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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 9


Chapter 9: Rushing Undercurrents

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:Elkassar

This moment, Little Fokke had already rode his horse back to the port, using a warning tone he scolded:

’’Scumbags who have eyes on the back of their brains! Even these idiots have no chance, set up the cross at the courts of the port, nail these two damned corpses up. Let them know the consequences of causing trouble on this sacred freeport! Their flesh will rot in the sun, and their souls will be humbled in the torture of this court. When the bell rings at midnight, I want to see the rest of these criminal scums nailed to the cross! Hurry!’’

After little Fokke finished speaking he did not rest, immediately riding the horse, Momore, towards the castle that was still engulfed in black smoke.

At this moment, a low husky voice could suddenly be hear. It said, ’’Strong in appearance but weak in reality.’’ Hearing this, Sheyan could not help but giggle slightly, turning his head around but all he saw was a mess of people, he had no clue who was the one who spoke. However, he could clearly see the greed and evil intentions in the eyes of a few pirates.


’’Little Fokke's actions are really stupid.’’

30 minutes later after the events, aboard the Bell and Mug ship, Ammand gently raised his hands and said. Beside him was a man wearing a brown western-style hat, it was the navigator Xiaer. Presently, Xiaer's behavior towards Ammand was extremely humble, it was completely the manner of how a servant treated a master with fear and respect.

’’This place has enjoyed the peace for far too long, who knows how many pairs of eyes were observing today's chaotic events. If the Fokke family had not spoken a word but had captured and slain all of the criminals today, then everyone would still acknowledge that the Fokke family's control of Tortuga port has not declined.....but now, haha.....’’

Ammand's eyes were flickering, reaching out his hands to touch the smooth hilt on his waist he muttered:

’’But, if Little Fokke did not retaliate it would be worse, those foolish patrol guards can normally deal with small ruckuses, however once a huge problem breaks out, they are like headless houseflies, knocking their heads around but nothing is done. At the start if not for little Fokke riding out that demon horse, Momore, out to eliminate the threat, those normal pirates would probably be emotionally disturbed.’’

Xiaer tilted his head to gaze at the sunny Tortuga port, his eyes containing a certain greed and ambition. Tortuga Port was a prime shipping route in the Caribbean sea, for 70 whole years it had been amassing wealth, it could probably purchase half of England by now. However, the sun will always set, Amand's towering figure stood firmly, Xiaer furrowed his brows, hanging down his eyelids as he calmly say:

’’Maybe little Fokke had screwed up his own job badly, however at the start we all witnessed.... That gun, that sabre and the threat of the deadly horse! As long as those 3 mystical objects remain, nobody would dare to go against the glory of the Fokke family!’’

Ammand stern face changed to a sinister sneer:

If the entire Fokke family had only those 3 items that belonged to the dead, then not long later will be their doomsday. No matter if it's the Black Pearl's owner Old Jack, or even Queen Anne's Revenge's owner Blackbeard, they would not bat an eyelid at those 3 mystical objects.’’

’’Old Jack is currently protected by the law, he himself is a tribal chief of an American Headhunting tribe. Blackbeard 10 years ago had already started mastering the voodoo cults black magic. Currently it is reported that they are still looking for the secret killing mechanism of the Queen Anne's Revenge! If not for the Flying Dutchman's captain Davy Jones being a vaguely neutral guy, Tortuga port would have been swept away long ago!’’

Xiarer humbly stopped, he realized that Ammand was speaking more than usual today, and the information he leaked was the kind that needed blood and killing to exchange for. Yet Ammand casually took a deep breath, and continued speaking:

’’The winds of the Caribbean sea are starting to carry the sounds of blood and mourning, I feel that there will be a huge shift in the coming few days. I normally close my eyes to the politics between you and Scarface Harry, however at this time, all the entire crew of the Bell and Mug must unite together and seize this risky but immense opportunity to rake in some merits!’’

Under Ammand's falcon vision, Xiaer could only nod his head and did not dare to have other notions in his head. However what was going on in his heart was something nobody could fathom.


Under the command of Lord Fokke, Tortuga port's guards all frantically moved together, sweeping the entire port upside down. Sheyan was presently a Bell and Mug crew member, therefore he could naturally spectate from the side. He felt that although the guards were rather valiant, their qualities were inferior to the official government ones, the way they searched and arrested was crude, scolding loudly and accepting bribes, finally casually arresting a few immobile wanderers back to report back their activities. Looking at such absurdity, it was no wonder those vicious pirates would harbour cunning thoughts. To them, only power and the blade could submit them to respect!

Suddenly a muffled explosion could be heard from the west side of the port, this sound was still relatively foreign to the pirates, however Sheyan was able to deduce that it was the sound of a grenade. Without a doubt, those local thugs of a patrol guard had managed to earn themselves a merit, they probably found the nest of the remaining contestants.

Sheyan was presently standing at a distant hillside, therefore he could see distinctly. In the midst of the port, two old houses had shook a few times and finally collapsed leaving a pile of floating ash and rubber. 5-6 figures dashed away separately, but there were only 3 patrol guards surrounding, looking like they had no clue on what to do. The faraway reinforcements were still rushing here and they were a few hundred metres away.

Subsequently, a huge chase down once again started. The pirates in the port had zero intention of being a good citizen, as they all broke out laughing. Spectators who whistled and continued chit chatting could be found everyone. After seeing this scenario unfolding, Sheyan's heart stirred as he immediately gave chase to one location. Not long later, ahead of him was a breathless contestant and his persistently pursuing Tortuga patrol guards.

This contestant's appearance was similar to most ordinary pirates, tan black skin, the facial features of a 30 - 35 years old male, a black, messily tied bandana, a cheap shell necklace had been slung to the back of his neck, wearing an interior tight fitting shirt, pants were greyish black and had a sackcloth texture with dust covering it, his feet were covered in a stocking and tattered slippers. Taking big breaths of air, every few steps he would anxiously glance backwards, he was extremely panicky, and an air of despair came from his eyes.

Without a doubt, to run up the hill and maintain a speedy pace would consume a great deal of stamina which is linked to physique. Therefore this contestant's running speed had started to show signs of weakness, as the pursuing patrol guards closed up the gap inch by inch. Sheyan used his insight ability on the patrol guards behind, and received a list of attribute details:

’’Dice’’ Coutts

Tortuga port Class II patrol guard

Height 5 foot 7 inches

Weight 73 kg

Strength 7 points

Agility 8 points

Physique 5 points

Perceptive sensing 11 points

Charm 7 points

Intelligence 3 points

Spirit 6 points

Basic close combat lvl 1, Basic endurance lvl 1

Class II patrol guard, patrol team special ability (passive): Teamwork lvl 1. To the accustomed working as a team guards, if an ally is beside him, his power will be greatly increased. Every time an additional ally joins, the group attributes will raise by 10, maximum raise is 100.

Class II patrol guard special ability(passive): Tenacity lvl 1. Additional increase of 200 HP.

As Sheyan was surveying the guard's attributes, that contestant had head first dove into that little hut halfway up the hill - which was Sheyan's first hideout when he entered this world. Obviously that contestant had felt that they were about to catch up and wanted to borrow these complicated structures to shake off his opponents. Sheyan swung his head round to look down at the port, as expected - the other 3 pursuing guards all felt extremely relaxed at this situation. It was probably because this would give rise to a 1v1 situation, therefore they split up to chase the rest of the fleeing contestants. Looking at this series of events unfolding, Sheyan leaked out a mocking sneer from this face, and slowly inched closer around the huts to that particular hut.

As he entered this complicated hut district, ’’Dice’’ Coutts started feeling that something was off, therefore he immediately drew out his marine blade from his waist after reaching close to this contestant. Very accurately striking the enemy's leg, he let out a roar as the contestant fell to the ground and rolled away. Rolling and crawling away he stumbled back up and tried to escape from the front.

However he very quickly felt that something wasn't right, turning round to look, he saw that this ’’Dice’’ Coutts was sinisterly laughing with his hands folded across his chest. Walking step by step forward, this marine blade was once again lodged between his waist. This scene looked similar to a cat toying around with a mouse.

This contestant gritted his teeth, eyes filled with despair he pulled out a dagger from his waist, wildly shouting out:

’’Don't come close!’’


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