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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 7


Chapter 7:Ammand's Plot

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

After the series of notification, Sheyan felt slightly rejoiceful. If not for these sudden opportunities, he probably would have to mix with a bunch of low grade pirates in a lowest rank ship. On this Bell and Mug ship, he at least had a higher starting point, it was much easier to raise his reputation. No doubt this was a great advantage.

Ammand's reputation was unparalleled in this crew, even the untamed Xiaer had to acknowledge and do his bidding. Scarface Harry with a face full of smiles, came over and pat Sheyan on the shoulder, warmly welcoming and introducing him to the ship. Pointing to a room, he told him that he will be living there from now on.

Strictly speaking, the pirate ships primarily earn from their plundering. Therefore, they did not need huge empty spaces like those trading ships who compressed the crew's sleeping quarters to a minimum. This ship's living conditions were quite satisfactory. The room's interior was not bright and clean, but it did not have any stale odours. Although, the pillows and bed were filled with patches and were pretty old, it had just been washed before and was adequately clean. There was even a fresh smell of one that had been sun.

A pirate at the side modestly bowed to Sheyan, as he raised his eyes to look at Sheyan. He is called Ben Mugen, Sheyan's bunk mate. This politeness was a benefit from Sheyan's vicious exhibition of force. As this Ben Mugen was also a pirate, naturally he wasn't a good person, however, prior to this the two guys that Sheyen disposed of were known to be cruel and vicious on this pirate ship. Don't even mention Waliwalika, he could not even stand against Gates. Therefore, he needed to show some sort of respect towards this mysterious and merciless Easterner.’’

Sheyan couldn't be bothered to care about this Ben guy, and proceeded to lie down on his bed. In today's duel, his left arm sustained the heaviest injury. The cobalt steel exoskeleton's primary function was for attacking and not defense, therefore, after receiving a chop from Waliwalika's hatchet, he was not able to perfectly negate his attack. Although the injured left arm was not considered serious, it still needed a period of rest to restore it. After he entered the bunk, the cowardly Ben Mugen did not dare to remain in the room and quietly sneauck out to the deck.

After helping Sheyan to settle down, Scarface Harry immediately entered into the captain's quarters. Ammand was currently looking intently at a map, with arms behind his back his body posture was perfectly upright, in addition to his fluttering cloak at the back he looked elegant and resolute. Although Scarface Harry's footsteps were light, Ammand instantly heard him and reacted:

’’You came?’’

Although they were both familiar with each other, Scarface Harry replied with reverence:

’’En, I have already settled down our new Easterner.’’

Ammand gently pressed down on his sword, pondering a while before replying:

’’Today our new comrade had caused quite an uproar, what do you think?’’

Scarface Harry pursed his lips, this expression mischievously hid itself within his fluffy beard:


Pausing, it was as though he was still finding his words, adding onto his word, he said:

’’Very ordinary.’’

Ammand calmly replied:

’’Explain your reasoning.’’

Scarface Harry cleared his throat and said:

’’His arm strength is truthfully immense, however, he has not gone through much systematic training. Against an enemy's attack, he is still quite clueless, normally receiving the enemy's attack before counter attacking. If not for Waliwalika and Gates, these two clueless blockheads, if they could drag on for a while and observe his patterns, then they would definitely force out a draw. To deal with him, we just need to get Marde to bring two guys who wield twin hatchets, which is a weapon that is hard to resist.’’

Ammand nodded his head:

’’En, not bad, your observation skills hasve increased. Waliwalika had recently gotten a bit too familiar with Xiaer, getting rid of him is not a bad thing. This Easterner's low combat ability is actually a good thing, if we are able to obtain clues from him to access the east waterway then it would definitely be an unexpected surprise. I also suspect that he may have led a fleet for over tens of thousand of miles into the Caribbean sea, therefore, we have to carefully observe him. Do not use violence unless absolutely needed. Now the crucial point is to confirm that this brat is speaking the truth.’’

Scarface Harry radiated an intelligence that did not match with his appearance, opening his mouth exposing his yellow teeth as he laughed:

’’I know what to do, swearing on the Queen of England that old whore. If this brat is telling a single lie, then I will surely uproot his entire background, and the adorable sharks in the sea will look forward to a delicious meal.’’



Sheyan obviously did not know about the conspiracy behind his back. After resting, it was already late at night as he went out to the deck for fresh air. He then went to the kitchen to grab a few bites and returned to his cabin. Ben Mugen was currently snuggled up in his blanket and snoring loudly, Sheyan immediately lifted him up and tossed him out of the cabin. He then shut the door and went to bed.

After he woke up he noticed the miserable pirate's face had turned pale from the chill of the night and had shriveled up at the doorway. He looked at Sheyan with a sad and longing expression.

Upon seeing this scene, Sheyan wanted to speak up but he found the words hard on his lips. Finally he just step outside, facing his head away he said:

’’Tonight you better stuff a walnut into your throat.’’

Ben Mugen felt like he was pardoned, immediately scrambling into the cabin. He had suffered greatly the previous night, and rushed to take a nap comfortably.

Naturally, Sheyan was not the only contestant in this historic world. Therefore, before the 24 hours deadline was met, all ships would probably not leave the port. This meant that Sheyan still had one free day worth of time to explore. Presently, it was 8 AM in the morning, after a night of crazy partying at the bar, most of the pirates were sleeping and the deck was completely empty. Sheyan made a round around the Bell and Mug ship, suddenly, he received a notification from the nightmare imprint:

You received basic information on this ship.’’

’’Bell and Mug ship’’

’’Length 40 metres, width 8.4 metres.’’

’’Volume capacity 400 tons’’

’’Special ability: smooth sailing (Active): After activation, this ship's speed will greatly rise while sailing upwind, duration is 1 hour.’’

’’Other details unclear.’’

After receiving the basic information of the ship, Sheyan could not resist feeling curious about the 4 legendary ships at the port. Furthermore, he had his insight ability, after 2 hours the information on those 4 legendary ships were easily surveyed by Sheyan from afar.

’’Black Pearl’’

Length: 60 metres

Width 7.5 metres

Volume capacity: 600 tons

’’Legendary ability: Constant sailing (Passive): The ship's maximum speed is always constant, it will not be affected by any external elements - As long as the Black Pearl exists, no one else is able to claim that they are the kings of speed!

Legendary ability: Night concern (passive): Nightfall, the Black Pearl and its crew will have a 80% lower chance of being discovered - Darkness is my eternal ally.

Other details unclear.

’’The Flying Dutchman (Presently this ship had not been cursed)’’

Length: 70 metres

Width: 15 metres

Volume capacity: 800 tons

Legendary ability: Submerge (Active): This ship has been blessed by dark magic. It can swiftly shut its cabins and dive into the sea. Once it resurfaces, it has a durable ability that will restore 30% of the ship's health points - The sea is the best engineer.

Legendary ability: Three joint shots (Active): Thoroughly showcasing its threatening ability, its violent burst shots will cause heavy damages to the enemy's fleet - Get a taste of gunfire and cannons, haha!

Other information unclear.

’’Queen Anne's Revenge’’

Length: 65 metres

Width: 8 metres

Volume capacity: 600 tons

Legendary ability: Ocean magic ropes (Ability not yet realized) : Blackbeard can utilize his enchanted sword to control the ship's ropes, controlling it like poisonous snakes which can bind a nearby target - do not ever engage in a side to side battle with Blackbeard, if you want to achieve victory.

Legendary ability: Prometheus flare (Active): Shooting out terrifying flames from the front, utterly burning up all life in sacrifice to the great Prometheus - Even though you are in the sea, be on guard against the threat of raging flames.

HMS Victory

English marine ship (Captain Lord Beckett)

Length: 65 metres

Width: 10 metres

Volume capacity: 900 tons

Legendary ability: Fearless (Passive): When HMS Victory was constructed, they attached a royal english mariner's spirit onto it, therefore any additional equipments like the cannons would not exhibit any negative effects.

Legendary ability: Agitate (Active): In an emergency, the mariner spirit of the HMS Victory would assist the crew, and cause the ship's velocity to reach the maximum in the shortest time possible. It is the only other ship on the Caribbean sea to be able to catch up to The black pearl in a short time.


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