to contain an indescribably maliciousness.

’’Come! Qiao Gun, show me your final trump card. Let's see what your metals professor gave you. If you pass this hurdle, I'm dead! But if not, then you'll die!

Qiao Gun's face was ashen, he remained silent. Retrieving a small cross from his bosom, the cross's surface seemed to have a translucent crystal. The crystal rays circulated about, as clumps of black smoke repeatedly spiralled up from it. The smoke collided against the translucent crystal surface but was repelled back. Occasionally the smoke turned into a face, a fiendish look cried out in a silent wail.

Sheyan observed his scene, his face adopted a grim expression. Yet his heart sighed in relief, he had already determined that Qiao Gun's summoned creature wasn't the most frightening to him. Faced against his opponent, obviously Sheyan wouldn't explain fully his entire inference. Sheyan wasn't that much of a gambler, before he stood out to face Qiao Gun he already deliberated carefully. After confirming he had at least a 70% chance of victory did he show himself. Even though he lacked evidence, but if he could confirm that Qiao Gun's final trump card was a summoned creature, then he could roughly guess what creature it was.

The metals professor's goal was to reduce casualties, furthermore everyone on his side here were close combat specialist. Against the troll who had a beastly amount of life points, under normal circumstances the 3 requires for the summoned creature are:

One, to attract the troll's attention and prevent the members of the symbiosis sect to suffer the troll's attack.

2, the attack must be adequately high, able to inflict heavy damages on the troll for an extended period of time.

3, an ability to mass rescue, once an accident occurs it can save everyone quickly.

Able to fit these 3 requirements, a mountain troll coincidentally fits this list. Sheyan's first thought was that Qiao Gun may summon out a troll! This was the species that he definitely wouldn't want to face the most. Although its speed was slow, but every attack carried excessive strength. More frightening was the crushing damage it carried, instantly bypassing the defence he prided himself with!

Once that unfavourable outcome happened, Sheyan would instantly turn tail and run. He had already enquired of the nightmare imprint: all contestant's summoned creature will also suffer from the '40% damage reduction dealt on other contestant', moreover his own attacks against the summoned creature would not be impacted by the effect.

If Qiao Gun really summoned a troll, then Sheyan would first flee towards the direction Gale and Diaz were at. Allowing them to be the troll's bait and thus earning some buffer time for himself. As long as he could persist until the venomous shrubs area, then he should be able to survive.

Apart from the troll, satisfying this requirement would be creatures who had high agility, close combat creatures. They moved fast, acted first and had high avoidability. Therefore, they will bolder in their attacks. This no doubt cuts down their risk and reduces the battle length.....

Thus, within the nightmare realm only a few fulfilled those criterias. Furthermore, such creatures were not very threatening to Sheyan, because their high rate of attack meant that each attacking strike wouldn't be too powerful. In addition to the 40% reduction to contestants..... Factoring Sheyan's innate ability endurance, he naturally had the maximum possible defence.


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