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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 65


Chapter 65:Killing in anger

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elkassar

Sheyan's physique had reached 17 points, adding on his hidden title of 'Pirate Ringleader' since he was on the Flying Dutchman, his strength had climbed to 14 points, and his physique to 19 points! After the passive ability of the Obsidian fossil anchor activated, Sheyan's physique had soared to a frightening 29 points. With such a number, it could even exceed several strong storyline characters in this world! Therefore, even when this contestant released his second round of bullets along with his special ability, Sheyan endured all of it and his life points merely reduced to 70 HP!

Just when Sheyan was about to deliver a fatal blow to this contestant, the cabin door suddenly split into two, as two blades intersected out. The tough cabin door was like a paper, shredding into fragments as the splinters sprayed onto the nearby walls created a crackling sound. One could tell residing strength in the two blades were immense.

Sheyan sneered coldly. If he had really darted into that cabin to take cover from the uzi submachine gun, then what awaited him was a pair of incomparably vicious beheading. This sort of snare was extremely simple and direct, it was arranged based on the reflex reaction of most people! It could be said that they were extremely confident in their deductions of people's nature and thinking. If Sheyan wasn't a cool-headed person that could recollect his thoughts in emergencies, that he would really have stepped into their trap.

Giving up finishing this unlucky brat in front of him, Sheyan turned tail and ran. Before he took of, he stomped down heavily on his right hand that was his gun hand. He pressured down wriggling his foot to the sorrowful cries of this person. Even though the two person with their blades furiously charged forward with all their might, their agility was obviously not comparable to Sheyan, and could only watch as gap between them widened.

Obviously, if they couldn't intercept Sheyan in a short time, then undoubtedly Sheyan would strike back with a strong vengeance. Because Sheyan's other status was the third officer of the Flying Dutchman! His reputation had soared to a respective status amongst the pirates! Once a storyline character pirate recognizes this status, they will definitely feel the need to assist their ship's third officer. They had a duty obligation to him, and Sheyan was also a pretty prestigious comrade!

The ones devising this set up had anticipated that accidents out of their calculations may happen. Therefore, they had already added a contingency rope around their plan.

This contingency rope was a person.

An abnormally huge man, was in fact waiting for Sheyan round the corner!

The pirates largest attire was wasted on that person, his limbs monstrously leaking out a chunk, it was like a grown man wearing his childhood clothes. He had a buzz cut, his hairs piercing out like needles. Kneading his fists, cracking his knuckles loudly in succession. Staring at Sheyan, his mouth formed a hideous smile.

’’Brat, in view of your fine performance, Mr Bowen has decided to first pound you into a mud paste, and squash out your organs.’’

Sheyan didn't reply, but his eyes glowed with a fiery blaze. At this moment, mindless trash talking was useless, he had not forgotten the two other strong enemies pursuing from behind! Thus, a battle occurred in a flash! Just like in Adult films that had no foreplay, it gave one an abrupt, clear and boundless excitement!

This brute Bowen leaked out a ruthless sneer, he raised his right fist and smashed down. This fist probably contained his individual special ability, his fist was radiating with a faint glow. Sheyan's raised his brows, he did not dodge but instead looked up! Looking deep into his pupils with his blazing eyes, he raised his fist to intercept!

This brute was massively strong, his muscles bulging firm. His one fist pounding down felt like a gigantic iron hammer slamming down mightily. Even if its target was a red-hot steel, it would also burst into splattering sparks!

Under such a direct pounding, undoubtedly 'muscles, strength, testicle male hormones, blood' became the relevant description of this exchange of blows.

When Sheyan directly received the blow, a buzzing sound formed in his mind as his stomach churned violently. Beneath the ferocious quake, he staggered backwards and finally knocked against the side wall with his back with a 'thump!'. Even the surrounding walls violently shook from that impact!

Bowen arrogantly stood still and roared mightily, his tremendous voice resonated through everyone like death personified! Even though he displayed outstanding strength, his resisting hand actually repelled a numbing sensation from this damned yellow monkey. He was as hard as a short steel needle! Fortunately his personal strength was outstanding, this was enough as a person (Sheyan) could not possibly train his entire body to be as tough as his right fist.

One must understand, Sheyan's current strength was a strong 14 points, although it probably wasn't as mighty as Bowen's, the gap between the two wasn't great! Thus even though Sheyan looked extremely pathetic from that impact, after adding 'Endurance', his resultant injury wasn't much. When Sheyan knocked against the wall, an enduring creak came out from the wooden board behind him. At the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of the two other contestants waving their blades as they rushed over with like a devil and its monster! They even raised their blades!

In an instance, Sheyan groaned and withdrew his elbows crashing them against his back! The wall which was already unable to bear the heavy burden split into pieces. The twin blades sliced against Sheyan's chest creating an intersecting wound, blood gushed out as his flesh hung from the wound. Luckily Sheyan had already retreated backwards, as the twin blades brushed over his face by 10 centimetres as it created a gust of wind against Sheyan's hair!

Due to their overflowing strength, they could not restrain the motion of the blade as it chopped into the surrounding wall with two clear and crisp chop. Although they were both pretty skilled, when they started out with full force, their offensive tempo was suddenly broken off. Sheyan seized this opportunity to do a back roll and stood up, he then dived into the side cabin, closing and bolting the door behind him. The twin blades once again chopped into wood like a shadow following the body, producing two muffled sounds as it penetrated deeply.

Sheyan released a sigh, obviously this group of people aboard did not dare to cause a ruckus in case they attracted the unwanted attention of the pirates. Therefore, this bolted door earned him a few seconds of time. Sheyan was roughly familiar with the structure of this ship, he speedily dashed and made a left turn. He immediately open a door and entered into another passage in the ship's hold.

The Flying Dutchman's passageway was extremely complex, it was like a maze. This was a common problem of the ships in this era, because during a naval battle, cannons were a means of probing. This didn't mean that cannons could not submerge a ship, but because apart from commodity goods, a ship would always store a huge amount of wealth. Therefore, close ship-to-ship hand combat was extremely common. Under such a situation, constructing the ship to look like a maze is a terribly ingenious tactic. As their confused and disorientated opponents navigated around the ship, the home ground familiarity and advantage allowed the pirates to decimate their enemies. Gradually this practice became a norm in ship construction.

Sheyan strided with massive steps, skimming through a corridor. He suddenly halted, because ahead of him the gigantic Bowen also appeared out of the opposite corner! Their familiarity towards this environment, was surprisingly ahead of Sheyan's! Sheyan currently knew that if he delayed even for a slight moment, he would once again be outflanked. Thus, without hesitation he charged forward!

The two figures blurred and suddenly smacked against each other in a flash. Expectedly, Bowen needed a longer time to attack. Sheyan had already experienced numerous life and death situations and always turned them around. He quickly noticed that even though he had undergone several stringent trainings, in comparison to this guy's experience, he was still rather lacking. Grasping an indistinct flaw in Sheyan, Bowen's eyes flickered with killing intent. He held onto that flaw as he took a step closer to his opponent's bosom, and unleashed a terrifying assault!

Elbows, knees and his hands horizontally struck out like an Alaskan Brown bear hunting for food.

Following that, he raised his 80 over kg opponent up and slammed him against a nearby pillar.

Such explosives strikes, it actually linked up naturally and unforced. Such perfect execution of blows in compatibility to his strength, Bowen had obviously reached a relatively powerful standard in close combat. Sheyan was indeed like a small child in front of him.

A dull boom emerged from the incomparably solid pillar, the dust on the nearby shelves scattered about. Yet, Sheyan's insanely high physique had raised his defence by leaps and bounds. Although these merciless unwavering assaults resulted in a greal deal of pain to him, it was not about to end his life. Sheyan collapsed to the floor, blood flowed out from his countless wounds. The crimson was blinding, and it seemed like Sheyan had passed out. Instead Bowen viciously trampled on him consecutively, the thumping sounds against the flesh were extremely terrifying!


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