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The Ultimate Evolution - Volume 3 - Chapter 56


Chapter 56: A letter to home (lower)

Translated by: Chua

Edited by I and Elkassar

Just like how I can figure your schemes, similarly you should be guessing mine, and even following traces of clue from the storyline, you should be pretty close in guessing. Tonight a scenario that you take pleasure in is presented. Xiaer and Blind Matt's task force, me and Scarface Harry leading a group of elite reinforcements. The entire Bell and Mug has essentially withered to nothing, the only threat that is left is the strongest and fiercest Ammand! Once he leaves his cabin by a hundred, no, fifty metres, you will be able to clean up his entire room like a licking dog and casually leave this damned world without fear.

Everything boils down to when will Ammand leave this ship? The only possibility is when we successfully plundered and return loaded or we got defeated and return empty handed. As a pirate captain, he cannot charge in personally with the frontline but only keep guard and observe from the headquarters. However, once we return triumphantly from our blood-soaked victory, if he still stubbornly remained on the ship and adopt an indulgent attitude, then that is both illogical and uncompassionate. Obviously, Ammand's beguile ways of reaching to people's heart is understood, if not he wouldn't be able to sit on a position as one of the future seven pirate lord. Therefore, is the only chance that you've been painstakingly waiting for.

Looking till here, Chris's fat face had turned white and ashen, and back to white! His cold sweat dripped repeatedly from his forehead, completely drenching his hair. He had no time to wipe, his heart had already sunk into a coldest icehouse. He had never anticipated that his own schemes were seen thoroughly by this devil! He gasped for a few deep breaths, and anxiously read on.

Presently, I have no choice but to regrettably inform you, the opportunity you have been waiting for is forever gone.

I have always deliberately leaked out in front of you the impression that my current position had not been easily obtained. Therefore, you've mistakenly thought: that I did put in great effort to become the crew head, and thus, was of utmost importance. Hence, you thought I wanted to continue climbing up this social ladder. I trust that this point of view has already been deeply-rooted within your heart.

But, actually I want to tell you, only by giving up, then you will gain. If I cannot bear to part with my position as a crew head and my painstakingly gained reputation on the Bell and Mug, then how would I be able to ingeniously place you as my most important chess piece in this set up?

I was already bent on betraying Ammand.

And just in this one campaign.

Therefore, Ammand will never receive our triumphant and returning report. The fully expectant Ammand's only report will be the news of my betrayal, inflicting great losses no matter how my plan goes. The ultimate outcome of success or failure, life or death, I will still betray him, utterly and shamelessly betray him.

Therefore, regarding 'Blood related cousin' 'life saviour' this status what do you think. Respected Mr Chris, use your rich imagination, you should be able to recognize the cruel methods that the furious Ammand would do to you to vent his frustrations.

Based on the oath he swore upon his ancestors grave and the 10 pound remuneration, long leg Robben has an 88.4% chance of faithfully carrying out my order: After two hours of setting off, he will punctually deliver this letter into your hands. At this time I may have died or maybe perfectly alive any place in this world. But to you, it is not important, what is important is that I have already committed treacherous acts towards Ammand. Anyway, the great Son of the Black Sea may have already received unfortunate news. Hence, for your safety, Mr Chris, please pay careful attention to the footsteps outside the door, that could be the sound of people sent my Ammand to capture you.

On account of the two gold pounds, I will leave you with one final warning:

Immediately detonate the explosives, after causing a huge confusion, jump into the sea and escape!

The greater the explosion, the more decimated the Bell and Mug will be. Then your pursuers will definitely be weakened, and the chances of surviving will increase. Of course, if you think this is all reverse psychology and refuse to detonate your explosives, and immediately flee, then i can promise these elite pirates will definitely fish you out within a minute. Ammand would not even need to step in.

Believe me, even though jumping into this icy cold seawater is not any great experience, it is definitely much better than experiencing the cruel torture of those savages. Only a living person can dare to hope, don't you agree?

Yours truly

Your faithful friend/cousin/savior/creditor

Seaman Yan from the east

After he finished reading the letter for about 10 seconds, footsteps echoed in from outside the cabin.

These footsteps were not urgent nor loud. Chris's pupils shrank in, it carried not only shock but an immense fear!

Sheyan's letter not only smashed his self-confidence, he turned this man into a startled bird at a twang of the bow (Chinese idiom - frightens easily due to past experiences). His frail mentality collapsed into dismay, shock and was provoking negative effects within his body. It was already reaching a nervous breakdown!

From the outside, the footsteps were merely made by a pirate who happened to pass by the ship's hold to retrieve clothings.

The following events were simple.

Chris immediately created a small scale explosion, causing the side of of the cabin that was facing the ocean to explode. He then leapt into the icy seawater. Since he had already been scheming for a long time, and thinking of escaping, he naturally already prepared breathing and swimming agility equipments.

20 seconds later, the frantic pirates that were on guard rushed to the captain's quarters to report. Roughly hundred metres away, the swimming Chris gritted his teeth. He thoroughly detonated the rest of the spirit explosives that he had attached around the Bell and Mug! Even though he was reluctant to follow Sheyan's instructions, yet, he had no choice, he had to do it! Because Chris could sense the ruthlessness of Ammand, even though he himself had never revealed his true abilities.

That was the entire scene that Sheyan and Scarface Harry witnessed personally.



The raging inferno scorched intensely against the sea. This blaze surged with great ferocity, that even the ashes violently spiralled into the atmosphere. It was especially moving and exceptionally tragic. Such a huge scene undoubtedly caused the remaining 3 pirates to drop their jaws. Even the originator of this evil plan, Sheyan, felt somewhat melancholy.

That engulfing huge flames caused Sheyan's ambitious gaze to intensify, but utterly decimated the hopes of another. Scarface Harry gazed upon the distant sea, his face swiftly declined of defeat. In a brief moment, he had already lost all motivation to move forward.

As long as there is something to protect in a person's heart, then in their most critical moment they will be able to exhibit their fullest potential. The already heavily wounded Scarface Harry was only relying persistently on the faith in his heart, that was why he was able to bring out an indomitable explosive strength. But now, as he looked at the burning wreck, the pressure and acute pain exploded forth within his body! Because the thing that he was striving to protect was torched up, utterly destroyed! (In this era, a captain and several emotionally attached pirate would have unimaginably deep feelings towards their ships, some even treated their ships like their wife and children. In Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Captain Jack mentioned, ’’a captain should sink together with his ship.’’)

Sheyan's final arrangement, was targeted at the heart not the body. It totally removed all of Scarface Harry's killing spirit. The old mate that had carried him over countless storms and thousands of miles was a burning wreck, the condition of the one he vowed loyalty to was unknown. His life has been split apart! Furthermore, at present he had suffered massive injuries which would have been already fatal to an average person. Scarface Harry clenched his fists and stood at the bow of the ship, the Caribbean wind brushing against his cheeks as he gently shut his eyes.

This was the source of Sheyan's confidence! Once Ammand released him ashore, then the destruction of the Bell and Mug was a given. He would be the final winner once he came ashore. The worst possibility would be incurring the wrath of the entire Bell and Mug, and be pursued by them! But never forget, before his mission he was already warned. The Caribbean pirates were a bunch of people who admired the strong, no matter if you treated them with kindness or evil, as long as you impacted them deeply, it can raise your reputation amongst them!

Undoubtedly, plotting to destroy the Bell and Mug will definitely raise his reputation amongst the pirates to an all time high!

Therefore, even though it was the worst outcome, Sheyan will still reap a tremendous profit! But, the chances of that happening was not great!

Sheyan sat away from Scarface Harry with a 5 metre gap. Currently, his body condition rejuvenated back to the optimum state, but after using that unpurified black blood orchid element, it had another huge side effect. 10 minutes after using, every attribute will plunge by 33%. Sheyan usually calculated his opponents based on the worst possible outcome. If Scarface Harry maintained that sort of murderous insanity, he won't have the confidence to seal the battle by 10 minutes. Therefore, even after the last resort of the Bell and Mug exploding, and he ultimately could not finish off Scarface Harry, then Sheyan would really have to consider fleeing for his life.

The sea breeze gently blew, Scarface Harry's eyes started dimming. His heart struggled with great effort to continue beating, but it finally succumbed and the beating ceased.



Ocean calendar, year 233 5th month

Evening, 11 PM 17 minute, 3 seconds

Death of Scarface Harry

Bell and Mug Chief Officer

Lifespan 47 years



Although Scarface Harry had stopped breathing, his body remained towering at the Ship's bow with his raging eyes wide opened. It seemed like he would revive anytime and resume his rampage. Upon death he remained fierce and untamed, a strange captivating magic. From his body, a glittering silver conch fell and rolled over to Sheyan's feet. Sheyan picked it up, he could feel an unexplainable strength contained inside! Apart from that, that silver sword that belonged to Ammand also fell to the floor, but it looked dark and bleak.


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